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Our journey to the best mattress

Would you like to learn more about Morningstar Sleeps and who is behind the company? Here we explain where it started, what breakthroughs there have been and how together we have formed a strong team for a company that is now an established name in the mattress industry.

From sleep frustration to dream sleep: Our journey to the best mattress!

A first insight into the mattress market

It started with renting an apartment in Middelburg, where Milan Roelofs was able to take over a nice bed, among other things. Only the mattresses were still missing. So Milan started looking. After a visit to Beter Bed, it turned out that most mattresses were very expensive and/or had too long a delivery time. The search continued and eventually ended at a local factory that specialized in custom mattresses. Not only were the mattresses ready within a week, but the quality of the mattresses was also excellent! And that for half the price. This provided an initial insight into the mattress market that got Milan thinking.


A double birth: From baby to mattress company.

How beautiful things came about

About 2 years later, a little one arrived in the Milan household, who of course deserved nothing less than a perfect night’s sleep! Milan had not forgotten the local factory and went there for his mattress. Once again Milan received a very good product for a competitive price. This led to more interest. How is it possible that this quality is so affordable? And why doesn’t everyone know about this? The owner of the mattress factory spoke with Milan for hours, after which Milan said, I want to make this experience available to everyone. I’m going to sell mattresses. A good product, for a fair price. Not long after, Milan had set up his company and started selling mattresses from the local mattress factory locally.


The power of innovation: Engineers write the future!

The next level

Later that same year, Milan developed a plan to take his business to the next level, but he needed some help. Fortunately, Milan knew an old schoolmate who would be willing to help. Jamie had an engineering firm at the time and developed numerous products and machines for a variety of customers. And although a mattress does not seem very technical at first, a technical and analytical vision has indeed proven to be of added value. The collaboration between the two went well and led to the conclusion that they would do it together from then on. Morningstar Sleeps was officially born. But in doing so, a new, greater vision had also emerged. We want to develop the best mattress ever!


From words to reality: As said, it is not easily done!

Research and development

You need a lot to develop the best mattress ever. This starts with the right information and knowledge. In six months, dozens of visits were made to experts, scientists and manufacturers. Ultimately, this led to a fruitful collaboration with the largest mattress manufacturer in Europe. The Stellar mattress was developed together with them. But this didn’t happen overnight either. Numerous studies were conducted over a year, test setups were built and prototypes were developed to compare the mattress with existing mattresses. After many versions, the final product was ready. A mattress that can truly be called ‘the best in the business’. Why? Because this mattress is the only mattress that can be adjusted for both hardness and zone distribution, while maintaining structure and stability. It therefore solves several problems that other (adaptable) mattresses face, without falling short in other areas.


The start of a radiant success!

How the market accepted the mattress

The launch of the Stellar mattress made headlines in its own province. With the front page news in the PZC, everyone locally knew where to find us and the first orders poured in in large numbers. Obviously a very exciting moment! What does the general public think? Have we really made as good a product as we thought? In the beginning we called everyone out of interest and to our great pleasure almost everyone turned out to be very enthusiastic. To receive authentic feedback, an automatic link was also made with Trustpilot. As a result, every customer received a verified invitation to review our company and the mattress. The mattress also turned out to be a great success! In a short time, Morningstar Sleeps rose to the top-rated mattress company on the international review platform. This quickly created national fame and resulted in the fact that specialized authorities from the sleep industry also wanted to review our mattress. Companies such as Matrassencheck, Slaapwijzer, Slaaphub, Slaapwisheid, Paarshuis, Bestgekozen and Slaapbalans all took the time to assess the mattress and they were all very pleased with the Stellar mattress.


A winner in marketing and quality: The floating bed and the pioneer prize!

Innovation offers new possibilities

The quality of the product ultimately speaks for itself, but our creative way of marketing also stands out. To draw attention to the mattress in a truly Zeeland way, we developed a floating bed. After all, we rely on our beautiful water board and the tranquility of our province. We also show that innovation offers new possibilities. This did not go unnoticed and partly led to us winning the Zeeland Pioneer Prize on February 4, 2023.


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