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Airing out new mattress? Here’s how long you should let the mattress rest!

Yes, your new mattress is in the house! After a good search, you have found the mattress that gives ideal support to your body. The mattress of your dreams, or rather the mattress you will dream about every night for years to come. Of course, you’d prefer to try it out straight away! But that ‘new bed smell’ makes it a little less appealing. And that thing is still all rolled up… how long does your mattress have to lay out before you can sleep comfortably on it?

Lay out new (rolled) mattress before use

To save space, many mattresses are rolled up and then vacuum pulled. That saves a lot of lugging around a big, bulky thing. Super durable in terms of storage and transport too but sleeping directly on it is so impossible. And the smell of some rolled-up mattresses is not conducive to your sleep either. You’ll also notice that when you put a rolled-up mattress directly on your bed, it seems a bit on the small side. The vacuum means there is no air left in it and it takes a while for it to be in every area of your mattress after unrolling.

Why does a mattress need to rest?

A new mattress can take up to 72 hours to fully come up to size and thickness. Quality mattresses considerably less, unless they are packed for too long. The Stellar mattress, for example, has little difference to the final result after just a few hours. Still, the advice is always to let the mattress rest as long as possible. If you sleep on it earlier, the chances of pitting may be higher. So waiting two days extends the life of your mattress. Surely worth those few nights on the sofa or on your old mattress?

How long should a mattress lay out?

So your new mattress may possibly need 72 hours to air out, fully take shape and get rid of foul odours. Ideally, you should do this in the open air, but in a wet country like the Netherlands, the risk of moisture damage is high. Insects that can crawl into the mattress are also not pleasant. If you have access to a terrace or balcony where you can put your mattress upright and, in the wind, this is ideal. We can imagine you prefer to do it indoors. In that case, make sure you have a separate room that is well ventilated and try to put it upright on the short side. Make sure not to place your mattress against a large surface, as that side of your mattress will not be aired. Laying out your new mattress on the floor is therefore not a good idea either. If you have no other option, bear in mind that airing a new mattress will take longer.

The cause of strange smells when explaining

It can happen that a new mattress stinks. On the internet, for example, you often see complaints about the Emma mattress stinking. This is caused by the volatile organic compounds present in latex and foam mattresses in particular. These substances may sound a bit exciting, but your home is full of them. They come through the manufacturing process and are also in your walls and furniture. Because your mattress is new, like a new sofa or new shoes, it may smell a bit stronger. In very high doses, these volatiles are harmful, but admit it, you don’t put hundreds of mattresses from you in your home, right? Then, in most cases, you don’t need to worry either. Putting your mattress in a well-ventilated room will also usually get rid of that smell within a day or two. Depending on the intensity, possibly after just a few hours. Ventilating a new mattress is called off-gassing.

An equipped mattress ensures higher sleeping comfort

Looking for a comfortable mattress that offers the right support but doesn’t cost too much? The Stellar mattress is exactly what you are looking for. In addition, this mattress has virtually no chemical smell when unpacking it and it certainly doesn’t need 72 hours to get into shape either. Try the mattress for 100 nights free of charge. Money-back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I rest a new mattress?

Because a new mattress is vacuum-packed, it does not yet contain enough air if you sleep on it immediately after unrolling. It can also be annoying to sleep on a mattress that still smells like 'new bed smell'.

How long should a mattress lay out?

Laying out your new mattress for 72 hours allows it to come to its optimal size and shape to give your body the stability it needs. After a day (or two, three), foul odours will also be gone.


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