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28 November 2022

Beds for heavy people? You should pay attention to this!

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Beds for heavy people? You should pay attention to this!

We live in a prosperous country and one of the consequences of this is that we are gaining massive weight. About half of the Dutch are now overweight for their height. A few extra pounds have little effect on your night’s sleep. But unfortunately, many people have a weight of 120 kilograms or more. Then you need a bed for heavy people. An exception to this is if you are 2 meters 20 tall at 120 kilograms, but then you also need an adapted bed in terms of height.

Beds for heavy people

A bed is sturdy, but like any object, it can only support a certain weight. With a somewhat larger body you will not immediately sink through your bed base, but you do want to sleep comfortably. The more weight that presses on a mattress for hours per day, the faster it will wear out. If a mattress were to last ten years, this calculation would be made for people with a slightly increased weight, roughly 90 kilograms. If you weigh twice that, your mattress will wear out twice as fast. In the case of 120 kilos, that same mattress will last not 10, but about 7 years (read here how long a mattress really lasts). The bed base must of course also be firm enough and not immediately start squeaking and creaking . Fortunately, the height and material for obese people can also be adjusted to their needs. Because everyone deserves a great night’s sleep, no matter how much you weigh.

Sleeping overweight

Being overweight can hinder you during the day. So extra welcome to be able to sleep well and comfortably at night. Unfortunately, that extra weight also causes sleeping problems. The more weight, the more you sweat. All that sweat must also be able to evaporate from your mattress and bed linen, which is an extra motivation to ventilate well. In addition, more body weight presses on your mattress, causing a hollow in the mattress sooner. As a result, your mattress no longer provides the comfort it should provide and that is at the expense of your night’s sleep.

Pay attention to this when choosing a bed for heavy people

A bed frame for heavy people, just like a good mattress, is important for a good night’s sleep. A box spring is strongly discouraged, because it often has a cheap foam layer on it. This layer cannot sufficiently permeate the sweat, so that your mattress remains moister and wears out faster. In addition, the bottom is not strong enough to properly support a heavy body and a hole is formed even more quickly. A slatted base is more ideal for heavy people, but make sure that the slats are close together. The fewer large open spaces, the better. Choose solid rubbers and a strong support frame of at least 7 centimeters. In the hip area you can create extra strength with plastic or double slats. In addition, a metal bed frame is sturdier than other materials. In addition, you should make sure that the bed is not too low, so that getting in and out is easy.

Need personal advice when choosing a firm bed for you?

Everyone is unique in their sleep needs, so are you. At Morningstar Sleeps we have a variety of beds and mattresses, each of which is suitable for obese people. Heavy people benefit most from a firm mattress made of high-quality foam, such as our Stellar mattress. You can always contact us for personal advice, and we will help you with a nice, sturdy bed on which you will experience the most wonderful nights.

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What is a good bed for heavy people?

For heavy people it is important to choose a bed that on the one hand prevents dimple formation and on the other hand allows sufficient sweat to pass through. A mattress made of cold foam or with pocket springs on a bed with a slatted base is a lot nicer to sleep than a polyether or latex mattress on a box spring.

What should I look for in a bed for heavy people?

Heavy people perspire more, and mattresses wear out faster, making pocket springs or cold foam mattresses more ideal. In addition, the bed frame must also offer sufficient strength. So, no box spring, but a sturdy slatted base in a metal frame, for example.

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