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Compare mattresses on different properties

Before we start comparing mattresses, it is important to know that a mattress is only good if it can guarantee a combination of properties. The ”best” mattress scores well on components such as stability, support and pressure relief (comfort). But also important properties such as moisture and heat dissipation, ventilation and durability.

In addition, it is important to remember the following when comparing mattresses: A mattress should have a progressive structure. That means support from below and comfort from above.

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Mattress that suits you best

A good mattress is therefore a careful composition of various positive properties. We will go into this in more detail later in this article. Because in addition to the previously mentioned properties, research shows that a mattress suits you best if it matches your body weight, your physique and your sleeping position. A mattress that fits your body at all 3 points ensures that your spine is naturally aligned during your sleep. This is essential for long-term maintenance of the body.

To score well on all 3 points, a mattress has the correct ratio of hardness and zone distribution. Tailored to your personal needs. 

Follow our sleep guide (slaapwijzer) if you would like to receive personal advice about connecting the mattress to your personal needs. The sleep guide takes into account the body and sleeping position, but also any conditions and complaints.

Body weight

A person’s body weight is accommodated in a mattress by the hardness of the mattress. It is logical that a heavy person will not benefit from a mattress that is too soft and neither will the other way around.


A person’s body shape determines how much support or space is needed in a particular area to provide the body with proper support. The point is that your spine adopts a naturally straight position during sleep. You can solve this by adjusting the zone division to your posture. The relationship between shoulder and hip zone is important here.

Sleeping position

Almost everyone turns in their sleep. Yet almost everyone has a favorite sleeping position that they spend most of the night in. It is important to know that this is solved by the right combination of hardness and zone distribution. Back and stomach sleepers need more support because their body weight is evenly distributed. Side sleepers need more space in the shoulder area.

You can see that the zone distribution plays an important role in 2 of the 3 variables. We are therefore proud that we have developed the Stellar mattress where you can tailor both the hardness and the zone distribution to your body and sleeping needs.


Compare the different mattresses

We’ll start by comparing the Stellar mattress to other adjustable mattresses. You may have seen an advertisement on TV for an adjustable mattress where you can adjust the layers yourself and therefore choose from 6 firmness levels. Sounds very attractive of course. But in reality, with 30% of the adjustments you make a huge sacrifice in stability, due to comfort layers that are placed at the bottom. And with half of the options you compromise on ventilation and ideal pressure distribution. You may wonder what the added value of comfort foam is if you can simply give it a different place in the whole.

In addition, it is important to know that just adjustable hardness is not sufficient. To complete a mattress, the zone division must also be tailored to your posture and sleeping position.

As far as we are concerned, the comparison is therefore made easy. The Stellar mattress is made up of 2 foam layers that provide support (hard & soft) and 2 foam layers that provide comfort. A mattress must be constructed progressively and that means: support and comfort from above . It is therefore important to know that with every adjustment the support foam remains at the bottom. In addition, the hard support layer is larger than the soft support layer. This allows your mattress to maintain maximum stability. The support foam is a total of 19 cm, of which 14 are firm and 5 cm are soft hybrid cold foam.

The Stellar mattress is the only mattress where you can also adjust the zone division. So first choose your desired firmness and then turn the spacious or less spacious shoulder zone towards the head end. This allows you to adjust the zone distribution to your posture and sleeping position.

Finally, the order of the comfort foams that remain on top never changes. The Hypersoft foam is the best ventilating foam and also provides a natural sleeping surface (due to sustainable production with castor oil). The combination with the Serene foam underneath ensures that body pressure is evenly distributed and you always enjoy perfect pressure relief. But also for perfect moisture and heat dissipation, thanks to the gel bead technique in the Serene Foam. This is reinforced by the ventilation of the top foam. The combination makes perfection.

One-size-fits all mattresses

Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a truly one size fits all mattress. As mattress sellers, we all do our best to develop a mattress that suits as many people as possible. But it is impossible to please everyone. People are just too different for that. Due to the adaptability of the Stellar mattress, we think we come closest to the ultimate one size fits all mattress. With a return rate of 8%, we can at least say that the mattress is suitable for 92% of people. But how does that compare to other one size fits all mattresses that you cannot adjust? A mattress that you cannot adjust cannot be suitable for everyone, right?


One of the best-known ”one size fits all” mattress providers is the German Emma Sleep. The whole trend of the bed in box system (in Europe) was actually started by this company. There are now more providers, including ourselves, and Emma is losing more and more of its market share. As far as we are concerned, this is due to the fact that the market continues to develop and it is now clear that the best one size fits all mattress is an adaptable mattress. Even the Dutch Consumers’ Association is aware of this now that they had Matt Sleeps’ mattress win this year. It is clear to us that the consumer association’s test also needs improvements. Let’s say that we also hope that we will one day come out on top for our marketing. For the time being, we don’t need that test to believe that we sell the best mattress on the market. Our reviews speak for themselves.


Compare the different companies

Almost everyone knows the principle: We at WC Duck recommend WC Duck. Which is to say, without confirmation, our comparison has little credibility. Of course we want to sell our own mattress. Fortunately, quality speaks for itself and you can read the confirmation in several ways.

Tested by authorities

There are various agencies and companies that compare mattresses. A very well-known mattress comparator is the Consumers’ Association. Although to date we attach little value to the tests they perform. The same applies to the test purchase label. The fluctuations in winners from year to year are remarkable in our opinion. The same mattresses that were not in the top 3 last year are winners this year and vice versa. Our Stellar mattress has not yet been tested by these parties (probably because we are relatively new), but we actually don’t mind that at all. As far as we are concerned, the reviews from our own customers and from specialized agencies such as Matrassencheck and authorities such as Chris Nederhorst of mattress.info are worth many times more.

Verified Reviews

A good way to compare mattresses is to look at reviews from other customers. No one can tell you more about a mattress than an expert. But reviews can be manipulated, right? Not if you use automatic review invitations from, for example, a well-known review platform such as Trustpilot. Emails asking for a review are sent to every customer via an automatic link. Every review left via this link will appear online. Positive or negative. These types of reviews are then labeled verified. Unlike, for example, a Matt sleeps, we like to use this. This is the only way to get a true picture of how you interact with your customers. Nevertheless, we still proudly take the crown with the best reviews and we are very proud of that.

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Company score up to 5 stars verified
Morningstar Sleeps 4.8 Yes
Matt Sleeps 4.6 no
Hypnia 4.2 Yes
Emma Sleep 3.2 Yes


Trial sleep option

As far as we are concerned, you should always have the option of a trial sleep. As we explained at the beginning of this article, whether a mattress suits your sleeping needs depends on several factors. We are known for our good service, mainly due to the transparency regarding trial sleep. It is the only way to really experience whether a mattress suits you.

Contact options & advice

A company that offers sufficient contact options during the orientation for a new mattress and is open to personal advice, generally stands behind its product. At least, in our case that is the case. We can’t wait to tell you why we believe the Stellar mattress is the best mattress on the market.


Properties of the mattress

Naturally, we encourage everyone to gather as much knowledge as possible about mattresses before purchasing. Below we therefore provide short/concise information about the various properties.


Choice of materials

Different materials have different properties. This makes some materials more suitable for support and others more for pressure relief/comfort. Supporting materials are: Polyether, pocket springs and cold foam. Examples of pressure relieving materials: Latex, Memory Foam and Serenefoam.


A mattress should support your body in such a way that your spine is naturally straight aligned during sleep. This regardless of your sleeping position. This means that your body does not need the same support everywhere and that the supportive part of the mattress must be able to move with your body. This is overcome with the correct zone division, hardness and resilience.

Pressure relief (comfort)

The right support is essential, but this is often accompanied by too much pressure on your body. It is therefore important that the mattress also relieves the body of too much pressure so that you can lie comfortably and not experience pain. For this purpose, a good mattress also has comfort foam above the support.


A mattress must always be built up progressively. That means support from below and comfort from above. An adjustable mattress can therefore never have 6 firmness levels. This means that at 2 hardnesses the comfort foam will lie on the bottom. This has a huge negative effect on the stability and support on the side of your mattress (edge support)


The importance of ventilation is regularly underestimated. But good ventilation ensures that your mattress lasts considerably longer and remains a lot more hygienic. Research shows that with every turn in your sleep , dust particles can rise again. It is therefore important that the most ventilated layers are on top of the mattress and collect the sweat first.

Moisture and heat regulation

Moisture and heat dissipation are largely related to the ventilation of a mattress. Heat and night sweat must be able to be removed quickly. In addition to ventilation, heat can also be removed with certain gel bead techniques.


One of the reasons that IKEA sells so many mattresses is because they need to be replaced very quickly. A mattress may be comfortable, but a good mattress should last 10 years. For your wallet, but also for the environment. Also look at sustainable production. What also contributes to sustainability is buying a refurbished mattress. Therefore, also take a look at our refurbished mattress page.

Anti allergic

For some sleepers, good ventilation and moisture/heat regulation are not enough. A next step towards a good mattress for allergies is a Purotex Anti-allergenic treatment. As is also applied to the mattress covers of the Stellar mattress.


Prices in relation to quality

Finally, we would like to make a comparison with prices of mattresses from well-known brands. Companies such as Tempur, M-line and Auping easily dare to charge €1000 + for a mattress. Unlike these companies, we keep the price low by not offering our mattresses in stores on expensive residential boulevards. Instead, we ship directly from the factory and let you experience what quality is by offering a 100-day sleep trial. You can return free of charge. We sell the returns on our refurbished mattress page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best construction of a mattress?

A good mattress should always be constructed progressively. This means support from below and comfort from above. A soft foam underneath your mattress is therefore extremely bad for the stability of the mattress.

How do I know if the mattress suits me?

The best mattress for you is based on your body weight, body type and sleeping position. So it is an absolute win if the mattress can adjust itself accordingly.


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