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Discover Hypersoft Naturalis Foam. The softest foam in mattresses.

In the search for the perfect mattress, comfort is often the most important factor. For those who like a good balance between support and comfort, foam mattresses are an excellent choice. But not all foams are the same. And what is also important to remember is that a good mattress is made up of different foams with different functions and properties. This foam is completely aimed at providing comfort, so in our view it can only be used as a top layer. Discover Hyper Soft Naturalis Foam, one of the softest foams available for mattresses. This innovative material offers an unparalleled level of comfort and is a must-have for anyone looking for the ultimate sleeping experience.

What is Hyper Soft Naturalis Foam?

Hyper Soft Naturalis Foam is an advanced and unique foam developed to provide exceptional softness and comfort. Designed with the latest technologies, it combines the benefits of traditional foam with improved durability and environmental friendliness. The oil from which this foam is made is collected from seeds of the Ricinus plant. This is also a reason to want it as a top layer in your mattress. But the main reason is the combination of extreme softness and excellent ventilation. However, an extremely soft mattress is not recommended for most. For this reason, we state that it should not be used to build a complete mattress, but only as the ultimate top layer. Ideally with a thickness of 2 to 4 centimeters. This means no loss of support, but a good pressure-relieving effect.

The sustainable aspect of Hyper Soft Naturalis foam

Hyper Soft Naturalis Foam goes beyond just comfort; it is also an environmentally friendly choice. This foam is produced with natural materials. The basis of this is oil from seeds of the Ricinus plant. In addition, it is also produced using environmentally friendly production methods, making it a sustainable option for conscious consumers. By choosing mattresses with this type of foam, you contribute to a lower ecological footprint without compromising the quality of your sleep.

These are the advantages of Hyper soft Naturalis foam

Hyper Soft Naturalis Foam offers numerous benefits that contribute to a better night’s sleep. In our view, perhaps the most special foam on the market.

Soft comfort

The foam is designed to provide the ultimate in softness, resulting in a wonderfully soft sleeping experience. It adapts precisely to the shape of your body, reducing pressure points and making you sleep more comfortably.

Sustainably produced

Thanks to the use of natural and sustainable materials and environmentally friendly production methods, Hyper Soft Naturalis Foam is an excellent choice for those who care about the environment. This foam is not only good for your sleep, but also for the planet.

Excellent ventilation

One of the unique properties of Hyper Soft Naturalis Foam is its excellent ventilation. The material ensures optimal airflow through the mattress. And without airflow, temperature regulation is also a difficult task. Hypersoft Naturalis also helps with this. This results in a fresher and more hygienic sleeping environment.

A comparison with other “soft” materials

If you are looking for a mattress with good pressure relief and comfortable top layers, there are different materials to consider. Here is a comparison of Hyper Soft Naturalis Foam with other popular soft materials:

Property                                                    Hyper Soft Naturalis Foam         Traditional memory foam           Latex                                      Polyurethane foam        Coldfoam                           
Softness Very high High Average Average Average
Durability High Average Very high Low High
Ventilation Excellent Limited Average Limited Good
Environmental friendliness High Low High Low Average
Drukverlichting Excellent Excellent Good Limited Good
Temperatuurregulatie Excellent Limited Average Limited Good
Hypoallergeen Yes No Yes No Yes


Choose a mattress with Hyper soft Naturalis foam

Do you want to enjoy the ultimate comfort and at the same time make a sustainable choice? Then choose a mattress with Hyper Soft Naturalis Foam. The Stellar mattress is an excellent choice, designed with this innovative foam top layer to give you the best sleeping experience. Experience the benefits of Hyper Soft Naturalis Foam yourself and improve your night’s sleep today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Hypersoft Naturalis Foam?

Hypersoft Naturalis Foam is known for its superior comfort, excellent pressure-relieving properties and very good ventilation. This makes it extremely suitable as a top layer in a mattress or as a filling in a pillow. What is also seen as an advantage for many is that Hypersoft Naturalis foam is partly obtained from oil from the Ricinus plant. This makes it less harmful to the environment compared to most other foams.

Is Hypersoft Naturalis Foam an environmentally friendly choice?

Yes, Hypersoft Naturalis Foam is designed with sustainability and environmental friendliness in mind. It is often made using natural and renewable resources, which reduces the carbon footprint. In addition, products containing this foam often have certifications that guarantee that they are free of harmful chemicals and safe for both the user and the environment.


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