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Do you sleep worse on a full moon?

Do you think the moon is so beautiful, too? The moon has something magical about it throughout its cycle. The moon’s cycle is 29.5 days in its orbit. With the blue moon, blood moon and lunar eclipses, it is a special phenomenon. The mere realization that the moon and sun together are responsible for the tides of water on our planet and that the moon itself has a strong influence on the water in our bodies remains amazing. Because of this, it is also not surprising that the moon can affect our sleep. You may sleep poorly during a new moon, or you may sleep poorly during a full moon. But why is that?

Sleeping poorly and the full moon

Suffering from insomnia during a full moon, many people suffer from it. Many people also suffer from lying awake for longer periods of time. A full moon is often experienced as very tiring, because of the extra strong lunar energy. But what exactly is the effect of the full moon on your sleep?

Effects of the full moon on your sleep

In the spiritual world, the full moon represents the time of blossoming with spiritual and energetic highs. The moon is at its closest to the earth, so we feel a high lunar energy. The high moon energy can make us feel more emotional and have troubled thoughts. But research also shows that during a full moon we produce less melatonin. This is the hormone that makes us sleepy. As a result, it was found that we took an average of five minutes longer to fall asleep. On the other hand, our REM sleep is longer, which is the time when we dream. See also article REM sleep. We also wake up earlier from our sleep during the full moon. On average, subjects from the study woke up three quarters of an hour earlier than on nights without a full moon. With these results, it’s not surprising that we feel like we sleep poorly during a full moon. 

Restless feeling

People who are highly sensitive (HSP) may be extra bothered by the full moon. This is because HSP perceive more, both consciously and unconsciously, than people who are not highly sensitive. The effect of the high moon energy on HSP is that you have more energy, but that you also sleep badly or restlessly some nights. This can also cause you to become over-stimulated, which in turn can cause you to sleep worse. This while sleep is necessary for an HSP to let everything relax. 

Sleeping worse at new moon

Whether it is all true what has been shown by the published studies will always remain a question. For every article that has proven that a person sleeps badly during a full moon, there are also almost double the number that reject it. So it could even be the case that you sleep worse during a new moon. All in all, it is safe to say that when there is a change in the moon’s energy, it also affects our bodies making us feel restless by the time we go to sleep. It can even be the case that due to the change in energy of the moon you can have dizziness and headaches. Sleep meditation, for example, can help with this. 

Need personalized advice about your sleep?

Does the new moon make it hard for you to sleep? Or does the full moon cause you to have trouble sleeping? Please contact us via the contact methods listed on our Contact page. Maybe we can help you with a good comfortable mattress that suits your sleeping posture to help you sleep well during the entire moon cycle. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you sleep worse during a full moon?

During the full moon, the moon is closer to the earth, so there is a higher lunar energy. This makes us restless and more emotional, however, it also reduces the production of melatonin. This is the hormone that makes us sleepy. This can cause us to lie awake longer and you can suffer from insomnia for several days. 

Does the full moon have effects on sleep?

The full moon certainly has an effect on sleep. For example, the full moon causes you to produce less melatonin, which means you lie awake longer. But also your REM sleep is longer, which means you dream longer and people wake up earlier as a result of the full moon. 

Can you be bothered by the full moon?

The full moon can certainly be a burden for people. This is because there is a difference in energy in the different phases of the moon. Especially people with high sensitivity (HSP) experience the difference in energy violently. Other people may also simply experience no difference because of it. 


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