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13 January 2023

Getting used to new mattress? This is how long the average settling-in period lasts!

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Getting used to new mattress? This is how long the average settling-in period lasts!

Whether your old mattress was worn out, or you wanted to change the size of your bed. Maybe you just didn’t want to think back to those nights with your ex… Whatever your reason, you bought a new mattress. Your body was wonderfully used to your old mattress, or your mattress to your body. And now it takes a lot of getting used to a new mattress. But how long do you have to get used to a new mattress? When do you have to get used to a new mattress and when is it simply not suited to your needs, and should you exchange it for a better one?

This is why you need to get used to a new mattress

Getting used to a new one is quite normal; we also call it the ‘posture-correction period’ of the mattress. This is because your new mattress lies differently from your old one. There is no hollow in it and it supports like it should. Chances are your old mattress didn’t and that’s why you bought a new one. Your body, especially your muscles, were used to that sleeping position, yet you got up with back and neck pain. If you lie on a new mattress, your muscles have to get used to your new way of sleeping for a while but will definitely like it after a while if you have a good mattress.

The average adaptation period of a new mattress

This posture-correction period is all very well, but how do you know if you haven’t bought a mattress that doesn’t suit your body at all? Getting used to it is part of the deal, but if it takes longer than six weeks or so, you might have doubts. Most people are used to their mattress by then and can fully relax their muscles during sleep within that time. If the symptoms persist, it could also be due to something other than the mattress, so when in doubt, a visit to the physiotherapist may help.

Neck and back pain with a new mattress

For the first (scant) month with your new mattress, your muscles adapt to their new surface. This can put considerable strain on your muscles, which can be particularly uncomfortable for the muscles in your neck and back. Your blood circulation does often improve, so you may feel a little warmer because of your new mattress. This too will return to normal after a few weeks, allowing you to sleep soundly.

Trial sleep to get used to the new mattress

If you buy a new mattress, your body should be given the chance to get used to it. A 30-day trial period is definitely too short. Make sure you get plenty of time to try out your new mattress.

Improve your sleep with a good mattress

You can test sleep on the Stellar mattress for no less than one hundred days! So, you can get used to your brand new one and find out whether this wonderful mattress offers what your body needs. A good mattress and a good bed base are both very important. Not sleeping well? Then please contact us, we will be happy to give you the solution that will improve your sleep.


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Why do you need to get used to a new mattress?

Your body and muscles are used to your old mattress. To the dimple around the hip area, to the reduced support. A new mattress strains your muscles during the posture correction period. This can take some getting used to, but with a good mattress it will go away by itself.

How long to get used to a new mattress?

Getting used to a new mattress can easily take a month. If you keep sore muscles in your neck and back for more than six weeks, there might be something else going on or your body needs different support.

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