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15 November 2022

How long can a person go without sleep?

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How long can a person go without sleep?

Busy busy busy! We have to do everything these days and how cool would it be if there were a few extra hours in a day. We would probably plan it full with all kinds of things besides sleeping. Yet many people mention “sleeping” when you ask about their hobbies. But the time to practice that hobby is often short. The thought ‘how long can a person go without sleep?’ may have been shot through your head. Well, not for too long anyway. How long you can go without sleep differs per person. And that can have serious consequences.

How long can you go without sleep?

A night off to pass your exams, a vacation to a different time zone, or party until the sun comes up and go straight to work. Or just want to sleep, but lie awake . Everyone knows one night without sleep, but how long can you go without sleep? Certainly in today’s society it can be tempting to spend a night every now and then. Before you know it you are sleep deprived, that is less than 6 hours a night. How long can a person go without sleep? Don’t be alarmed, only 24 hours. Not immediately dangerous, but 24 hours without sleep and your cognitive memory deteriorates. The more often you do that, the more dangerous it can be, for yourself and others.

This is what happens to you when you don’t sleep for a long time

Twice around the clock without closing your eyes and it has the same effect as 0.10% alcohol in your blood. That’s less than a beer, but getting behind the wheel with it can be dangerous anyway. Where alcohol is broken down within 1.5 hours, the effects of no sleep last longer. In fact, the situation is getting worse every hour. In this way you become an increasing danger to yourself and those around you. Your memory becomes unreliable and your thoughts become slow and difficult to hold. The speed with which you make choices also deteriorates and your hand-eye coordination decreases. And that’s after one day!

This is how long you can go without sleep without serious consequences

Nice, get through the night, but how long can someone go without sleep before it gets really dangerous? Trying is not recommended. After three days your concentration disappears and your will to do anything at all. You become paranoid because your view of reality changes. And to top it all off, your organs are working overtime, causing you to experience all kinds of physical discomfort. When exactly you die of sleep deprivation is unknown, but it is highly recommended not to investigate this yourself.

Hallucinations as a result of staying awake for a long time

Another dangerous effect of staying awake for too long is hallucinations. After three days it’s time, your brain is completely off track. Hallucinations can consist of sounds, images, the feeling of being touched or the illusion of a (often very nasty) taste in your mouth.

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How long can you go without sleep?

After 24 hours without sleep, you will notice that your body is sleep deprived. After three days, you'll hallucinate and deteriorate both mentally and physically, because your body doesn't get a chance to recover through deep sleep.

What happens if you don't sleep for a long time?

If you don't sleep for a long time, let's say 72 hours, you are seriously sleep deprived. Your body is completely in starvation mode and indicates that it needs to recover through hallucinations. Your motivation to do anything is gone and you become paranoid.

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