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Is sleeping too much bad for your health?

Insomnia is unhealthy and you probably know the golden rule of 8 hours of sleep. And do you always manage to get it? Or do you compensate during the weekend, for example, by sleeping in? Better not, because you can also sleep too much. And that can be just as bad as not getting enough sleep. But rest assured. Once you are in the rhythm of getting enough sleep per night, no more and no less, you will automatically fall asleep better and wake up on time and rested. And that, partly depending on the cause, sometimes takes a lot of time. But even a minimal improvement can have major benefits for your health.

Too Much Sleep: What Is Hypersomnia?

Your body recovers while you sleep. It is very busy with that, especially after a night’s sleep. Even with a flu, it can be wonderful to sleep a little longer, and not just at night. After all, you have to recover more. When you have recovered, you have enough time to recover during an 8-hour night’s sleep.

You may often sleep much longer. This often doesn’t happen overnight. Sleeping longer slowly creeps into your system. Wake up a little longer every day, or get more tired from the alarm clock. On days off, more and more often lie in bed longer. You may even regularly go to bed much earlier than you would like to get some sleep. Regularly sleeping longer than 9 hours is called hypersomnia. In addition to a long night’s sleep, drowsiness often occurs during the day. It often occurs in depression or through the use of psychoactive substances. This includes, for example, psychotropic drugs, cannabis and alcohol.

When do you sleep too much?

Anything with ‘too’ in front of it is not good. Likewise with too much sleep. But how much sleep do you need? You can test yourself on this. It’s not so much about the number of hours, but about the efficiency of your sleep. You can hardly compensate for poor sleep quality by turning around after the alarm. You sleep too much if you lie in bed for more than 9 hours and don’t wake up rested. You are probably awake a lot in between, or you are not sleeping deeply enough.

Why is sleeping too much bad for your health?

Lying in bed for too long is not good. You are passive and do not use your muscles. After a while, your body will break it down, which makes your blood flow worse and your condition deteriorates. As with people who have been in the hospital for a number of weeks, they also have to rebuild after their discharge.

The Possible Reasons You Sleep So Much

Of course you sleep more when you are sick or stressed. Sleep promotes your recovery, so a little more sleep is much needed. But this extra sleep must be temporary. Sleeping longer than you are used to and not waking up refreshed and fruity is a sign that something else is going on. For example heart failure, obesity, chronic inflammation, sleep apnea or depression. All reasons to improve the quality of your sleep. In that case, a visit to the doctor wouldn’t hurt either.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I sleep too much?

You sleep too much if you lie in your bed for more than 9 hours a night, and don't get up fresh and fruity. This can be temporary after a short illness or major effort, but also long-term. With a prolonged surplus of sleep, this can lead to a worse condition and general health.

Is Sleeping Too Much Bad For You?

By invariably sleeping too much, your body will start to break down your muscle tissue. As a result, you have even less energy to do your daily things and you become even more tired. It is also often a sign that something more serious is going on.


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