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What is a doubter? The advantages of a one-and-a-half bed!

There are different sizes of beds such as queen, single and double. But what exactly is a doubter, what dimensions does it have and for whom and what situations is it suitable?

What is a doubter?

A doubter bed is also called a bed and a half. Not that half a person can fit in it, and the person dangling next to it with their left side, for example, it’s thankfully not that bad. In terms of size, it’s between a single and double bed. For when someone sleeps with you sometimes, but not always. Or for a bit more space on your own, of course.

How big is a doubter?

A single bed is 90 centimeters wide and the narrowest double bed with 160 centimeters across (queen size) . A doubter is 140 centimeters wide and falls nicely in between. Of course, a 120-centimetre-wide bed is also counted as a doubter. Wondering what other bed sizes there are?

The perfect bed for small bedrooms

Maybe you have a cramped bedroom with not actually enough room for a double bed. A doubter can then provide the solution. It’s not very spacious with just the two of you, so you and your relationship must love being cozy. A doubter with drawers creates extra storage space. Your winter clothes can go under your bed in summer, giving you enough space for a smaller wardrobe. But of course, you can also use these as pull-out bedside tables, although that might require a bit more creativity.

Even for children, not only with an eye on the future, but a doubter is also ideal when they make the transition from their toddler bed to a real ‘big people’s bed’. Staying over? No hassle with air beds or a loose mattress. Your offspring’s doubter can easily accommodate two children. And little kids become big teenagers, with possible sleepovers of a different kind. And although as a parent you may not want to think about it, a doubter gives them more comfort than a single bed. And then you’d probably rather they flit about in a doubter than in an alley, car or unsafe place. Either way, a doubter for your child will last for years and you won’t regret it.

Advantages of a one-and-a-half bed

A doubter takes up less space than a double bed, making it ideal for small bedrooms. A queen-size bed also looks good in a student room that is often cramped. The bed frame of a doubter offers plenty of extra storage space. Its larger size than a single bed gives the sleeper(s) extra space. A doubter is generally cheaper than a double bed, so for those who don’t spend every night together in it, this can certainly be a financially fine choice.

Need personal advice on buying a doubter?

We understand if you have more questions about a one-and-a-half-person bed. Which type is most suitable in your situation right now? And which mattress fits it best? Apart from the right size, of course you also want the most comfortable mattress that supports your body just right. The Stellar mattress is the best rated doubter of the moment and there is no need to hesitate, you can experience it for yourself with 100 nights of trial sleeping!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a queen-size bed?

A queen bed is also called a bed and a half. In terms of size, it falls exactly between a single bed and the smallest double bed. You can sleep two people in it, but you can also enjoy an extra spacious bed on your own.

What are the advantages of a queen-size bed?

A queen-size bed is ideal for smaller bedrooms that can't accommodate a double bed. With a queen-size bed, you save at least 20 centimeters in width. A twin bed is also ideal for a children's room. At a young age for sleepovers, and in puberty when the courtship can stay over. And when they start studying, a queen-size bed is also very handy and compact in the student room.


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