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There are many options available and therefore it can be difficult to make the right choice. Everyone claims to have the best, but what do you do best? We naturally believe that you have come to the right place and the reviews on Trustpilot also show this. But ultimately it is a personal choice in which you also have to follow your feelings. However, what we excel in is worth mentioning, so that is what we will do. Firstly, our service is available at all times and we will never leave you on 'read'. Something that seems obvious, but is not always obvious in this market. In addition, we believe that our mattress is the only mattress that offers the total solution for a good fit to the body. You need the right hardness and zone division for this. The structure and stability are also important and other (adaptable) mattresses struggle with this. Last but not least, the price/quality ratio we offer is second to none. This will be noticeable as soon as you experience the mattress in real life. It radiates luxury and that's how it feels. It is not without reason that we are rated best on Trustpilot.

Morningstar mattresses can be placed on any conceivable surface. Even on an electrically adjustable base. They are constructed from ventilating and flexible materials of the highest quality. The mattresses can be bent up to an angle of 50°.

Let's get straight to the point. No mattress is 100% suitable for everyone. However, what we have been able to do is develop a mattress that comes as close as possible to this. For a good fit to the body and your sleeping position you need 2 things. The right hardness and the right zone distribution. In addition, you probably have wishes regarding ventilation, moisture drainage, anti-allergenic effect, pressure relief, etc. For this reason, we have developed the Stellar mattress in such a way that it can be adjusted for both hardness and zone distribution, while maintaining the order in which the layers are constructed. This way, all material properties remain in the right place in the whole and you receive the benefits of adaptability without the disadvantages. We cannot give a 100% guarantee, but you will not find a more comprehensive mattress. And we support that 100%.

Yes, as long as the dimensions match, the Morningstar products are suitable for any surface, including other bed frames. It is even suitable for laying directly on the ground.

Of course! The internal size of the beds is equal to the indicated size + 1 cm. So a bed measuring 140x200 has an internal dimension of 141 x 201 cm. Mattresses that are a bit larger also fit here.

Yes, the covers can be washed and we recommend doing this at least once a year at a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius. We hereby offer an important tip! Tencel mattress covers should never be washed at a temperature higher than 40 degrees, because this destroys the Tencel fibers. If you see somewhere that a Tencel cover can be washed at 60°, then this is incorrect. Many people love Tencel (and rightly so) but people also value warm washing. And that is why some manufacturers say that they have a Tencel cover that can be washed at 60 degrees, but that is incorrect. This does indeed damage the fibers. We simply advise what is realistic for the durability of the ticking and that is 40 degrees.

Thanks to the adjustable hardness, there is a wide range of body weights for which the mattress is suitable. During development we assumed a weight between 45 kg and 140 kg. Due to the adjustable hardness, there are options to adjust the hardness to your body weight. We recommend the firm side for people over 75 kg and the soft side for people under 75 kg, but ultimately you can experiment with that yourself.

In general, we recommend the firm side for people over 75 kg and the soft side for people under 75 kg. The firm side offers a firmness of 5 on a scale of 1 to 6. So it is not the firmest mattress on the market, but sufficient for people who like firm sleeping comfort. The soft side offers a firmness of 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 6. This gives the mattress an average hardness. If you really want to sleep softly, we have developed the Aero topper for that. This reduces the firmness from 3.5 to 2. We do not offer an option for extremely soft or extremely hard, because our research has shown that this makes virtually no one happy. It is also important to remember that sleeping comfort is not determined solely by hardness, but by the combination of hardness and zone distribution. Would you like to know what suits your personal wishes? Then do the sleep guide and receive personal advice.

The correct zone division depends on your body type and sleeping position. We always talk about 7-zone mattresses, but the most important thing is the relationship between the hip and shoulder zones. For this reason, the Stellar mattress offers the option to change this by placing the correct shoulder zone towards the head end. If you are a stomach or back sleeper, we always recommend the small shoulder zone. If you are a side sleeper, we recommend the spacious shoulder zone in most cases, unless your body type requires something else. Wide hips and narrow shoulders can still result in the advice for a small shoulder zone. Would you like to know what suits your personal wishes? Then do the sleep guide and receive personal advice.

We always recommend waiting 24 hours, but we play it safe here. As soon as you see that the mattress is in good shape again, you can sleep on it straight away. In most cases, it takes the longest to get into shape in the corners, so you'll know for sure as soon as they look good again. You may also smell an odor at the beginning. Some like it, but others don't like it. That is why it is also wise to open a window so that the mattress can air out for a while.

Unlike many mattresses, this mattress does not need to be turned over. At least, not once you have found the desired sleeping comfort. You only need to turn it over to determine your desired hardness and zone distribution. Turning is not necessary to prevent pit formation. We offer a 10-year warranty on this.

Pit formation in mattresses is common. However, you can normally assume that a mattress should be able to last for many years without denting. Morningstar Sleeps mattresses are very resistant to dimpling because only high-quality foams are used. That is why we offer a 10-year warranty against pit formation of more than 2 centimeters.

The Morningstar mattress is quite heavy, but that is a good sign. This means that high quality materials have been used. The smallest single mattresses weigh around 16 kilos and the largest double mattresses just over 40 kilos. Fortunately, we offer the service of bringing it into the bedroom.

The mattress has a total thickness of 25 centimeters.

These will be cleaned and given a new cover. They are then offered as a 'refurbished mattress' for a lower price.

Wood is a natural product and therefore never the same in appearance. We do select the beautiful parts that come closest to what we show on the website. So you will never receive anything that deviates much from this. We do ask you to take into account the fact that it is a natural product and can therefore never correspond 100%. If a large knot or something similar is an eyesore, you can always contact us.

Everything that can be compressed is compressed. You will receive our mattresses and toppers by post in a beautiful box measuring 40x40x117 cm. The beds, on the other hand, are delivered in separate parts and require some assembly. The mattresses and toppers are shipped via PostNL or PostNL exta@home, depending on the weight.

After placing the order, it usually takes 1 day to process it and give it to PostNL. Once this has happened, you will receive a track & trace from them to track your order. In most cases you will receive it the next day, but this depends on PostNL's planning. In the case of larger mattresses, a transfer is first made from PostNL to extra@home, which in some cases costs an extra day. As a rule, a good assumption is that your order will be delivered within 1 to 3 working days after placing your order.

Once we have transferred the package to our delivery service, you will receive a track & trace of your package(s) so that you can track the package. On the day of delivery you will receive additional information about the delivery time.

If you are not at home, the mattress will be taken back to our warehouse and a second delivery will have to be made. That is why we always recommend that you keep a close eye on the track & trace and ensure that you are at home. A second delivery attempt costs €50. If there is any powerlessness or shortcomings on the part of PostNL, we will bear those costs.

This is of course not the intention. Check the track & trace you received from us. If what is stated is not correct, please contact our customer service. We will solve this for you immediately.

Once you receive the stylish box, you are just a few steps away from your ideal night's sleep. A blade is included in the box with which you can safely remove the plastic from your mattress. Make sure the mattress is in the desired location before removing the plastic, because when compact it is easier to move than when it is back to its old shape.

This can easily remain in the packaging for a few days. However, you must remove the mattress from the packaging within 4 weeks to claim the warranty conditions.

This is of course a mistake, but it can happen. Therefore, always check the label before removing the mattress from the box. The size is on this. If it is incorrect, please contact our customer service at [email protected] . We will then solve it for you.

We currently deliver the beds personally within the Netherlands (with the exception of the Wadden Islands). We are happy to assemble the bed for you. We request that you free up the desired space so that we can start working for you immediately.

We ask you to check the parts at the time of delivery. If there is any damage, we can note this immediately and arrange a solution.

In this case we deliver the parts to the bedroom. Of course you can always put it together yourself. We do ask that you remove the parts from the packaging. If you don't like the bed, the delivery person will immediately take it back.

Of course, all products come with a warranty! However, the guarantees we can offer differ slightly per product. We provide a 10-year warranty on the durability of the materials for the mattresses. A term of 2 years applies to covers, toppers and beds, with some notes here and there about what is included and what is not. You can view this in our warranty conditions.

The trial sleep with Morningstar is simple and fair. You get 100 days to try the mattress, with a minimum of 30 days. We are convinced that we offer the best quality and that you will no longer want to part with your Morningstar mattress after those 30 days. However, for the topper, a maximum of 30 days applies. If you don't like it, we won't let you down. You can use our returns service for this and receive your money back.

You can return your mattress via our returns service. At the bottom of the page you will find a reference to the return form. We will contact you soon to pick it up again.

You can return your topper via our returns service. At the bottom of the page you will find a reference to the return form. We will contact you soon and send you a return label. This means you can send it back to us for free at any PostNL point near you.

Beds are custom made especially for you and therefore cannot be returned. However, we can always help if a part does not aesthetically meet expectations.

Of course! You will receive the full purchase price of the mattress and/or topper refunded to your account. However, this does not apply to service options, such as having the old mattress removed. We ask you to keep the packaging and to ensure that the mattress has not become damaged/dirty.

We always try to ensure that the money is back in your account within 14 days. If this is not the case, please contact our customer service. Maybe something went wrong.

Mistakes just happen. We don't blame you. We do ask you to contact customer service as soon as possible. They will help you further.

Our mattress offers different options for firmness, but if the options are not to your liking, there are always options. Please contact customer service for this.

The warranty starts from the moment the product is delivered to you.


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