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Buying a new mattress should give you a sense of relief. Finally a good night’s sleep! It’s just a shame that few mattress manufacturers complete that redeeming feeling by also taking the old mattress with them. If you buy a mattress online, it will be delivered in a nice compact box. But throwing away your old mattress is not an easy thing to do. It has a serious volume, is awkward to move and cannot even be stored anywhere. We do it differently!

Why return an old mattress?

The small print

Selling a good product is one thing. But good service is just as important. That is why you can hand in your old mattress at Morningstar Sleeps when your new mattress is delivered. This will save you a lot of hassle and you will immediately have space in your bedroom for your new mattress!

How much does it cost to hand in your old mattress?

A small fee for a valuable service

We charge a small fee of €30 for returning the old mattress. We only charge the costs for processing the mattress. We do the collection and delivery at our expense. We believe that this fits in with the service you should receive when buying a new mattress. Buying a new mattress should be a relief and not a burden.

Handing in your old mattress is good for the environment.

Good to take into account

An old mattress that is returned is always carefully examined and assessed whether the mattress can be recycled. The latter is of course always preferable because it reduces your ecological footprint. The textile from recycled mattresses can be used for clothing, among other things, but the foam can also be used for insulation boards in construction, for example.

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