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Mattress 80×210

Mattress 80×210.

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Features of this 80×210 mattress.

The introduction of the Stellar mattress

Dutch design and quality

Dutch design & quality

Optimal comfort

Ultimate comfort


Pressure distribution in 7-zones

Perfect pressure distribution

Perfect pressure relief

progressive resilience

Progressive resilience

Anti allergenic

Anti allergenic

Temperature regulating

Temperature regulating

Moisture regulating

Moisture regulating


Breathing cover

Durable materials

Durable materials

The Stellar mattress with dimensions of 80×210 cm was created through a partnership with leading European mattress manufacturers, with the ambition to manufacture the ultimate mattress. This 80×210 cm mattress can be fully adjusted to suit your individual body weight, body shape and sleeping style, and has the ability to adapt to changes in your physical condition or sleep needs. Therefore, it is not surprising that this mattress excels in consumer reviews.
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A good 80×210 mattress not only has the perfect pressure distribution and the right hardness. Properties such as ventilation, anti-allergenic effect and moisture and heat regulation are crucial for a perfect night’s sleep. This is also where the Stellar mattress distinguishes itself from other adjustable mattresses.
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A mattress has a major impact on your health. Buying a new mattress is therefore not a decision you make by quickly plopping down on an 80×210 mattress in a store. You prefer to try it out a little longer in the comfort of your own bedroom, without the influence of sellers. That is why we offer 100 day sleep trial. Knowing more? Then click here.
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A good mattress offers support from below and comfort from above. For that reason, the Stellar mattress 80×210 has a unique structure that can be maintained despite the adaptability. Each material has its own unique properties and therefore has an optimal position in the whole. This way the layers work well together and reinforce each other’s effect.
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We have set high standards for the materials used and integrated properties. It’s so nice if we also endorse this with the right certificates. Do you want to know which certificates and technologies are incorporated in the Stellar mattress?
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The Stellar mattress can be adjusted to your body weight, physical structure and sleeping style. With a double version, this personalization can even be realized separately per side of the 80×210 mattress. All this happens without compromising on crucial features such as air circulation, moisture regulation, temperature control and sturdiness. Interested in the flexibility of this mattress?
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It may seem like a coincidence, but it certainly isn’t. The four-pointed star is an essential part of the Morningstar Sleeps brand identity. Our studies have shown that this specific shape is extremely effective in providing balanced back pressure. We would like to invite you to learn more about this.
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We strongly advise everyone to conduct thorough research before purchasing a mattress. Do not be misled by marketing talk and collect as much factual information as possible about the product in question. That way you can really determine which mattress of 80×210 cm best suits your personal needs.

The Stellar 80×210 mattress has a firm underlay, which means it can be placed on any kind of surface. Whether you plan to use it on a box spring, slatted base or even directly on the floor, the Stellar mattress of 80×210 cm can be used universally. In addition, the anti-slip layer on the underside also makes the mattress suitable for use on adjustable bed bases. Do you want more information?
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Buy a 80×210 mattress.

The perfect night’s sleep for everyone

Searching for the perfect mattress can be an overwhelming experience, especially with such a wide range of options and varying personal preferences. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of Europe’s leading mattress manufacturers to create a universally suitable 80×210 mattress. This mattress excels in versatility, is composed of the highest quality materials, and offers all the crucial features one would expect. And all without breaking a hole in your wallet. This thoughtful combination of elements has ensured that this mattress is rated exceptionally well by virtually everyone who sleeps on it.

The affordable mattress that caters to ALL sleeping needs.

 Everyone is unique and the Stellar mattress is the mattress that actually takes into account all the unique characteristics of the sleeper. The mattress can be adjusted to your body weight, physique and sleeping position . And with double mattresses it is taken into account that this can be different per side. The Stellar 80×210 mattress offers all options to determine what suits you and adapts to changes in the body over time. Yet we go beyond just the physical needs. Because the adaptability is arranged in such a way that the order of layers always remains the same, the properties of each individual material will remain in the right place in the whole. As a result, you benefit from the maximum pressure-reducing effect and enjoy the best ventilation, moisture drainage and heat regulation . In addition to using only high-quality materials, your mattress will last extra long.

Morningstar The best mattress 80x210

Adjustable 80×210 mattress.

Completely tailored to your body

Everyone is unique, and so are their sleep needs. The Stellar mattress has been designed to take this diversity into account. You can therefore adjust the mattress to your own body weight, body structure and sleeping preferences. This personalization is possible through variations in both the firmness and the layout of the zones. In the case of a double mattress, you can even use separate settings for each side. That is why we would like to explain how the Stellar mattress responds to the unique needs of each individual.

Body weight.

1 mattress – 2 hardnesses

The adjustable firmness of the Stellar mattress accommodates variations in body weight. Studies show that most people are most comfortable on an 80×210 cm mattress that is medium to firm. However, the Stellar mattress also offers the option of choosing a softer setting. You do this by turning the core to the top with the desired firmness. It is important to remember that the level of comfort depends not only on the hardness, but also on factors such as the division of zones and the composition of the layers.

Sleeping position.

The right hardness, zone division and structure for your sleeping position

What makes a mattress suitable for all sleeping positions? This depends on several elements. The way you sleep influences both the desired firmness and the zoning of your 80×210 mattress. The interaction between the shoulder and hip zones is especially crucial. Someone who sleeps on their side often needs extra flexibility in the shoulder area to maintain an upright position, while people who sleep on their back or stomach require more support in that area. You can achieve this by turning the inside of the mattress horizontally. For back and stomach sleepers, we also recommend linking this to the harder side of the mattress.


The perfect pressure distribution in 7 zones

Your body structure plays a role in the amount of support you need in certain zones. Therefore, the ability to adjust the zoning is a valuable addition to the adjustable firmness. In the Stellar 80×210 mattress this can be controlled by moving the appropriate shoulder zone to the top end. This optimizes the interaction between the shoulder and hip zone, tailored to your specific body shape.

Partner characteristics.

The perfect night’s sleep together

Everyone is unique and therefore there is a good chance that your bed partner has different wishes for a mattress. However, nothing is as nice as a large 160×210 mattress where you can roll over to each other without a gap in the middle. That is why you can adjust the mattress separately for a width of 140 cm or more on each side, but still enjoy the feeling that you are lying on 1 whole. The upper comfort layers are connected across the entire width and link the adjustable cores together.

Do you want to know exactly how this mattress best suits your needs? Then start the sleep guide and see which option we recommend.

Durable 80×210 mattress .

The environmentally friendly sleeping solution

The mattress sector generally does not have a reputation for being sustainable and environmentally friendly. At Morningstar Sleeps we don’t settle for that. Our Stellar 80×210 mattress is designed to grow with you. People change and so do their sleep needs, often resulting in premature mattress replacements. With the adaptable nature of the Stellar mattress, this is no longer necessary.

In addition, our pursuit of sustainability is also reflected in the choice of materials. We frequently use ecologically responsible materials, such as castor oil and beech wood fibers for the mattress cover. We guarantee the quality of our foam for a period of ten years . The construction of the Stellar 80×210 mattress is designed in such a way that all components are recyclable, so that each material can be given a second life. We add that if a certain foam layer is worn out earlier, this layer is available separately and the entire mattress does not have to be replaced.

We are also committed to the responsible recycling of old mattresses. When purchasing a new Stellar mattress, we offer the service to take your old mattress back. In this way we ensure that your old mattress is also eligible for reuse. In this way we work together on a more sustainable and conscious future.

Durable Durable mattress

Materials and construction of your 80x210 mattress.

Maximum profit by preserving the order

The Stellar mattress stands out on several fronts and we are confident that we have put together the perfect combination of top quality materials and strategically arranged them for maximum comfort and durability. Each material has been carefully selected based on its specific benefits and placed in such a way that it contributes to the total comfort of the 80×210 mattress. The order of the layers is therefore crucial for the final result. Read on for more details.

Morninsgstar Sleeps - Stellar mattress - Construction and materials - Beech wood tencel natural ticking
Morninsgstar Sleeps - Stellar mattress - Construction and materials - Hypersoft Naturalis foam
Morninsgstar Sleeps - Stellar mattress - Construction and materials - Memory foam - Serene foam
Morninsgstar Sleeps - Stellar mattress - Construction and materials - Coldfoam firm
Morninsgstar Sleeps - Stellar mattress - Construction and materials - Coldfoam soft
Morninsgstar Sleeps - Stellar mattress - Construction and materials - Mattress cover


The best of the best! Our premium mattress cover is made of natural beech wood fibers from sustainably managed forests and thus forms a fresh natural surface for your night's sleep. The cover feels silky soft, is flexible, breathable, moisture-regulating, wear-resistant and also has a Purotex anti-allergenic effect. The cover also has the Oeko-Tex health certificate. We have also managed to make it extra easy by making the top of the cover completely detachable. This makes it easy to wash it.

Hypersoft Naturalis Foam.

The top layer of the Stellar 80x210 mattress is equipped with 3 cm thick Hypersoft Naturalis foam, a special and extremely soft type of foam. This top foam layer aims to give an extra dimension of comfort, as if you were resting on a soft cloud . In addition, this type of foam excels at superior air ventilation, a crucial property for the layer closest to your body. This Hypersoft Naturalis foam blends seamlessly with the underlying Serene foam, creating an ideal sleeping environment. What makes this foam extra special is that it is made from natural castor oil, which shows that there are also greener alternatives than using fossil oils alone.

Memory foam.

The second layer of the Stellar mattress consists of 3 cm Serene foam, an advanced version of the traditional NASA memory foam. Memory foam is known for its excellent pressure-relieving properties because the foam adapts seamlessly to the contours of your body. However, a common complaint about memory foam is that it tends to trap heat, which can lead to an uncomfortable and stuffy feeling. Serene foam effectively solves this problem with the introduction of microscopic gel beads that efficiently dissipate heat. When this is combined with the ventilating capabilities of the top Hypersoft Naturalis foam layer, you get an exceptionally well-regulated temperature in the 80x210 mattress. This way you experience all the benefits of memory foam, but without the traditional disadvantages.

Cold foam firm.

This is the firmer of the two foam layers in the Stellar mattress, together these layers form the backbone of the entire system. This layer is made up of a 13 cm thick Hybrid Foam core, a type of foam that can be seen as the evolved version of high-quality HR50 cold foam. Not only is this foam more resilient, it also has a longer lifespan and prevents the dreaded pit formation. This foam provides excellent progressive counter pressure, which is essential for a good night's sleep and balance of the body. An innovative feature of this base layer is the unique cut pattern that creates seven different comfort zones. Each zone is designed to optimally support a specific body part.

Cold foam soft.

In addition to the firm support layer, the Stellar mattress also contains a softer form of the Hybrid foam. This layer has a thickness of 6 cm and has the same advantages as the hard hybrid foam. This foam exceeds the usual cold foam variants in both durability and resilience. Another advantage is that the risk of pit formation is substantially reduced. Thanks to the refined properties of this Hybrid foam, a progressive counter-pressure is created that harmoniously supports the body. In addition, this layer has an ingenious cutting pattern, which creates several comfort zones. As a result, every part of the body enjoys optimal support and can maintain its natural shape in every sleeping position.

Mattress cover.

This luxurious cover makes a striking impression at first glance with its high-quality appearance. But it is in the long run where the true quality of this fabric proves itself. An air duct system is created through a unique material composition and an innovative 3D weaving technique. This ensures excellent air circulation and moisture regulation, so that the 80x210 cm mattress always remains fresh and hygienic. The cover is extremely flexible and is equipped with an anti-slip layer on the underside, which makes it particularly suitable for use on adjustable bed bases.

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Properties of this mattress 80x210..

Thought of everything

Optimal comfort through perfect pressure distribution plus

The Stellar mattress of 80×210 cm is a harmonious interplay of support and comfort, thanks to its unique construction and adaptability. The two upper comfort layers always maintain their position above the adjustable core, so you always enjoy perfect pressure distribution and optimal comfort. What makes this mattress extra exceptional is the innovative cutting pattern with which the 7-zone layout has been achieved. Extensive data analyzes from the sleeping industry have led to the choice of a star-shaped cutting pattern . This specific shape offers balanced support to your body, regardless of your weight, build or sleeping position. We cordially invite you to discover more about this unique star shape, which is not just the hallmark of our company.

Anti allergic 80x210 mattresses plus

Support and comfort are essential properties in a mattress, but there is much more that determines the quality of an 80 x 210 mattress. An anti-allergenic effect is really not an unnecessary luxury. For that reason, a purotex anti-allergenic effect has been incorporated into the cover of the Stellar mattress. This, among other things, repels house dust mites, but it also means that the risk of allergic reactions is reduced. The cover is made of natural beech wood fibers and has excellent ventilation, so that moisture is properly drained and bacteria are less likely to settle.

Extra ventilating 80x210 mattress plus

Good ventilation in a mattress is crucial for a healthy and comfortable sleeping climate, something that is often underestimated. Especially with adjustable mattresses, ventilation can be a challenge, because the most ventilating layers sometimes disappear at the bottom. That’s why we carefully optimized our design. With the Stellar 80×210 mattress, we have deliberately chosen to always have the breathable cover in direct contact with the highly ventilating top foam layer. This well-considered construction ensures that foam and ticking complement each other for optimal airflow . In this way we guarantee an excellent sleeping climate and hygienic conditions, night after night.

Moisture and heat regulation plus

Optimal regulation of moisture and heat is not only important for a hygienic sleeping environment, but also for maintaining the ideal sleeping temperature. When your body has trouble regulating temperature, it can lead to uncomfortable nights with too much or too little perspiration. The Stellar 80×210 mattress offers an intelligent solution to this problem through its specially designed cover and different types of foam.

The top layer of comfort foam offers excellent ventilation, while the second layer of foam is equipped with gel-bead technology for a constant temperature level. Together with the Tencel cover, these elements ensure rapid removal of moisture and heat. In addition, the open cell structure of the Hybrid Foam and the breathable 3D structure of the edge fabric allow any residual moisture to easily escape.

Rest at night on any type of surface.

And a good mattress can be used on any floor

When looking for a new 80×210 mattress, it is of course nice to know whether it also fits on the intended surface. Fortunately, we also have good news on this front. The mattress gets its full support and comfort from the mattress itself and therefore does not require any additional support distribution from the bed base or other surface. So it doesn’t matter whether you place the 80×210 mattress on a slatted base, box spring, or perhaps directly on the floor, with the Stellar mattress you don’t have to worry about anything. The Stellar mattress is also extremely suitable for adjustable bed bases , as the underside has an anti-slip layer.

Mattress suitable for boxspringBOXSPRING

Mattress suitable for bedstead


Mattress suitable for adjustable base


Mattress suitable for on the ground


Mattress suitable for saucer base


Mattress suitable for mesh base


Hero image

Trail sleep.

To complete your comfort

Choosing an 80×210 cm mattress is much more than a simple purchase; it is an investment in your health and quality of life. A quick test in the store really isn’t enough to make such a crucial decision, especially when you consider that you’re expected to sleep on it for the next 10 years. That is why we are introducing the concept of ‘100 days sleep trial’. Your body needs an adjustment period to fully enjoy a new mattress.

Trial sleep lets you go through this adjustment period comfortably, just in your own home. We just ask that you test our mattress for at least a month and save the plastic before making a final decision. We are convinced that you will no longer settle for less, but in the end the choice is yours..

Meer info

The starshape of Morningstar Sleeps 80x210

The star shape of Morningstar Sleeps.

The perfect pressure distribution is no coincidence

Every body type benefits from the Stellar mattress. A simple but unique cutout of a four-pointed star in the base layer is responsible for this.

To understand how the crop works, we split the star into a symmetrical top and bottom. Seen from the top point of the star, it first merges into a broad surface, after which the shape tapers back into a point. The wide cut-out makes this mattress particularly flexible, so that your body sinks in wonderfully no matter what. The narrow cut then increases the pressure in the mattress so that specific pressure points of the body can be corrected.

So it doesn’t matter how you prefer to sleep: thanks to the exceptional adaptability of the Stellar mattress, you will sleep better than ever before.

Known from.

Why others recommend the Stellar mattress


    Wat een verademing is dit matras!! Het Stellar matras heeft een gunstig, positief effect op onze slaapkwaliteit.

    Slaapwijzer logo

    I always have a bit of trouble with reviews that are exclusively positive. Still, in all honesty, I can't make it any other way. I'm excited!

    Best Gekozen logo

    Perhaps the best mattress of 2022 in terms of price/quality and lying comfort is the Morningstar Stellar mattress. The mattress has the perfect combination of support and comfort.


    The Morningstar Stellar mattress is a high quality mattress. This Dutch bed-in-a-box mattress offers supportive comfort and can compete with the best-in-the-business.


    Wij zijn onder de indruk van het Stellar matras van Morningstar Sleeps. Emma en Matt Sleeps hebben er een geduchte tegenstander bij.


    The Stellar mattress from Morningstar Sleeps is a newcomer to the market. Nevertheless, he seems to exceed every expectation. We have been able to test the Morningstar Stellar mattress ourselves and we are also pleasantly surprised.


    We zijn erg blij en dankbaar dat we in de gelegenheid zijn geweest om het Stellar matras te mogen testen en willen inmiddels nooit meer anders. Voor ons is dit echt het perfecte matras.

    star star star star star

    My wife and I were looking for new mattresses. Because in-store testing often gives the wrong impression, due to different box spring or slatted base e.g., searched for mattresses online. Of course always exciting to buy online, especially when the amount is a bit higher. Based on the many good reviews and with the 100 day trial sleep and payment in arrears via Klarna in mind, I ordered 2 90x200 mattresses from Morningstar Sleeps. People who are still in doubt, Dutch or Belgian, 1 word ... BUY! Ordered in the morning and the mattresses were delivered the next day in Belgium, wow! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


    star star star star star

    Recently ordered a bed, mattress and topper from Morning Star. Very pleased with the quality and service provided.


    star star star star star

    Top quality mattress and fast delivery. Honest company!

    S Db

    star star star star star

    After doing a lot of research, I finally purchased a mattress from Morningstar Sleeps. The delivery was very prompt and since I have had the mattress in my home I am relieved of my back pain! Highly recommended!

    Nickey de Visser

    star star star star star

    Top company! Very correct customer service, nice branding and of course top range of mattresses and sleep products.

    C.W. Fireloos

    star star star star star

    Haven't slept this well in ages. Great mattress and the price quality is super. Thanks morningstar!!!

    Willem Plaizier

    star star star star star

    Top company, super service. They are friendly and considerate. Can't help but recommend you.

    Lesley Bakker

    star star star star star

    Sleeps wonderfully. Great service, beautifully packaged and received a nice extra gift box. I am very satisfied.

    Danny Meier

    star star star star star

    Fantastic sleep and a great looking bed. How happy we are with this purchase!

    Izelle Pretorius

    star star star star star

    Super good mattresses and the best service you could want.

    Ronald Mies

    star star star star star

    Haven't woken up so rested in years! Clear communication and fast delivery!



    Zeeland mattress disruptor MorningStar Sleeps wins Public Award: The Zeeland mattress disruptor MorningStar Sleeps has won the Public Award on the evening of the presentation of the Zeeuwse PioniersPrijs.


    The 'best mattress' that is comfortable, provides support and adapts to body temperature. Two young people from Zeeland, Jamie Lemsom and Milan Roelofs, are now entering the online market with their invention.


    A promotional stunt for Morningstar Sleeps. The idea of ​​a floating bed came about for a reason. "We are two Zeeland pioneers. As a Zeelander you have a great connection with water and the technology around it, which makes the province liveable and ensures that you can enjoy it to the fullest".

The highest quality for the best price.

A premium mattress but than affordable

Best price quality mattress 80x210

Best price quality mattress 80x210

Certificates & Technologies.

High demands for the best product

Oeko Tex logo

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is a health label for textiles. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 bedding which is tested for substances that can be harmful to health, e.g. due to allergic reactions.

ISO 9001 logo

This is a standard from the ISO institute that defines how an organisation ensures its quality. If an organisation works according to this standard, it can apply for a certificate proving this.

Purotex logo

Purotex®-treated fabrics contain microcapsules filled with natural probiotics. These probiotics are a 100% natural remedy against allergens. Perfect against house dust mites.

Adaptive logo

Adaptive® technology helps regulate temperature and moisture using dynamic fibres. The warmer you get, the harder the fabric works to dissipate heat. This can mean up to a 2-degree difference.

Cairfull logo

Cairfull is a knitting technology that optimises sleep comfort. Cairfull's three-dimensional cross structure creates a ventilating layer of air in the fabric. This stimulates air circulation under the body and the evaporation of absorbed moisture.

How it works.

Morningstar Sleeps How it works Step 1

Morningstar Sleeps How it works Step 2

Morningstar Sleeps How it works Step 3

Morningstar Sleeps How it works Step 4

Morningstar Sleeps How it works Step 5

Morningstar Sleeps How it works Step 6

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This is the one! The best rated mattress in the Netherlands. And for good reason. This unique concept comes with great promise.

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This topper is 100% focused on providing soothing comfort. It can be combined with all mattresses and can be used perfectly to make 2 mattresses into 1 unit.

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Pure, robust and high quality. A floating model made of solid oak beams and black structural steel


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