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Wooden bed 90×200

Wooden bed 90×200.

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Single wooden bed 90×200 cm.

The summary

A floating model of the highest quality thanks to a detailed finish. The solid wooden beams and black structural steel make this bed an asset to any bedroom. This is a wide single bed.

Dutch design and quality

Dutch product

Robust quality

Robust quality

Custom made

Custom made

Durable materials

Durable materials

Wooden bed - overview - 90x200 cm

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Wide queen mattresses

Queen size mattresses

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King size mattresses

Long king size mattresses

Rustic oak and steel are the perfect combination for a robust look. The oak has a natural, warm look and the steel accents add a tough touch. What’s more, these materials are durable and sturdy, guaranteeing you a high-quality piece of furniture.

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The wooden bed is a timeless piece of furniture that suits different interior styles. Whether you like a country, industrial, Scandinavian, modern or classic style, there is always a wooden bed to suit your taste and interior.

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The wooden bed is covered by a statutory 2-year warranty. The guarantee applies to construction breaks, manufacturing defects and/or finishing defects. However, such a construction can easily last 15 years.

Enjoy a hassle-free purchase with our free delivery and assembly service. Save time and energy as we immediately place the bed in the right place and make it ready for use. So you can immediately enjoy your new bed and sleep carefree!

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Our floating wooden bed can not only provide a heavenly night’s sleep, but has other benefits. The floating design makes the bed the centrepiece of the bedroom and creates a beautiful aesthetic sight. Moreover, the raised position allows for ease of cleaning under the bed. So choose this floating wooden bed and enjoy not only a good night’s sleep, but also a stylish and practical bedroom.

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Apart from the positive reviews we receive from our customers, the wooden bed has the necessary certifications and test results. We are therefore proud to offer this bed!

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The wooden beds are custom-made for you. That is why we allow 7 to 8 weeks for delivery of the wooden bed. Once you have placed your order, we will contact you within 2 days for a preferred delivery date. Once agreed, we will work hard to make your bed.

How convenient

Do you find buying a new bed a hassle? Not with us! All you have to do is place your order on our website. We take care of the rest.

After we have had telephone contact within 1 to 2 working days and have selected a delivery time, we prepare the bed and carry out the final quality checks. The bed is then delivered to you free of charge, placed in the desired room and fully assembled. We make sure that we leave no trace, so that you can immediately dream away in your new bed without any worries.

Free delivery and assembly - 90x200 cm

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Floating wooden bed 90x200 cm.

For a heavenly night's sleep

What immediately stands out about our wooden bed is the floating lower frame. The legs are placed just out of sight, creating the illusion that the bed is floating in space. As a sleeper, you will experience a hygienic night’s sleep in addition to a heavenly night! Your mattress gets the chance to ventilate optimally on this bed and vacuuming under the bed is now a piece of cake.

Materials 90×200 cm wooden bed.

That can take a beating

Morningstar Sleeps - Wooden bed - Materials - 90x200 cm

Rustic oak wood.

Rustic oak is one of the most popular types of wood for a reason. The authentic character of this wood fits into every home style. We guarantee that authenticity by carefully choosing our wooden beams. We love small imperfections, because they give the wood character. We do, however, ensure that major irregularities do not occur in the material.

The wooden beams are 4 centimeters thick and fit perfectly in the average indoor climate due to their low moisture content. The sharp edges are provided with a small rounding, and then the beams are sanded and covered with a matt lacquer. The varnish not only protects against dirt and moisture, but also ensures that the natural effect of the wood comes into its own.

Thanks to an automated cutting process, we can produce our steel parts efficiently and economically. We use the solid S235 structural steel, which is also often used in bridges.

Because the laser machine cuts out a steel plate with an accuracy of one tenth of a millimeter, hardly any waste is lost during this process. Once cut, the steel parts are deburred and folded into their final shape. For a matte finish, we use a black powder coating in a fine structure. In combination with the rustic wood, this forms a tough and attractive whole.

Wood is sturdy, natural and timeless.

Enjoy your wooden bed for a long time

You will find wood in almost every interior. That is not surprising, if you consider that wood is sturdy, versatile and timeless, among other things. In the bedroom, this natural product offers an additional advantage: it radiates tranquility, which you will feel in your night’s sleep. That is why we have also used this beautiful material. Thanks to our solid beams, the bed can also take a beating.

Unique look and detailed finish.

Quality down to the last detail

Design is of paramount importance to us. The homely character of the wooden beams form a special contrast to the sturdy and industrial steel. With the matt paint and black powder coating, we have created a refined end result and added a bit of protection. The combination of the unique bottom frame with the detailed finish of the wood and steel make this bed the eye-catcher in your bedroom.

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Complete your interior with a wooden bed.

Inspire yourself

Country style plus

The country style stands for homely cosiness. Natural, robust materials such as wood form the basis of this style. These materials, often in calm and light tones such as white, brown, beige and grey, give a room atmosphere and cosiness. These materials and colors also bring a lot of peace: perfect for the bedroom! Finish it off with a lot of wonderfully soft plaids and pillows.

Scandinavian style plus

If you like functionality and simplicity, you will end up with the Scandinavian style. With this style, which revolves around peace, clarity and light, your bedroom always looks tidy. Don’t use too many accessories: let the furniture in this interior speak for itself. Wood is a fantastic material to give the Scandinavian style more depth and warmth.

Industrial style plus

No-nonsense and tough: the industrial style is for the real die-hards among us. Furniture should not look too polished in this style. The preference is for raw, unfinished and pure materials such as concrete, steel, glass, wood and stone. For a special effect, copper is often added to the interior, for example in the form of an industrial lamp.

Modern style plus

Do you prefer it luxurious and sleek? Then the modern style is right for you. In this style, elegance is achieved with a neutral decoration. Sleek furniture and accessories in quiet contrasting colors (such as white with black or dark grey) make your bedroom a space with class. A modern interior can quickly become a bit bare; in that case you choose a brightly colored eye-catcher or an attractive wooden element.


A circular process

Duurzaamheid - Duurzaam matras

Morningstar Sleeps is inspired by nature. The best place for a person to recharge, and therefore also the starting point for our beds! Thanks to our wood, your bedroom becomes an oasis of peace. We also only get our wood from sustainably managed forests. This means that affected forest area is given time to recover before new trees are felled. We also plant a new tree for every bed sold. That’s right: with the wooden bed from Morningstar Sleeps you don’t care for less, but for more forest area!

Known from.

Why others recommend us


    Wat een verademing is dit matras!! Het Stellar matras heeft een gunstig, positief effect op onze slaapkwaliteit.

    Slaapwijzer logo

    I always have a bit of trouble with reviews that are exclusively positive. Still, in all honesty, I can't make it any other way. I'm excited!

    Best Gekozen logo

    Perhaps the best mattress of 2022 in terms of price/quality and lying comfort is the Morningstar Stellar mattress. The mattress has the perfect combination of support and comfort.


    The Morningstar Stellar mattress is a high quality mattress. This Dutch bed-in-a-box mattress offers supportive comfort and can compete with the best-in-the-business.


    Wij zijn onder de indruk van het Stellar matras van Morningstar Sleeps. Emma en Matt Sleeps hebben er een geduchte tegenstander bij.


    The Stellar mattress from Morningstar Sleeps is a newcomer to the market. Nevertheless, he seems to exceed every expectation. We have been able to test the Morningstar Stellar mattress ourselves and we are also pleasantly surprised.


    We zijn erg blij en dankbaar dat we in de gelegenheid zijn geweest om het Stellar matras te mogen testen en willen inmiddels nooit meer anders. Voor ons is dit echt het perfecte matras.

    star star star star star

    My wife and I were looking for new mattresses. Because in-store testing often gives the wrong impression, due to different box spring or slatted base e.g., searched for mattresses online. Of course always exciting to buy online, especially when the amount is a bit higher. Based on the many good reviews and with the 100 day trial sleep and payment in arrears via Klarna in mind, I ordered 2 90x200 mattresses from Morningstar Sleeps. People who are still in doubt, Dutch or Belgian, 1 word ... BUY! Ordered in the morning and the mattresses were delivered the next day in Belgium, wow! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


    star star star star star

    Recently ordered a bed, mattress and topper from Morning Star. Very pleased with the quality and service provided.


    star star star star star

    Top quality mattress and fast delivery. Honest company!

    S Db

    star star star star star

    After doing a lot of research, I finally purchased a mattress from Morningstar Sleeps. The delivery was very prompt and since I have had the mattress in my home I am relieved of my back pain! Highly recommended!

    Nickey de Visser

    star star star star star

    Top company! Very correct customer service, nice branding and of course top range of mattresses and sleep products.

    C.W. Fireloos

    star star star star star

    Haven't slept this well in ages. Great mattress and the price quality is super. Thanks morningstar!!!

    Willem Plaizier

    star star star star star

    Top company, super service. They are friendly and considerate. Can't help but recommend you.

    Lesley Bakker

    star star star star star

    Sleeps wonderfully. Great service, beautifully packaged and received a nice extra gift box. I am very satisfied.

    Danny Meier

    star star star star star

    Fantastic sleep and a great looking bed. How happy we are with this purchase!

    Izelle Pretorius

    star star star star star

    Super good mattresses and the best service you could want.

    Ronald Mies

    star star star star star

    Haven't woken up so rested in years! Clear communication and fast delivery!



    Zeeland mattress disruptor MorningStar Sleeps wins Public Award: The Zeeland mattress disruptor MorningStar Sleeps has won the Public Award on the evening of the presentation of the Zeeuwse PioniersPrijs.


    The 'best mattress' that is comfortable, provides support and adapts to body temperature. Two young people from Zeeland, Jamie Lemsom and Milan Roelofs, are now entering the online market with their invention.


    A promotional stunt for Morningstar Sleeps. The idea of ​​a floating bed came about for a reason. "We are two Zeeland pioneers. As a Zeelander you have a great connection with water and the technology around it, which makes the province liveable and ensures that you can enjoy it to the fullest".

Certificates & quality standards.


Awarded to organizations that meet the rules and standards of the Forest Stewardship Council. The wood used must come from responsibly managed forests.

EN 13438

International standard regarding the surface quality of powder-coated steel. Concerns opacity, gloss, surface beauty, damage and contamination.

NEN-EN 14081

Concerns the visual quality of the wood. This European standard covers requirements for knots, cracks, discolouration, skewness and knots.

ISO 2813

International standard regarding the visual quality of wooden products with matt lacquer, such as degree of coverage, evenness, surface cleanliness, damage and contamination.

EN 10025

This European quality mark includes the technical requirements of steel with a minimum tensile strength of 235 N/mm2.


Good for you

We offer a 2-year warranty on the wooden bed. This includes construction defects, manufacturing defects and/or finishing defects. Discoloration problems are subject to a maximum of 3 months warranty. Discoloration is always influenced by environmental factors. The bed is much more likely to discolour when placed in direct sunlight. Make sure that the bed is regularly maintained, so that the wood remains beautiful in the long term. External details of the bed are not covered by the guarantee, because wood is a natural product. The end product will therefore always differ from the images on the website. However, we do everything we can to achieve the best result and we always listen to any wishes.

Our products at a glance.

Morningstar Sleeps - product - Stellar matas

Stellar mattress.

The Stellar mattress is our all-in-one solution! This is the best option for people who want an all-in-one mattress without having to worry about details.

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Morningstar Sleeps - product - Aero topper


This topper is 100% focused on providing contemptuous comfort. It can be combined with all mattresses and is perfect for making 2 mattresses into 1.

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Morningstar Sleeps - product - Houten bed

Wooden bed.

Pure, robust and high-quality. A floating model made of solid oak beams and black structural steel

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Our products.

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Save 30%

Stellar mattress.

This is the one! The best rated mattress in the Netherlands. And for good reason. This unique concept comes with great promise.

Save 30%

Aero topper.

This topper is 100% focused on providing soothing comfort. It can be combined with all mattresses and can be used perfectly to make 2 mattresses into 1 unit.

Save 20% Morningstar Sleeps product Houten bed

Wooden bed.

Pure, robust and high quality. A floating model made of solid oak beams and black structural steel


Mattress dimensions.

All available sizes in a handy overview

Single mattresses.

Standard single mattresses

Long single mattresses

Extra long single mattress

Wide single mattresses

Doubler mattresses.

Narrow queen mattresses

Wide queen mattresses

Double mattresses.

Queen size mattresses

Lange queensize matrassen

King size mattresses

Long king size mattresses

Veelgestelde vragen.

Wooden beds give a warm and soothing feel. Just what you need in the bedroom. And in some cases, it actually helps you get a better night's sleep. In addition, wooden beds are a good choice for people with allergies because wood holds less dust. Finally, wooden beds are more durable than metal or upholstered beds. Especially when the wood comes from sustainably harvested forests.

A wooden bed can last a long time, especially if it already has an after-treatment/finish. Do you want your wooden bed to look like it did when you bought it? Then regular treatment of the bed is recommended.


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