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100 nights trial sleep.

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In a world that waits for nothing, we want to provide peace. We believe that our Stellar mattress can offer you that peace of mind, every night. But rest doesn’t just come from sleeping on a good mattress. You also get peace through the freedom to make that choice yourself, at your own pace. That is why we offer trial sleep on behalf of Morningstar Sleeps. We give you the opportunity to try the Stellar mattress for 100 days in the comfort of your own bedroom. Free delivery, free returns and money back guarantee.

Why a 100-day trial sleep?

No pressure from sellers, but time, peace and space to experience it yourself

Buying a mattress is an important investment. It largely determines your night’s sleep and therefore also your health. The mattress must therefore meet your specific sleeping needs. Your body will always have to get used to a new mattress and that is why it is impossible to judge in a store which mattress really suits you by lying on it for a short time. Everything deserves a fair chance and you as a consumer certainly deserve that. Therefore, do not be influenced by store salespeople, but be guided by your own experience and that of your predecessors.

How does 100 nights trial sleep work?

Read the steps or watch the video

The 100-day trial period starts as soon as your order has been delivered. From this moment on you have 100 days to try the mattress at home. Have you ordered a topper? Then a period of 30 days applies. Always keep the plastic upon receipt. If you want to return, we ask you to put the mattress or topper back in the plastic. In the case of the topper also the box.
The Stellar mattress is adjustable in hardness and zone distribution. Therefore, take plenty of time to experiment with this. To get off to a good start, you can complete the sleep guide. Go through the steps and receive data-driven advice. Of course, this is advice and your personal preference may be different.
Just like with a new pair of shoes or glasses, it is normal for your body to get used to it. It may even be awkward at first. We therefore ask you to try the mattress for at least 30 days before making a final decision.
Still not satisfied? Then complete the return form on the website. We will then contact you within a week to plan a collection order. In the case of the topper, you will receive a return label from us. You can deliver the topper for free at any PostNL point near you.
As soon as we have received the mattress or topper, we will refund the purchase amount. Please note that we will charge fees if the conditions are not met. This includes properly packaging the mattress or being at home on the agreed day for the collection of the mattress.

What others say.

According to others, our service is top notch!


My wife and I were looking for new mattresses. Because in-store testing often gives the wrong impression, due to different box spring or slatted base e.g., searched for mattresses online. Of course always exciting to buy online, especially when the amount is a bit higher. Based on the many good reviews and with the 100 day trial sleep and payment in arrears via Klarna in mind, I ordered 2 90x200 mattresses from Morningstar Sleeps. People who are still in doubt, Dutch or Belgian, 1 word ... BUY! Ordered in the morning and the mattresses were delivered the next day in Belgium, wow! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)



Recently ordered a bed, mattress and topper from Morning Star. Very pleased with the quality and service provided.



Top quality mattress and fast delivery. Honest company!

S Db


After doing a lot of research, I finally purchased a mattress from Morningstar Sleeps. The delivery was very prompt and since I have had the mattress in my home I am relieved of my back pain! Highly recommended!

Nickey de Visser


Top company! Very correct customer service, nice branding and of course top range of mattresses and sleep products.

C.W. Fireloos


Haven't slept this well in ages. Great mattress and the price quality is super. Thanks morningstar!!!

Willem Plaizier


Top company, super service. They are friendly and considerate. Can't help but recommend you.

Lesley Bakker


Sleeps wonderfully. Great service, beautifully packaged and received a nice extra gift box. I am very satisfied.

Danny Meier


Fantastic sleep and a great looking bed. How happy we are with this purchase!

Izelle Pretorius


Super good mattresses and the best service you could want.

Ronald Mies


Haven't woken up so rested in years! Clear communication and fast delivery!


Conditions for trial mattress trial.

The small print

Anyone who has read our Trustpilot reviews knows that we really do our utmost to deal with our customers as best as possible. We will do everything we can to make buying a new mattress a pleasant experience. Even if it turns out that the mattress or topper does not meet your wishes and it unexpectedly has to be returned. In return, we do have a number of important conditions that we ask for in return.

  • Handle the mattress carefully if you are still unsure whether you will keep it. We reserve the right to charge for any decrease in the value of the product. This includes issues such as holes or stains that cannot be removed with a single wash.
  • Always keep the plastic bag in which the mattress or topper was delivered. If you return it, we ask that you place it back in the plastic bag and carefully tape the plastic closed. If you have lost the plastic or damaged it too much, ensure that it is otherwise protected for its return journey to the warehouse. The plastic must have a minimum thickness equal to the plastic it was delivered in. We reserve the right to withhold €75 from the refunded amount if this condition is not met. If desired, we can always send new plastic. The cost for this is €25.
  • Give the mattress a fair chance and try it out for at least 30 days. The mattress has adjustable firmness and customizable zoning. If the standard setting does not suit you, there is still a good chance that one of the other configurations will ensure you never want another mattress. In the case of the topper, we offer a maximum trial period of 30 days, so we accept conclusions reached within a few days. However, we also ask you to give it a fair chance, as experience shows that you need at least a week to get a good impression of the comfort.

Benefits of a trial sleep mattress.

Security and comfort

Actually, there are only advantages to a 100-day sleep trial.

  • You give your body the opportunity to really experience what is good for you.
  • You do this in the peace and quiet of your own bedroom
  • Moreover, you can try this completely free of charge

Advantages of buying a mattress online.

There are actually only advantages to buying a mattress online

Buying a mattress online has many advantages.

  • The price is more favorable. By saving on costs for a retail space and staff, you get more quality for the same money.
  • You can compare easily. It is possible to read at your own pace what previous customers say about the mattress.
  • Online, everything revolves around a good reputation. You can therefore assume that a supplier goes to great lengths to ensure a satisfied customer.

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Try your mattress for 100 days?

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