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Always wake up tired? 10 Causes of Tiredness in the Morning!

We all know waking up tired. Not bad in itself, but if we always wake up tired, the stage of irritation has long passed. Fortunately, in most cases the cause is not far to seek and therefore easy to remedy. This way you can enjoy sleeping again before you know it and wake up wonderfully rested.

Why you always wake up tired

First of all, you’re really not the only one who always wakes up tired. Many people have something wrong with their sleep hygiene that leads them to make the same mistake night after night. They keep sleeping on a bad mattress, go in or out of bed at the wrong times, drink coffee too late in the evening… before you know it you won’t get up rested anymore. One night of poor sleep and waking up exhausted has an impact on how you behave that day. Maybe you sleep during the day, live more on bad foods or don’t move enough. As a result, it is also difficult to sleep the night after and you do not rest well. Before you know it you will suffer from chronic fatigue. After a few weeks of waking up tired, it is therefore high time to find out the cause and take steps.

Ten causes of waking up tired

1. Waking up tired due to too little (deep) sleep

You need sleep to rest. About eight hours a night and of good quality. That means that you go through the entire sleep cycle about five times, including five times REM sleep. If you miss too much of deep REM sleep, you don’t get enough rest.

2. Extreme fatigue due to vitamin deficiency

You need melatonin and tryptophan to sleep well. Tryptophan is found in food and is a building block of proteins (amino acid) that you cannot produce yourself. Tryptophan is needed to make the sleep hormone melatonin. There are a lot of vitamins that help to make melatonin, such as vitamins B3, B5 and B6 and vitamin C. The minerals calcium, magnesium and zinc also contribute to this. If you don’t get enough of this, you can adjust your diet or take extra vitamins, minerals and/or tryptophan.

3. Tired by a hole in the mattress

A good mattress gives you a good night’s sleep. She offers comfort and support to your entire body. But she also has a limited lifespan. Your buttocks, whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, are able to form a dimple in your mattress over the years. You may be sleeping badly because it’s time for a new mattress. And then of course you want the best quality for a good price, so you end up with a Morningstar mattress. Just sleep on it for the hundred days before trial. Oh how rested you will wake up!

4. Tired from too much caffeine

Caffeine keeps your brain active. Those who still consume cola, coffee and such drinks in the evening often find it more difficult to fall asleep, which does not benefit the quality.

5. Waking up tired due to disturbed sleep rhythm

A good sleep rhythm in which you go to sleep and wake up at about the same time every day, including weekends, improves the quality of your sleep.

6. Light and sound

Too much light and noise are disastrous for your night’s sleep. Provide a dark room with as little ambient noise as possible, so that you can sleep well.

7. You drink too little

Of course, we’re not talking about alcohol here, and certainly not the nightcap. Because with a nightcap you miss precious deep sleep again. Nor is this about coffee, cola and energy drinks. But just about drinking in general, water for example. Do you find it difficult to drink one and a half liters a day? Then apply the rule: pee out, drink in. Which drink that is is up to you and of course you take into account your bedtime in terms of alcohol and caffeine. The only exception is the peeing you do just before and during bedtime, of course you don’t want to get out (again) to pee.

8. You wake up at the wrong time

Snooze can be wonderful, but it’s also a signal that something about your sleeping habit isn’t right. In the best case, your alarm goes off at the moment you just came out of your sleep cycle. Sleep apps can help you with this.

9. Worn pillow

Just like a mattress, a pillow does not last forever. Once worn, it does not provide proper support. Do you want no back and neck problems, but do you want a good night’s sleep? Then invest in a new pillow!

10. Tired due to sleep disorder

The less easily resolved causes of waking up tired are sleep disorders. Snoring, teeth grinding, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy or sleep apnea are some examples of this. A doctor could give you advice on how to wake up fresh and fruity again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I wake up tired?

Wrong living habits and/or a strongly changing sleep rhythm can disrupt your sleep. A disturbed sleep is not long and/or not deep enough, so you don't rest enough and get up tired.

What helps against fatigue in the morning?

To get up in the morning not tired, but full of energy, you need to take a closer look at your lifestyle. Are you sleeping on the right bed? What do you eat and drink at what times? What time do you go to sleep and get up? Many fatigue complaints can be remedied by making small changes in your lifestyle.


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