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Buying a new mattress online? 3 things to watch out for!

Are you planning to buy a new mattress? Your first thought may not be to order a new mattress online. However, nowadays most mattresses are bought over the internet. Crazy you would think? But nothing is less true. Buying a mattress online is actually not that crazy at all. Most companies offer the option of test sleep. For example, you get 100 nights the chance to try your new mattress in the comfort of your own bedroom. In addition, you can see what others think about the mattress based on reviews and various tests. That way you can make a good estimate whether your purchase is the right decision.

Buying a new mattress, what do you pay attention to?

Purchasing a new mattress is one of the most important purchases of your life for many reasons. Your night’s sleep largely determines how you feel the next day and the right support for your body also prevents a lot of complaints later in life. Are you going to buy a mattress online? Then there are a number of things you should pay attention to. To help you choose the best mattress in a market that is flooded with suppliers, we have listed the most important things.

Mattress for the right kind of bed

Verschillende soorten bedden - Boxspring - houten bed - stalen bed - bedframe

You are ready for a new mattress, but your current bed is actually still fine. It is therefore a shame to replace your entire bed when only your mattresses are worn out. Is this the case with you? Then it is the intention that your new mattress fits well with your current bed. The search for this is actually very simple, if you know what to look for. Nowadays, a good mattress can be placed on any surface. Where you used to get a large part of the support from the slatted frame or from the springs of the frame in your box spring, most mattresses are now equipped with the correct support zones in the mattress itself. This is achieved with pocket springs in the mattress or the right cuts in the foam. The better mattresses can theoretically be placed on the floor. However, good ventilation under the mattress remains essential to remove moisture and prevent possible mold formation. It is therefore a good idea to place your mattress on a slatted base or box spring. Purely for ventilation and not especially for support.

Mattress surface

Buying a new mattress? Then replace your bed base right away! This is the advice that many mattress advisors in expensive bed stores give to customers. But it should be clear by now that a good mattress does not get its support from the bed base, but has sufficient support itself. Still, it’s nice to know the differences in soils. The ‘most’ mattresses have to be free of the bed base for at least half of its surface in order to ventilate well, so we will go a little deeper into the different bed bases.

Slatted base

There will be few people who do not know what a slatted base is. But what makes a slatted base bad or very good? It is important to know that the space between the slats should not exceed 4 cm. According to most mattress manufacturers, at a greater distance the mattress could sink between the slats, which is at the expense of the support from the mattress itself. This is especially true for pocket spring mattresses.

Adjustable slatted base

Adjustable slatted bases are slatted bases that you can adjust in all kinds of ways. This way you can put the foot end or the head end upright in different positions. Depending on the type of adjustable slatted frame, this can be done manually or electrically. Are you looking for a new mattress for an adjustable slatted base? Check the specifications of the mattress to see if this is possible. Most pocket spring mattresses and certainly Bonnel spring mattresses cannot be fitted on adjustable slatted bases. Do you buy a new mattress online and will it be delivered to your home, rolled up in a box? Then the mattress can automatically also be placed on an adjustable slatted base.


The box spring is perhaps the most common bed base. A box spring consists of two parts. A base that is often equipped with pocket springs, with a mattress on top. The space between the pocket springs in the frame provides ventilation. When you buy a new box spring, both the frame and the mattress are often covered with the same fabric. A small disadvantage is that there is often no space between the cover of the mattress and that of the frame. This results in reduced ventilation. Is the mattress of your box spring worn out and are you going to buy a new mattress online? Almost all mattresses can be placed on the frame of a box spring. Make sure that the undercarriage is not too worn and sagging. Also a handy tip. Look for a mattress with ventilating border fabric. If the mattress ventilates well all around, the disadvantage of a lack of space between the cover of the bed base and the mattress is also not an issue.

Dimensions of the matress

In addition to choosing the right chassis, choosing the right size is an unmissable point of attention. You can manage to buy the best mattress and combine it with the most practical base, but if you don’t order the right size, the picture is not complete.

In addition to choosing the right chassis, choosing the right size is an unmissable point of attention. You can manage to buy the best mattress and combine it with the most practical base, but if you don’t order the right size, the picture is not complete.

Buy mattress 80 x 200 cm

This size mattress is often used to put two side by side to form a double mattress. This can offer the possibility to have two different hardnesses in the same bed. Very nice if your partner likes to lie a little firmer or a little softer. After all, the split in the middle can be covered with a topper so that you can still crawl against each other.

Buy mattress 90 x 200 cm

This is practically the most sold size in the mattress world. Like the 80 x 200 cm mattresses, these are often used to create two different firmnesses in a bed. This is also the most sold size for a single bed.

Buy mattress 120 x 200 cm

A nice and spacious single mattress. The 90 x 200 cm mattress is fine for most people to lie on, but if there is the space for it, people also regularly opt for a 120 x 200 cm mattress. After all, being more spacious is not an unnecessary luxury.

Buy mattress 140 x 200 cm

In other words, the doubter. You can lie on this with two people. Well, then you lie comfortably. Not bad if the flame with your bed partner has just passed, of course.

Buy mattress 160 x 200 cm

The best size for new couples. Nice and close to each other, but still enough space to find your own way.

Buy mattress 180 x 200 cm

Nice and spacious! The 180 x 200 cm mattress is ideal for spending Sunday mornings in bed with the whole family. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and still have the space to move.

Buy mattress 200 x 210 cm

Not an unusual size in the Netherlands. We Dutch are just a bit bigger than the rest, so it’s nice if we can lie with our feet on the bed without the monster under the bed tickling them.

The type of mattress that is suitable for your sleeping comfort

Your desired sleeping comfort is in many cases the biggest influence on the choice of the right mattress. But how do you know which mattress suits you best? After all, there are so many different foam types and each foam type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before we go into more detail, it is important to determine how you feel most comfortable. Sleeping comfort is something personal. It depends on many variables such as weight and whether you like to sleep in a warm or cold bed. For example, someone with a heavy body weight will need more support from the mattress than someone with a lighter weight. In addition, your sleeping position also has an effect on personal preference when choosing a new mattress.

The influence of your sleeping position

Your sleeping position has an influence on choosing the best mattress. Some mattresses are better for stomach sleepers and others are better for back or side sleepers. There are also mattresses that are suitable for all types of sleepers by making smart use of different layers of foam. So if you’re someone who changes attitudes regularly, that’s the best option. In addition to your sleeping position, your body weight and personal preference are of course also important.

Stomach sleeper

Stomach sleepers often prefer to lie on a firmer mattress with a good comfort layer. Unlike side sleepers, the body’s pressure on the mattress is spread out. This creates less pressure on the hip and shoulder zones. A well-ventilated mattress is also very important for a stomach sleeper. If you sleep on your stomach, your face is close to the mattress.

Back sleeper

Sleeping on your back is often considered the healthiest sleeping position. In this sleeping position, the pressure of the body is neatly distributed over the mattress. It is important that the natural S of the spine is preserved. for this reason, the hip zone must be able to sink a little further into the mattress. Do you sleep on your back and buy a mattress online? Make sure that a separate pressure zone is created in the mattress for at least the hips and shoulders. Furthermore, the mattress should not be too soft, but should mold well to the body.

Side sleeper

Are you a side sleeper and are you looking for a new mattress? It is important to know that your spine should be in a straight line with your neck. It is therefore important that your mattress has different pressure zones and that the mattress molds well to the body. Lying on your side puts more pressure on the shoulder and hip area. It is therefore important that these zones are given sufficient space without loss of support on the rest of the body. A side sleeper therefore generally opts for a somewhat softer to medium hard mattress.

The influence of the type of mattress

If you know what your wishes are in terms of sleeping comfort, you can look for a mattress that fits. Below we will therefore briefly discuss the different types of foam and what the possible advantages or disadvantages are, compared to your sleeping wishes. In this blog we try to keep it concise. If you want more detailed information about the different types of mattresses, we recommend reading the following article. Which mattresses are there? Here you will find the best type of mattress for you!

Cold foam mattress

Many mattresses sold online have a cold foam base. It is sturdy and dimensionally stable, yet has excellent resilience. In addition, cold foam ventilates well. This makes cold foam the ideal foundation for a mattress. Especially because the different pressure zones of the body can be easily applied in the foam, by means of the correct cut-outs. There is a lot of difference in the quality of cold foam. Often a high density and high polyol value means high quality. Too high a density, however, can negatively affect ventilation and moisture drainage. Do you buy a mattress online? Then look for cold foam with an HR value of between HR-30 and HR45. Isn’t this indicated? Ask for it. It does make a difference!

Pocket spring mattress

A pocket spring mattress is filled with small springs that determine the firmness and resilience of your mattress. This way you can create different zones of hardness with strong and less strong springs. The resilience of springs has advantages and disadvantages. It can be tasty, but also offer too much counter pressure on the hip and shoulder zones. So pay attention to that! Pocket springs do provide good ventilation, since there is a lot of open space (air) in them.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is very popular and feels great. Like cold foam, it is made of polyurethane and has an open cell structure. The cells let the air out under the influence of pressure, so that it molds to your body. This makes memory foam perfect as a comfort layer in a mattress. The disadvantage is that it is less dimensionally stable than cold foam, but that depends on the quality that is used. In addition, it tends to retain heat, although there are now alternatives that regulate the heat better. Are you looking for a memory foam mattress? Then make sure that you have a good quality and that something has been done about the temperature regulation, as has been done in the Serene foam for example by means of the application of gel pearls.

Latex mattress

Latex is a synthetic or natural rubber and an attractive choice for many people because of its supple resilience. The disadvantages are the poorer temperature and moisture regulation. Latex mattresses are often provided with channels to overcome this problem, but you cannot get real good drainage of moisture and heat from a latex mattress. In addition, the lifespan of latex mattresses is limited compared to the other options. So keep that in mind!

Spring mattress

An innerspring mattress is different from a pocket spring mattress. These mattresses are completely filled with spiral metal wires that determine the support and resilience in the mattress. In the past, the majority of mattresses were an innerspring mattress, but nowadays more use is made of pocket springs or memory foam. In general, an innerspring mattress is good for ventilation, but not for everyone when it comes to comfort.

Polyether mattress

Polyether mattresses are cheap. And let’s face it, they’re not very good quality either. Polyether mattresses have a relatively short lifespan, offer little support and ventilate very poorly. If you are looking for something cheap and temporary, a polyether mattress is an option. For the long term and physical health, it is better to choose another option.

Rollable mattress

We do not mean a mattress that you can roll up yourself, but a mattress that is delivered rolled up. This is called roll packing. These mattresses are easier to transport and lift to the bedroom. Rollable mattresses are made of different types of foam that can be compressed well. A nice side effect is that a rollable mattress automatically has good quality foam, given that it must be able to take on its old shape again after it has been compressed. This does not mean that there is no difference in quality among the various roll-up mattresses, but it does mean that there is a lower limit for the quality of the materials used.

Don’t take any risks when buying a mattress!

Ordering your mattress online instead of in a physical store offers a lot of advantages. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you can purchase directly from the manufacturer. This makes it possible to get more quality for less money. Of course, the well-known brands that are available in every bed store are also sold online. But those brands will often charge significantly more for a mattress, because they have to keep the prices equal to those in the store. In your search for a new mattress, it is therefore wise to compare a number of mattress brands that cannot be found in physical stores. Below you will find 3 advantages that apply to buying a mattress online.

1. Buy based on reviews

Looking for the best mattress, but unsure about which one is actually the best? The most reliable source of information is the people who have gone before you. So look at reviews that existing customers have posted. If almost everyone is positive about the mattress, you can assume that the product is good. In addition, based on reviews, you can see how reliable a company is in delivering the mattress and whether they fulfill their agreements in the event of a return. Here’s another important tip! Please note whether a review is a verified review or whether it is an invitation review. Verified reviews are the most reliable because invitations can sometimes be sent selectively. On Trustpilot, this is stated with every review, so make use of it!

2. Pay the mattress in installments

Buying a mattress online may offer more value for money, but it remains a considerable expense. A mattress remains a considerable expense. Does your mattress need to be replaced? For a good single mattress you pay between 400 and 600 euros and for renowned brands often 1000 euros or more. It is therefore very nice for some people if you can pay for a mattress in parts. Fortunately, many web shops offer this option, for example by being able to pay the mattress in 3 or even 36 installments. It is also possible to pay for the mattress afterwards, for example after 30 days with Klarna.

3. Ability to test sleep

To make buying a mattress online attractive, many suppliers offer the option of test sleep. This way you can try the mattress at home instead of briefly lying on a mattress in a bed store. Where with most brands from the store you get a maximum of 30 days to return the mattress, the trial period for most online brands is 100 to 120 days. If you order a mattress online, pay attention to the conditions for returning. If you have to pay the costs to return a mattress yourself, it quickly becomes a lot less attractive. A mattress from its packaging has a considerable volume and is very inconvenient to move. Ideally, you would like the company to come and collect the mattress itself if you do not like your purchase.

Need personal advice about buying a new mattress online?

Are you ready to take the step and order a new mattress online? The Stellar mattress from Morningstar Sleeps has everything you need for a good night’s sleep. It is not for nothing that this is the highest rated mattress on Trustpilot. In addition, the service regarding delivery and returns, together with customer service, has been rated with a 4.8 out of 5 stars. The mattress is delivered directly from stock, has a 10-year quality guarantee and the option of a trial sleep for 100 nights. Furthermore, Morningstar Sleeps offers the option to pay in installments with a choice of 3 to 36 monthly debits or pay for your mattress 30 days after ordering with Klarna.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should you pay attention to when buying a new mattress?

If you buy a new mattress, make sure that the mattress matches your sleeping wishes! Sleeping position, body weight and personal preference play an important role in this. Also determine your budget. A good mattress does not have to cost thousands of euros! When buying a new mattress, also pay attention to product and company reviews. This reduces the chance of a bad purchase.

How do you know if a mattress is good?

The quality of the materials used plays an important role here. But since most consumers are not experts on foams, it would be a good idea to look at the reviews other people have left about this product. Price does not have to be an indicator of a good mattress.

Which type of mattress to buy?

Decide for yourself whether you like to lie hard or soft and whether you mainly sleep on your back, stomach or side. You would do well to read briefly about the best mattresses that suit your sleeping position and body weight and which materials are best for this.


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