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8 December 2022

How do you choose the best mattress and pillow for neck complaints?

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How do you choose the best mattress and pillow for neck complaints?

The alarm goes off and you try very carefully to lift your head. Phew, that’s not easy. Your neck feels stiff and stiff after sleeping and it downright hurts when you move your head.

Neck pain due to wrong pillow or mattress

Pain in your neck can have different causes and can also be due to a wrong pillow or mattress. But how do you choose the best pillow and mattress if you are prone to neck complaints?

Sleep with or without a pillow

Sleeping without a pillow is really a no go. When you lie on your side without a pillow, your head tilts down, creating a weird kink in your neck that’s the perfect recipe for neck pain when you wake up. The same applies to back sleepers: if you sleep on your back without a pillow, your head will tilt back, which can cause neck problems.

Stomach sleepers often sleep without a pillow, but whether you’re lying on your stomach with or without a pillow, you have to turn your head to breathe, which can cause your neck to bend unnaturally.

The ideal pillow to prevent neck complaints

The ideal pillow is, you guessed it: not too thick and not too thin. It should provide comfort and support your neck well. This means that a back sleeper needs a thinner pillow than a side sleeper, after all, you don’t want your chin on your chest when you sleep. As a side sleeper, you need a somewhat thicker pillow, so that the cavity between your shoulders and your head is filled properly and your neck is optimally supported. Your spine is supposed to be in a straight line when you lie with your head on your pillow.

So first try to figure out how to fall asleep. Are you a back, stomach or side sleeper? That is important information to choose a pillow that really suits you, so that your neck gets the best support when you are sleeping.

The influence of your mattress on neck complaints

Not only your pillow is important, but your mattress can also cause neck problems. We explain here why that is and what you should pay attention to when you buy a new mattress .

Mattress too soft

If you sleep on a mattress that is too soft, your body will sink into the bed. That may sound nice and cozy, but it does cause your spine and shoulders to lie in an awkward curve and your neck can take the brunt of that.

Hole in your mattress

You can also suffer from this if your bed has such an old mattress in which you have slept in a hole. Because of such a hole in your mattress, your back is not straight, and your neck is certainly not. You can try to turn your mattress regularly, which will prevent a dip in your mattress, but it might also be time to think about a new mattress.

Too hard

We already mentioned a mattress that is too soft as the cause of neck complaints, but a mattress that is too hard can just as well cause a painful neck. If your shoulders and hips cannot sink into your mattress at all, your spine will be bent upwards, which can cause pain in your neck after sleeping. The firmness of the mattress is therefore extremely important.

Choosing the best mattress for neck pain

But how can you choose the best mattress if you quickly suffer from pain in your neck? A good mattress is made up of different comfort zones. This means that the mattress offers the right support to different parts of your body. Your hips are a bit heavier and that is why it is nice if the mattress offers some extra support in that area. We call that extra support a comfort zone.

With the Stellar mattress you have the best of both worlds in one mattress. The mattress has two hardnesses: a medium side and a medium/hard side. That way you can try out which side gives you the best support. Moreover, this Morningstar mattress is made of the highest quality foam, so you don’t have to worry about dimple formation.

Need personal advice about the best mattress for neck complaints?

Are you still unsure which mattress to buy to prevent neck complaints? Call, email or app today for personal advice.

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Which mattress to buy for neck complaints?

Both a mattress that is too hard and a mattress that is too hard can cause neck problems. Find out which mattress suits you based on your body weight and sleeping position. There are also adjustable hardnesses in a mattress.

What is the best pillow for neck pain?

The size and firmness of your pillow depends on your sleeping position and the distance between your shoulder and your neck when you sleep on your side. An adjustable pillow is therefore quickly the best solution.

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