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5 December 2022

How do you know if you are a morning person or an evening person?

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How do you know if you are a morning person or an evening person?

Partying until the sun comes up is not for everyone. And people who seem to have all the energy in the world in the morning, in contrast to the evening people, get out of bed more easily in the early hours. They are much less active at night. Our society tries to find a middle ground between evening people and morning people, but when are you a type and why?

What is the difference between an evening person and a morning person?

Both getting up early and staying up late are therefore mainly suitable for one of the two types of people. With the early rise for the work or school day, we meet the many morning people, but the evening people can enjoy the nightly parties much longer. If you follow your biological clock, it will soon become clear whether you prefer the morning or the evening.

The reason you are a morning or evening person

In addition to the well-known chronotypes, you can also be neither. But why are some people unable to burn ahead in the morning, while others go to bed early in the evening? About half of your biological clock is hereditary, so there can also be significant differences in families. Your circadian cycle plays an important role in this and follows a rhythm of about 24 hours. This lasts a little longer for evening people, sometimes up to an hour a day. Night ravens like this will want to go to bed later and later. Fortunately, the biological clock also responds to temperature and light, so that the rhythm of the moths also remains more in line. By the way, children are real morning types, and teenagers suddenly turn into night owls. After thirty you become more and more of an early bird.

What is an Evening Person?

20% of people are the evening type. You can recognize them by their morning mood and high productivity as the amount of daylight decreases. They love caffeine and often alcohol and nicotine also go in like a cake. Due to the many snoozes, they have little time for a good breakfast. In terms of relationships, the night owls are happier. For women, the chronotype does not matter, most of them prefer to have sex in the evening. For men, this only applies to night owls. They are therefore a lot more active in this. The moth is also more cozy in the evening and, especially in the evening, a lot more creative and spontaneous. In terms of education, the night owls score lower, but they do earn more than the early risers who did appear fresh and fruity at the lecture halls.

Characteristics of a morning person

A morning person is active and creative at dawn and is almost never in a morning mood. They take the time for breakfast and coffee is not necessarily necessary. Alcohol and cigarettes are also more often a far from their bed show. Male morning types in particular have a more difficult relationship. They like to have sex in the morning, but women and evening types don’t. The performance of a lovemaking upon waking up is a lot better for them and they are a lot more loyal to their partner. In the evening they mainly think about what needs to be done the next day and plan a lot, including their expenses. Because they have less trouble getting to classes on time, they are often more successful academically, but the night owls do earn more on average.

How to make getting up early as an evening person easier

Getting up early as an evening person can be quite a challenge, especially since falling asleep has to take place at an unnatural time for you. A Morningstar mattress can help you fall asleep faster, as well as limiting the light (from screens) in the evenings. When getting up, a daylight lamp can ease the suffering of the alarm clock.

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What is a morning person?

The morning type is especially active when the day is just starting. They have time to have an extensive breakfast and are not bothered by a morning mood. On a relational level, it can be a challenge to live with a night owl.

What is an Evening Person?

The evening type prefers to continue until the wee hours. In the morning it's time to snooze and breakfast consists of coffee. On a sexual level, things are going a lot better with these people, although it is a lot of adjusting to the rhythm of this society here and there.

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