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Sweating while sleeping? 8 causes of night sweats!

Why do I sweat in my sleep? When I go to bed, it is a bit chilly, but I still suffer from night sweats. Not a problem in itself, we sweat all day long. Sweating is necessary to regulate our body temperature, it is a built-in ventilator. When your pajamas and sheets get clammy and wet, it’s time to investigate the cause of your night sweats.

What is Night Sweats?

When your body exerts itself or the ambient temperature is too high, your body runs the risk of becoming warmer than it should be. It has to lose that extra heat and that is done by sweating. However, sweating a lot while sleeping is not normal and can have various causes. Sometimes this is due to the environment in which you sleep, but there may also be a medical problem.

Eight causes of night sweats

Excessive sweating while sleeping can be due to various causes. Below we highlight 8, bet that the cause of your night sweats is also included?

1. Warm environment

The ideal temperature of your bedroom is two degrees cooler than the living room. This is about 18 degrees. Your body needs to cool down a bit to get a good night’s sleep. If it is too hot, your body will take care of it by sweating. Read more about the perfect temperature to sleep with.

2. Warm nightwear

Nightwear or bedding that is too warm also prevents your body temperature from dropping. Incidentally, it is advisable to sleep naked anyway, so this cause of night sweats is easy to solve.

3. Mattress material

Your mattress also plays a role in excessive sweating. Some mattresses have difficulty dissipating the heat and you sweat. A Morningstar mattress is breathable and ensures that you do not wake up drenched in sweat.

4. Exercise before sleeping

Those who exert themselves get warm. That heat has to get out to sleep well, so sweat it out!

5. Night sweats due to stress and anxiety

Even when you are stressed or scared, your body uses a lot of energy. Your muscles tense, ready to fight or flee. It certainly shouldn’t think about sleeping, and it doesn’t get any easier in terms of temperature either. Do you suffer from a lot of stress and does this effect your sleep? Read our 4 tips to reduce stress.

6. Medicines

Night sweats are a well-known side effect of various medicines. Think of antidepressants or fever-reducing drugs such as paracetamol and aspirin.

7. sleep apnea

Stopping breathing while sleeping, called sleep apnea, can also cause you to sweat excessively. This is because breathing requires much more energy than normal.

8. Night sweats due to menopause and hormones

Those who are familiar with the menopause are also familiar with the accompanying hot flashes. And they don’t stick to your day and night rhythm. A nocturnal hot flash guarantees a lot of sweat.

What can you do about night sweats?

Many causes of night sweats are easy to solve. Make sure your body can dissipate the heat by sleeping with as little clothing as possible under bedding made of natural materials. Of course you make sure that your bedroom is nice and cool. The sweat that you produce can be drained by a good mattress, such as the Morningstar Stellar mattress. Before bedtime, relax your body and don’t eat too heavy and too spicy. If the sweating is caused by sleep apnea, menopause, medication or stress, you may want to consult a doctor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Night Sweats?

Night sweats happen to everyone, because you sweat all day long. At night this can be a problem when your body cannot cool down enough. As a result, you can wake up under clammy bedding at the most bizarre times.

What can I do about night sweats?

A lot of sweating while sleeping can be prevented by properly regulating the temperature. Make sure your bedroom is cool and that your body can cool down properly under your bedding and in your nightwear. If the sweating has a medical cause, it is best to consult a doctor.


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