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6 July 2024

Tencel: The ideal material for mattresses and pillows

6 min reading
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Tencel: The ideal material for mattresses and pillows

Tencel: The ideal material for mattresses and pillows. A comfortable and healthy sleeping environment is essential for a good night’s sleep. Tencel, a relatively new material in the world of bedding, is central to this quest for comfort and sustainability. In this blog we explore what exactly Tencel is, why it is ideal for both mattresses and pillows, and how it differs from other materials.

What is Tencel?

Tencel is the trade name for lyocell, a sustainably produced fiber derived from the wood pulp of trees such as eucalyptus. The production process, known as the closed loop system, is remarkably environmentally friendly because it almost completely reuses water and solvents. Tencel fibers are not only soft and strong, similar to silk, but also provide a natural soothing effect that reduces irritation, ideal for those with sensitive skin. These fibers are also biodegradable and offer excellent moisture-absorbing properties, making them a hygienic choice for bedding as they limit the growth of bacteria and the formation of unpleasant odors.

Benefits of Tencel for mattresses and pillows

Tencel has been in the spotlight for the numerous benefits it offers, making it a superior choice for both mattresses and pillows. This natural fiber combines sustainability with comfort and has properties that contribute to both better sleep quality and a reduced environmental impact. In the following sections we explore the specific benefits of Tencel, from its exceptional moisture management to its hypoallergenic properties, which together ensure an optimal sleeping environment.

Breathable and moisture regulating:

Tencel is known for its excellent moisture management and breathability. The material helps wick away moisture and provides a cool and dry sleeping surface, ideal for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Soft and comfortable:

Tencel’s fibers are softer than silk, cooler than linen and more comfortable than cotton, providing an exceptionally soft and pleasant touch comparable to that of the finest natural fabrics.

Hypoallergenic and hygienic:

Thanks to the smooth fiber structure of Tencel, the material is hypoallergenic and excellent for people with allergies or sensitive skin. The natural management of moisture also makes Tencel less attractive to bacterial growth.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly:

Tencel’s production methods ensure minimal impact on the environment, with lower water and energy requirements and fewer harmful emissions compared to other fibers such as cotton.

Disadvantages of Tencel for mattresses and pillows

Is Tencel perfect for mattresses and pillows in every way? Unfortunately that is not the case. Here are some disadvantages of Tencel.

Washing restriction:

Few people know this, but Tencel should not actually be washed above 40 degrees. This destroys the fibers. And there are no exceptions to this! Some mattress manufacturers do say that their Tencel cover can be washed at 60 degrees, but this is incorrect and something consumers should pay close attention to. You are being tricked. Such claims are often made because sellers know that people love Tencel, but also like to wash it warm. So it is a matter of ticking off so-called ‘unique selling points’. We at Morningstar Sleeps do not participate in this. It is better to wash Tencel at a maximum of 40 degrees and this is also how we indicate it for the Stellar mattress.


Tencel can be more expensive compared to other textiles such as cotton. The advanced and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes required to make Tencel contribute to the higher price. For that reason, mattresses or pillows with Tencel are often a bit more expensive.

Use of Tencel in Mattresses

Tencel is a popular choice for mattress covers because of its softness, breathability and moisture management properties. Tencel’s unique fiber structure helps to effectively wick away moisture, resulting in a drier and more comfortable sleeping environment. This is especially beneficial for people who sweat a lot at night. Additionally, Tencel’s soft surface contributes to a smooth and luxurious feel, similar to that of silk, but with the durability and strength of more conventional materials. Mattress brands such as Matt Sleeps, Auping, Swiss sense and Morningstar Sleeps have integrated Tencel into their product lines, not only because of its comfort benefits, but also because it is a more sustainable choice that has less impact on the environment. Tencel is often combined with other fibers to improve the overall resilience and durability of the mattress. Please note that Tencel cannot be washed above 40 degrees. Some brands such as Matt Sleeps claim that their covers can be washed at 60 degrees, while this is absolutely not the case.

Use of Tencel in Cushions

In pillows, Tencel offers similar benefits as in mattresses, with extra emphasis on hygiene and comfort. The fibers are naturally hypoallergenic, making Tencel pillows ideal for people with allergies or sensitive skin. The moisture-regulating properties also help to limit the growth of bacteria and dust mites, which further promotes the hygiene of the sleeping surface. The softness of Tencel provides an extra layer of comfort, gently supporting the head while the elasticity of the material contributes to the lifespan of the pillow. Just like with mattresses, manufacturers such as Auping choose Tencel in their pillows because of this unique combination of comfort, sustainability and environmental friendliness.


Tencel offers numerous advantages that distinguish it from other materials. Thanks to its origins from sustainably managed forests and an environmentally friendly production process, Tencel not only symbolizes sustainability, but also offers concrete benefits for sleeping comfort. The fibers are exceptionally soft, breathable and moisture-regulating, which helps keep your sleeping environment cool and dry. Additionally, Tencel products are hypoallergenic and promote a hygienic sleeping environment, ideal for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Given these benefits, we encourage you to consider Tencel products when looking for new mattresses or pillows. By choosing Tencel you not only contribute to a better night’s sleep, but you also support more sustainable and environmentally friendly production practices. Find out more about our range of Tencel products and how they can transform your sleep by visiting our website. Take the step towards a healthier, more comfortable night’s sleep with Tencel today!

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What makes Tencel different from other materials for mattresses and pillows?

Tencel stands out for its environmentally friendly production process and exceptional properties that improve your sleeping experience. The material comes from sustainably managed forests and is produced via a closed loop system in which water and solvents are reused. This not only makes Tencel better for the environment, but it also offers benefits such as moisture management, breathability and hypoallergenic properties that help keep your sleeping environment comfortable, dry and hygienic.

How do I ensure that my Tencel mattress or pillow lasts a long time?

To maintain your Tencel products, it is important to follow the washing instructions carefully. Tencel should not be washed at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius to preserve the integrity of the fibers. We recommend washing Tencel products with a mild detergent and on a gentle cycle. It is also advisable to allow Tencel items to air dry and avoid exposing them to excessive temperatures during drying, such as in a tumble dryer.

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