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The difference between memory foam and Serene foam.

Memory foam is a unique material, originally developed by NASA for space applications. It is known for its ability to respond to body heat and mold to the contours of the body, providing optimal support and a reduction in pressure points. Serene foam is an advanced version of this, which retains the advantages of memory foam, but eliminates some disadvantages. Read on for more information.

The function of memory foam

Memory foam, originally developed by NASA, is a revolutionary material in the world of sleep comfort. This type of foam is specially designed to mold to the body and thus reduce pressure points. This promotes the feeling of comfort and that the mattress actually fits your body. In addition, it is good for the flow.


  • Pressure relief: Memory foam provides excellent pressure point relief, enhancing the feeling of comfort and encouraging circulation.
  • Adaptation to body shapes: It adapts to the shape of the body. For this reason, a mattress with memory foam can more quickly give the impression that this is a suitable mattress for your body weight, build and sleeping position..


  • Heat retention: Memory foam can retain heat, which can sometimes lead to uncomfortably hot sleeping. This material is therefore less suitable for people who get hot quickly.
  • Response time: The material may take a few seconds to return to its original shape after changing position. So you may feel like you have to ‘fight’ a little more against the mattress when you want to change sleeping positions.

What is Serene foam?

Serene Foam represents a newer innovation in foam technology, designed to overcome some of the limitations of traditional foams. It is generally seen as an improved version of traditional NASA memory foam. It is less sensitive to temperature changes and offers a more resilient and even weight distribution.


  • Better ventilation: Serene Foam is designed to have better air permeability, resulting in less heat build-up. In addition, Serene foam offers an integrated gel bead technology, which not only stimulates ventilation, but also promotes the direct thermal conductivity of the material. Ventilation and thermal conduction work together and reinforce each other’s effect.
  • Faster recovery: The material recovers faster to its original shape. The feeling of having to ‘fight’ against the mattress when you want to turn over is therefore a lot less. And for people with joint problems, Serene foam therefore offers an ideal alternative to traditional memory foam.


  • Less contouring: Although comfortable, Serene Foam conforms less precisely to the body than traditional memory foam. However, the differences here are not large, so this is probably not a problem for most.
  • Cost: This foam is considered a more high-end version of traditional memory foam. That of course sounds very attractive, but it also comes with a price tag. In general, Serene Foam is somewhat more expensive than traditional memory foam.

Why you sleep better on Serene Foam:

The choice between Serene Foam and memory foam is significant when it comes to sleeping comfort, personal needs and quality. Serene Foam stands out because of some key advantages it offers over conventional memory foam.

Serene Foam is specially designed to retain less heat and provide superior ventilation. This means you stay cooler on hot nights, resulting in a more comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. In addition, the pressure-relieving effect of Serene Foam may not be as strong as traditional memory foam, but the difference is relatively small. This makes it feel just as effective in supporting your body and reducing pressure points.

Although Serene Foam may be slightly more expensive, some mattress sellers offer this advanced foam in mattresses without charging too much. This also applies to the Stellar mattress. This pricing makes Serene Foam an attractive choice for those who invest in long-lasting sleeping comfort without sacrificing quality.

When choosing your next mattress, be sure to consider the benefits of Serene Foam, especially if you’re looking for a mattress that stays cool, provides excellent ventilation, and effectively supports your body throughout the night. While the initial cost may be higher, the investment may be worth it considering the durability and comfort Serene Foam provides.

The best quality Serene foam

Serene foam is a good quality foam but the actual quality may vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific product. It is important to know that not all Serene Foams are created equal; some variants offer superior properties that better suit specific sleep needs. When looking for a mattress with Serene Foam, it is essential to pay attention to things such as density and the quality of the foam. However, many think that density (Kg/M3) is the most important variable for the quality of a foam, but that is not entirely the case. Serene foam with a density of, for example, 40 kg/m3 offers more quality than standard NASA memory foam of 40 kg/m3.

Although Serene Foam mattresses may generally be slightly more expensive than their standard memory foam counterparts, there are mattress retailers that offer competitively priced options. These mattresses often combine Serene Foam with cold foam to both save costs and integrate the benefits of different technologies, offering excellent value for money.

When choosing the best quality Serene Foam, it is advisable to compare mattresses based on customer reviews, warranties and manufacturer reputation. It can also be useful to try out mattresses in the store or take advantage of trial sleep offers to experience the quality and comfort for yourself. This will help you make a well-informed choice that suits your specific comfort needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Serene foam better than standard memory foam?

In most cases, Serene foam can be considered better than standard memory foam. It offers the same advantages but eliminates the main disadvantages. However, standard memory foam is slightly better at shaping to the contours of your body.

Is Serene foam suitable for people who get hot quickly?

One of the problems with NASA memory foam is that it retains heat. Serene foam has been developed, among other things, to solve this problem. So yes, it is more suitable than standard memory foam. That said, there are materials that are even better, but they also don't conform to the body as well as memory foam and Serene foam.


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