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13 January 2023

The impact of sleeping together on your sleep!

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The impact of sleeping together on your sleep!

Is sleeping together with a partner healthier than crawling under the wool alone? And if so, does it necessarily have to be with your partner, or can you also sleep together with a friend to have the same benefits? Since most cohabiting couples sleep in the same bed, it does look like it is at least good for your health and/or relationship. But what if your bed partner sounds like a chainsaw every night or keeps tossing and turning. Is it healthy then, too?

Sleeping together is healthy

Anyone who has ever spent the night with a love partner probably knows how nice it is to wake up the following morning together. Spending the night next to your loved one actually makes you produce less of the stress hormone cortisol. And the less stress, the better you sleep and the healthier that is. But there is also a hormone that is produced more when you sleep together: oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone. This makes you feel safe and secure. You sleep better and experience less anxiety. Less stress and anxiety, more love and a strengthened bond with the person next to you. Sex enhances those effects, but it’s really not necessary for this. And it really doesn’t only work with your partner, sleeping together with a friend is also very healthy!

Sleep together or sleep alone?

Yet sleeping together can also turn out differently. The person in whose arms you dozed so soundly turns out not to be a peaceful sleeper. The duvet gets pulled away from you or your bed partner keeps tossing and turning. Or maybe you are the culprit because you snore? When one person keeps the other awake, it affects their sleep and mood. And the relationship doesn’t improve either. Sleeping apart can then definitely be an option.

Benefits of sleeping together

Less stress

Sleeping together makes you produce less stress hormone. And the more stress, the unhappier you are, so conversely, sleeping with someone in the same bed makes you a little happier every night.

More oxytocin

By lying next to someone you like, you strengthen the emotional bond between you. Whether you cuddle or just lie in the same bed, your brain produces the cuddle hormone oxytocin. This makes you sleep better.

A deeper sleep

Although your body needs to cool down slightly to sleep well, it still needs to be kept at temperature. The person lying next to you can do this, even if there is no physical contact. This helps during deep sleep, which is interrupted up to 10 per cent more often in single sleepers than in couples who do share the bed.

More sex

More sex most people like, and it happens a lot more often when you’re in the same bed anyway. On the other hand, if your partner keeps you awake your sex life doesn’t improve. Then you can choose to sleep separately and meet up before sex. You don’t want to know how many relationships have improved from that.

Tips when you need to get used to sleeping together

If you have slept alone for a long time or need to get used to having someone next to you in bed for some other reason, you can give it some time. If it takes too long, consider getting a bigger bed. Lying a little further apart will make it easier. Also, ideal if one of you tosses and turns a lot.

The best size mattress for sleeping with a partner

You can choose to sleep cozily together on a queen-size bed. But if you just want the space to stretch out once in a while without being bothered by your partner turning around a lot in her sleep, you’re better off with a king-size mattress. Whatever size you are looking for, the Stellar mattress comes in all sizes. In addition, this mattress is currently the best rated mattress on Trustpilot based on experiences of customers who have gone before you. Experience what good sleep means for your life and check out the mattress.

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Is sleeping together healthy?

Sleeping together is heart healthy! At least, if your partner actually lets you sleep. If either one of you snores a lot or tosses the covers around, it may be more pleasant to sleep alone anyway. Both for your sleep and mood and for your relationship.

What are the benefits of sleeping together?

Sleeping together makes you less stressed and anxious. You feel safe and secure and wake up from deep sleep less often. Besides, being in the same bed together is ideal for a great sex life.

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