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29 November 2022

Wash mattress cover? That’s how you do that!

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Wash mattress cover? That’s how you do that!

To protect your mattress against dirt and moisture, you can use a mattress protector and a flannel. A mattress protector lies between your bed base and your mattress, while a flannel is a cover that you put over your mattress and therefore lies between your mattress and fitted sheet. A flannel is often also called a mattress protector. For the sake of clarity, we use the term mattress cover in this article. But how often should you wash such a cover for your mattress?

Why you want to clean a mattress cover

Washing a mattress cover ensures that it is nice and clean again. Your cover works hard every night to trap moisture, dust, dust mites and mold and keep your mattress looking good for longer . But only a clean mattress cover works well against allergies and ensures fewer stains in your mattress. Fortunately, the label tells you whether your copy can be washed in the washing machine, but not how often you should wash your mattress covers. You can use this as a guideline once every two months. Less frequent is sufficient in the guest room, of course, and if you suffer from allergies, every other week is more convenient against the accumulation of house dust mites. It is also advisable to wash your mattress cover if you have just been ill or, for example, spill coffee during breakfast in bed to wash it immediately.

This is how to clean a mattress cover

If your mattress cover can be washed in the washing machine, the label indicates that it is best to do this at a low temperature. To keep it looking good for longer, it is best to wash it with similar fabrics, such as sheets and soft clothes. Washing too hot results in shrunken fibers, and then the cover no longer fits around your mattress. Do not use an aggressive detergent, but choose a mild detergent without fabric softener, because fabric softener can affect your mattress. Set your washing machine to delicate, so that your textiles don’t get damaged. After washing, rinse the cover again to make sure all the detergent is gone. Leftover detergent dries up and can irritate your skin and lead to mold. Before you put the cover back on your mattress, it is important that it is thoroughly dry, otherwise it is a warm bath for fungi and bacteria. Most covers can be put in the dryer but hanging them outside on the clothesline is of course also an option. In addition to washing your mattress cover, it is just as important to wash the rest of the bedding regularly. Read here how often you really have to.

Cleaning a mattress cover that cannot or does not fit in the washing machine

Some covers are not allowed in the washing machine, or simply do not fit. With these covers you can dab the stains with a mild detergent. The upper part of the cover can be hand washed and then air dried. It is also important that your cover is completely dry before you put it back on your mattress.

Can’t get your mattress clean anymore?

Time for a new copy. Mattresses and mattress cover also have a limited lifespan. Stains that no longer come out are a sign of reduced quality. Replacement is then the best option. Don’t worry, at Morningstar we can help you with that, it will save you a lot of hassle. Ask your question easily via the chat function on our website.

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How can I wash my mattress cover?

If your mattress cover is machine washable, you can wash it cold on a gentle cycle. Of course, you can also add other textiles, provided they are soft, so without zippers and hooks. Drying can often be done in the dryer, but a few hours on the clothesline is also possible.

Why should I clean my mattress cover?

A mattress cover protects your mattress against stains and dirt and does this best when it is clean itself. Dust mites and other allergens can also easily accumulate in a mattress cover, which does not benefit the quality of the air in your bedroom. Regular cleaning contributes to a healthier life.

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