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5 December 2022

What time should I go to bed? The best bedtime for adults!

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What time should I go to bed? The best bedtime for adults!

If there’s one thing many kids look forward to, it’s that there’s no such thing as an adult bedtime. However, as an adult you know that what time you go to bed and what time you go to sleep can have a huge impact on your energy levels and concentration. That bedtime is there for both children and adults, but what is the ideal time for you to crawl under the covers?

What time should I go to bed?

Everyone knows that you need enough sleep. This is measured in the length of time and quality of sleep. Smartly thought that with eight hours of sleep you can wake up fresh and fruity, regardless of the time at which you start your night’s sleep. That is not entirely correct, because the time at which you go to sleep affects the quality of your sleep. At set times we have a certain sleep phase and it is precisely how much of a light or deep sleep phase we have that determines its quality. As long as you fall asleep somewhere between eight in the evening and midnight, you should be fine. What time is the best bedtime for you, of course also depends on your biological clock and of course also what time you have to show up at work.

Ideal bedtime changes as you get older

Your bedtime also changes with your age. Where as a young child you are very tired at the beginning of the evening, even if you claim so loudly that you really have no sleep, as a young adult you will only want to close your eyes around midnight. Once you are over thirty you will notice that you want to go back to sleep earlier, something that will stay that way until after you retire. And that’s not bad at all, unless you notice that you get up a few hours later on the weekend than during the week. Because that is another sign that your bedtime is a bit late.

The ideal time to go to sleep

Of course, based on what time your alarm goes off, there is also a perfect bedtime. If you like to get up on the full or half hour, this one might be a little strange. If you like to get up at 12 minutes past 7, a bedtime of 2 minutes before 10 is not that crazy either. Whatever your bedtime, the sleep calculator can give you the perfect advice. Not based on how many hours of sleep you need, but based on your sleep rhythm. The ideal night’s sleep has gone through five to six sleep cycles. These last ninety minutes. And you only sleep after fourteen minutes, hence the crazy bedtimes. Benefit for kids who like to stay up late: If you miss the perfect time, waiting 90 minutes is better than going to sleep halfway through the sleep cycle. Take advantage of it, as a child or as a parent.

Calculate your ideal bedtime yourself

Don’t feel like working with the tow calculator yourself? You can read the ideal bedtime for the five most common wake-up times below. For four to six sleep cycles. Five or six cycles is best, but an occasional short night with four sleep cycles should also be possible.

up time
Five cycles Four cycles
6:00 am 20:46 22:16 23:46
6:30 21:16 22:46 0:16
6:45 21:31 23:01 0:31
7:00 am 21:46 23:16 0:46
7:15 22:01 23:31 1:01


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What time should I sleep?

You should go to sleep when your biological clock tells you to and when you can still go through five or six complete sleep cycles in terms of time. Such a cycle lasts ninety minutes and it takes fourteen minutes to fall asleep. For most adults, this equates to a bedtime between eight in the evening and midnight.

What is the ideal bedtime for adults?

The ideal bedtime for you as an adult depends on your need for sleep and what time your alarm goes off. With the help of the sleep calculator you can calculate your exact bedtime to the minute.

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