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Why do I dream so much? This is the meaning of many dreams!

Dreams are a movie of thoughts and often pleasant in nature. Sometimes they come true, sometimes you’re glad they don’t. Everyone dreams and since everything is possible in your dreams, sometimes the most bizarre things happen. But when do you dream? And, although you often can’t remember them, is a lot of dreaming a sign of a healthy night’s sleep?

Why do I dream so much?

During the day you cannot stop your thoughts, at most shift them to something else. At night it is not much different. Your thoughts go on and, because you are not aware of them, they sometimes take on the wildest forms. You dream to process the events and emotions of the past day. So a lot of dreaming is healthy. At night your thoughts work a little differently than during the day. For example, your dreams are about what is on your mind at that moment, but in a somewhat unrealistic way. And you make it all yourself, so that everything that happens in your dreams can really touch you. You can dream so intensely and violently that you wake up spontaneously. These are often the dreams that you can remember, because most of them are gone as soon as the alarm goes off.

In which sleep phase do you dream a lot

In principle, you can dream in any of the sleep phases. Usually it happens in the REM phase . This is the stage where your body is completely relaxed and your brain is working overtime. The REM phase is essential for a good night’s sleep, it is the phase in which you sleep deeply and really rest. You spend about two hours in that phase each night, so you also dream about two hours a night.

The effect of many dreams on your night’s sleep

The more dreams, the more REM sleep. And it’s super good for you, so actually all that dreaming is good. As long as you don’t wake up during a dream, you won’t be able to remember them very well. As your dreams are more intense and intense, the chance that you will wake up increases, because you sleep less deeply. This disruption of your beauty sleep is of course less desirable. Memories of trips to dreamland are therefore not necessarily bad for your night’s sleep, but waking up a lot from dreams does have a negative effect on recharging your energy.

Why you often wake up tired after many dreams

Hopefully, when you wake up, it’s after a long night of sweet dreams that you don’t remember anything about. If your alarm goes off during your REM sleep, it can make you feel a bit irritated. So if you were just making the world around you better in an exciting dream, you remember that. Not really a nice contribution to your mood. You can also wake up to something other than the alarm clock. A loud noise, the dog jumping on the bed with you, or a child suddenly turning on the light before you know it, startle you awake. Even then you can remember well what you dreamed, if you did it at that moment. However, dreaming waking up is also possible without an external disturbance. Think of nightmares, but also with very intense dreams with positive associations you can suddenly wake up due to their intensity. The more often that happens, the worse your night’s sleep. And precisely because you are less in REM sleep, you wake up tired. Happy to do something about it. By sleeping on a good mattress, you will dream less intensely and wake up less awake. This way you wake up feeling rested. Do you often sleep restlessly? Perhaps our article on restless sleep is also something for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I dream so much?

Everyone dreams, but usually you forget them as soon as you get up. If you wake up during a dream, you will remember them. Whoever dreams a lot, therefore wakes up a lot during a dream.

What is the meaning of many dreams?

This may mean that you sleep restlessly. You only know you were dreaming if you woke up in it. Fine if that's from the alarm clock, but if you don't sleep deep enough you will also wake up a lot during your dreams. Good sleep hygiene can remedy this.


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