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Morningstar Sleeps - Refurbished mattress

Refurbished mattress.

Sustainable solution for used mattresses

A second-hand mattress might not be your first thought. But, much like buying a refurbished iPhone, acquiring a refurbished mattress is no longer taboo. Many compelling reasons make purchasing a refurbished mattress a brilliant idea. Sometimes mattresses are returned to the manufacturer as quickly as a pair of shoes, merely because they weren’t to the customer’s liking. This means the mattress is of no lesser quality and has hardly been used.


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What is a refurbished mattress?

An environmentally friendly sleeping solution

At Morningstar Sleeps, customers who purchase a mattress have a 100-night sleep trial period. This means that anyone who decides within this trial period that the mattress does not suit his/her sleeping needs has the option to return this mattress free of charge. These mattresses are then collected from the customer’s home and then returned to our warehouse. The mattresses are cleaned here and, if necessary, the mattress cover is replaced. They are then offered as a refurbished mattress. Such a refurbished mattress has a maximum of 100 nights of use, but usually a maximum of 40 nights of use and is therefore still in excellent condition! This means that the quality of your night’s sleep is exactly the same as on a brand new mattress. “The Stellar mattress still remains the best-rated mattress in the Netherlands. Discover why for yourself: View the mattress

Morningstar Sleeps - Refurbished mattress

A (second-hand) mattress deserves a second chance.

Nothing has to be lost

A refurbished mattress has been thoroughly cleaned and offers the same sleeping comfort as a new mattress. That’s why these mattresses deserve a second chance! Obviously, such a mattress can no longer be sold for the same amount and that of course offers a lot of possibilities. These second-hand mattresses are therefore ideal for the entrepreneurs among us who offer their holiday homes on AirBNB and therefore do not care that someone has slept on a mattress. But of course, such a second-hand mattress also offers people with a smaller budget the opportunity to experience the top quality of the Morningstar Stellar mattress, but for a small price.

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Why you want to choose a refurbished mattress.

Same quality, lower price

By buying a second-hand mattress you also contribute to a cleaner world. As humans, we have never consumed as much as in recent years and that does not go unnoticed. The world is getting warmer! That is why it is extra important that products, especially mattresses, are not simply thrown away. Just keep that in mind if you’re unsure about buying a second-hand mattress from Morningstar Sleeps.

Returned mattresses are of course not simply resold. They are first thoroughly cleaned and if necessary the mattress cover is replaced. If there are stains in the foam that cannot be removed from the mattress, this will be clearly stated when the mattress is sold.

Due to the inspection carried out, the mattresses that are offered as refurbished mattresses are of exactly the same quality as a new mattress. However, these mattresses are simply a lot cheaper!

Buy a secondhand mattress?

Free delivery

Ready to put an end to poor sleep? Order the Stellar mattress today with the assurance of a 100-day sleep trial. Waking up radiantly starts with Morningstar Sleeps!

Frequently Asked Questions.

A refurbished mattress at Morningstar Sleeps is still the top rated mattress on the Internet, only it gets a second chance! And why not? It has been used for up to 100 days and has been thoroughly cleaned.

Because a used mattress at Morningstar Sleeps has been used for up to 100 nights and is therefore just as good quality as a new mattress. The Stellar mattress simply remains the best rated mattress on the internet!


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