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Morningstar Stellar matras.

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The Morningstar Stellar mattress is our all-in-one solution, suitable for every body type. The perfect combination of support and comfort, anti-allergenic, breathable, temperature and moisture regulating, natural materials of the highest quality and a solid silky cover. Without a doubt, this 25 cm mattress is the best choice for anyone who wants an all-encompassing mattress where every detail has been thought of. The luxury your body deserves!

MorningStar Astro matras.

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The Astro mattress is our adaptable solution. This 18 cm thick mattress offers various options in terms of firmness and, in combination with our topper, is the ideal option to adjust both sides of the bed to the person who sleeps there.

Morningstar bedframe Bela.

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Elegant, sturdy and solid. Bedframe Bela shows a unique design in which wood and steel compliment each other.

Morningstar bedframe Forta.

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Pure, robust and high quality. A custom-made bed with a construction that gives the impression of floating in space.

MorningStar topper Aero.

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This 6 cm thick topper is the icing on the cake when it comes to sleep comfort. It is a layer that is purely focused on comfort and makes you feel like you are lying on a cloud. Also, this topper is ideal to add when you want to sleep softer or close the gap between 2 mattresses.


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