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2 July 2024

Looking to buy cooling bedding? Here are the best options!

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Looking to buy cooling bedding? Here are the best options!

If you tend to get hot while sleeping, you know the frustration of tossing and turning in bed. Fortunately, the right cooling bedding can provide relief. But what exactly is cooling bedding, and which materials ensure a refreshing night’s sleep? Read on to discover the best options for staying cool in bed!

What is the Coolest Bedding?

Cooling bedding is specially designed to keep you cool during warm nights. Even in the Netherlands, where the weather can be quite mild, this extra cooling in the bedroom can be beneficial. The ideal sleeping temperature is much lower than many people think. Research shows that these lower temperatures can even help improve deep sleep.

Cool bedding is made from breathable and moisture-wicking materials. Heat and moisture are more effectively and quickly dissipated, which reduces sweating and helps to better regulate your body temperature.

Cooling Duvets

Cooling duvets are often filled with light, breathable materials such as cotton or bamboo. These materials dissipate heat better than most synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester, reducing the risk of overheating during sleep. Sometimes, special technologies are used to make cooling duvets even more effective.

→ Did you know that about 80% of your bed temperature is determined by your duvet? Cooling duvets are more important for hot sleepers than you might think!

Cooling Pillows

With a cooling pillow, you can literally keep a cool head while sleeping. These pillows often have a gel or foam filling that effectively dissipates heat. It is also advisable to use a breathable pillowcase, which enhances the ventilating properties of a cooling pillow.

Cooling Fitted Sheets

A cooling fitted sheet helps keep the mattress cool and adds extra comfort. Fitted sheets made from breathable fabrics like cotton or Tencel help keep your mattress cool and create a comfortable sleeping environment.

Cooling Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors not only protect your mattress but can also contribute to a cooler sleeping surface. Cooling mattress protectors are often made from materials that ventilate well and absorb moisture, helping to keep your mattress dry and cool.

Cooling Mattress Toppers

A cooling mattress topper can provide a fresher sleeping surface. These toppers are often made from special breathable foams or contain cooling gel beads. A breathable cover, such as the beechwood fiber cover of our Aero topper, can also enhance heat dissipation.

Cooling Mattresses

Finally, cooling mattresses are also available. These mattresses contain breathable materials like Hypersoft Naturalis Foam, which ensure good heat dissipation.

Thanks to special techniques, a mattress can be equipped with extra cooling properties. For example, the Serene Foam layer in our Stellar Mattress has an extra cooling effect due to the addition of gel beads.

Best Cooling Materials

When looking for cooling bedding, the materials used are an important consideration.

1. Cotton

Cotton is one of the most popular materials for bedding because of its breathability and soft texture. It is a natural material that allows air to circulate and absorbs moisture, helping to keep you cool and dry during warm nights.

2. Linen

Linen is often worn in the summer for a reason. It is extremely breathable and has a natural texture that promotes air circulation. Additionally, the fabric is moisture-absorbing and quick-drying, making it an excellent choice for cooling bedding.

3. Tencel

Tencel is a natural material made from wood pulp. It not only feels soft but also has excellent moisture-wicking properties. Moreover, the fabric is environmentally friendly, making it a sustainable choice for bedding. Due to its favorable properties, we also use this material in our Morningstar Topper.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo is also an excellent material for cooling bedding. It is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture-regulating. Bamboo fibers create a soft and cool sleeping surface, perfect for warm nights. Always check the bamboo content in a product, as it can sometimes be used more as a marketing term with only a small percentage of actual bamboo.


Choosing the right cooling bedding not only increases sleep comfort but can also improve sleep quality and enhance deep sleep. If you are a hot sleeper or tend to sweat at night, cooling bedding could be the solution!

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What is cooling bedding?

Cooling bedding is designed to keep you cool during warm nights. It uses breathable and moisture-wicking materials like cotton, linen, Tencel, and bamboo to dissipate heat and regulate your body temperature, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

What is the coolest bedding?

The coolest bedding is made from breathable materials such as cotton, bamboo, Tencel, or special gel beads. These fabrics have good breathability and moisture-wicking properties. By effectively dissipating heat, they ensure a cool, comfortable night’s rest.

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