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Do you sleep poorly during the menopause? The influence of the menopause on your sleep!

As a woman going through the menopause you are all too familiar with it: a sleeping problem during the menopause. During the transition, poor sleep is part of it, because your body is so busy. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The effect of the transition on your sleep

Insomnia is also called insomnia and is not being able to fall asleep well and/or not being able to sleep well. About half of women experience it during the menopause, but insomnia is not something that is typical of the menopause. Insomnia is therefore not directly due to the changing hormone levels, but all in all it is understandable that the menopause and poor sleep go hand in hand for so many women. With all that lying awake and napping you get up broken, you eat even more during the day and it becomes even more difficult to fall asleep that evening. Fortunately, this vicious circle can be broken, precisely because it is not directly due to your changing hormone balance.

This is why you don’t sleep well during menopause

Hormonal things happen in your body during menopause. Magnesium is very important in maintaining strong bones, an energetic feeling and in the production of hormones. The mineral to certainly get enough during your menopause. A magnesium deficiency increases the risk of discomfort during the menopause.

You are used to the fact that as a woman your hormones fluctuate, but now in the transition they happily ride the roller coaster. And yes, they want another ride! That rollercoaster makes you more sensitive to stress, for example. Stress can already be caused by small events, and have a huge impact on your sleep. And thank you, Mother Nature.

Hot flashes and night sweats cause sleep problems

The raging hormones do not have a direct influence on insomnia, but they do indirectly. Just think of the hot flashes and night sweats that are caused by this. And if you wake up in the middle of the night sweating so much that you have to change your clothes and…need to change bedding to be able to doze off again at all, you wake up a lot less rested the next morning. And to think that this can happen a few times every night. Time for some sleeping tips!

Sleep tips to sleep better during the menopause

You sleep better in a cool room. So ventilate well.

It is best to sleep when you are relaxed. You can help this by writing off worrying thoughts before going to sleep. Pen and paper next to your bed also help. Alcohol and caffeine, especially in combination with hot flashes, are also not recommended in the evening. And an hour before bedtime no more blue light, so screens off.

You can use that last hour for your sleeping ritual. Take a shower, put on your pajamas, brush your teeth and relax with a book. Especially if you have been outside a lot during the day, this helps you enormously to sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I sleep badly during menopause?

During the menopause you sleep poorly because your hormone levels change. These indirectly affect your sensitivity to stress. They also cause night sweats and hot flashes, which can keep you awake.

How can I sleep better during menopause?

You sleep better during the menopause in a cool, ventilated room. You go to sleep when you are relaxed and free of stimuli (caffeine, blue light). A regular bedtime ritual every night helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better.


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