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Eating before bed? What to eat and what not to eat before going to sleep!

Are you about to go to bed, but your stomach is still rumbling? Still, going to the refrigerator or taking a look in the snack drawer for a late night snack is something we’re probably all guilty of from time to time. But what you snack on can have a major impact on your night’s sleep. So read on to find out what you should and shouldn’t eat before going to sleep.

The influence of food on your sleep

There is a relationship between nutrition and sleep. For example, there are certain substances in food that stimulate the production of melatonin and are therefore beneficial for your sleep. But there are also things that you should not eat or drink just before going to sleep. Some substances actually make it difficult in sleep fall . Take caffeine or sugar, for example. Almost everyone knows that drinking coffee or eating a bag of sweets before going to bed is not a smart choice. Conversely, as small children, many of us would have been given a cup of warm milk if we couldn’t sleep. How you sleep depends largely on what and how much you eat before going to sleep. Because not only do certain substances keep you awake, but eating too much can also be negative.

Why eating too much before bed is bad for your sleep

During your night’s sleep, your metabolism works a lot slower than during the day. This makes your food digest a lot slower. Logically, you want your body to relax to sleep well. Eating too much before sleeping is therefore at odds with this. Your body will have to work hard to digest the food. This can make it difficult for you to fall asleep or disrupt your sleep cycle, causing you to sleep less deeply or wake up yourself. So there is a connection between the amount of food you consume and the time before you go to sleep. This is underlined by a study published by clocks & sleeps.

You can eat this before going to sleep

But can I no longer eat anything before going to sleep? Fortunately, there are certain nutrients you can eat before going to sleep. In fact, your body even needs the necessary energy to process the stimuli of the day while you sleep. According to a study published on Sleep Foundation, an average person “roughly estimated” burns around 50 kcal per hour while sleeping. This means that going to bed on an empty stomach is not a smart idea. For the perfect night’s sleep, do not eat too much and not just before going to sleep. But when you eat, eat mainly easily digestible foods and foods that help produce the sleep hormone Melatonin. Think of walnuts and almonds. But yogurt, bananas and tuna also contain a lot of tryptophan, a building block that helps your body produce melatonin.

Which foods to avoid before going to sleep

Keep the fat snack tasty for Friday afternoon drinks, and that bag of chips won’t spoil in the cupboard tonight. Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, cola or black tea. And, very surprisingly, it is also better to avoid energy drinks in the evening. In short: fat, sugar and substances such as caffeine do not help you sleep better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should you not eat before going to sleep?

Not too much, not too fat, preferably with less protein. No alcohol, no caffeine. In fact, everything that most people think is tasty and easy can negatively affect your night's sleep.

What is the best thing to eat before going to sleep?

Light products such as fruit or a bowl of raw vegetables with hummus. Especially useful if you choose foods with tryptophan (bananas, cheese, tuna) or melatonin (walnuts, almonds), which help you fall asleep faster.


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