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How do you fall asleep quickly? Tips to fall asleep in 5 minutes!

How do you fall asleep quickly? The question everyone asks themselves who have something important to do tomorrow and can’t manage to fall asleep. There’s nothing worse than knowing you need to sleep, but you just can’t. Of course you want to wake up rested for that important presentation or the flight to your holiday destination. Ideally you want to sleep within 5 minutes, but perhaps it is precisely that thought that ensures that it does not work! We have at least 5 tips that will help you fall asleep.

Fall asleep fast

How nice it would be! You go to bed and fall asleep in moments. Unfortunately, for many people it is quite a job to fall asleep. And often the reason for insomnia is related to the frustration that it won’t work. So it will only get worse. Thoughts run through your head and you can’t control them. To sleep better, you can try the following things.

1. Fixed sleeping rhythm

Have a regular sleep schedule! Try to go to and from bed at the same time every day. With this you train your brain to recognize when it is time to sleep and you automatically get tired at the right times. You will sleep better and deeper, so that body and mind also recover better during the entire sleep cycle. Do you go to sleep at irregular times? Then the chance that your body will protest not to fall asleep at that time is high. Your body is not used to this and therefore wants to stay alert. So if you want to restore your sleep rhythm, make sure you have regular times and try to stick to it.

2. Remove screens and blue light

We won’t be the first to say this to you, but make sure you don’t look at a screen right before you go to sleep. Phone screens and devices like your laptop or tablet emit blue light, which your brain associates with daylight. This gives your body the feeling that it has to stay awake, so that you fall asleep less quickly. Now most phones nowadays have a night function, which makes the blue light less intense and a warmer light comes from your phone. Despite this great function, using your phone or other screens is strongly discouraged if you want to fall asleep quickly. The impressions of what you are doing on those screens also keep your brain active. Try to stop using screens an hour before going to sleep.

3. Meditation Before Sleeping

For those who have never tried this and are looking for the solution to fall asleep quickly. Go meditate! This really helps to relax and to give all the restless thoughts of the day a place in your brain. You can find many guided meditations on Youtube, where a voice tells you what to do to relax. Make sure you have a quiet environment without distraction from unexpected noises and take some time for yourself. If you find a guided meditation annoying, you can also concentrate on your breathing with only relaxing music or without sound. If you really only keep your thoughts on your breathing and breathe deeply in and out, you will automatically relax. An empty head falls asleep faster and sleeps longer.

4. Breathing exercises with the 4-7-8 method

An age-old method to lower your heart rate and thereby calm your body and mind. The 4-7-8 method works great if you worry a lot or suffer from stress. Let this often be the cause of difficulty falling asleep. It is a breathing exercise where you inhale very deeply for 4 seconds, then hold the breath in for 7 seconds and then exhale for 8 seconds. If you are doing this for the first time, it is recommended to repeat the exercise 4 times. Do this just before going to sleep to fall asleep quickly or during the day if you are experiencing a moment of stress. You can perform the exercise lying down or sitting. This makes it possible to perform the exercise anywhere and anytime.

5. Reading Before Bedtime

Our last tip is to read a book before going to sleep. In addition to improving your reading skills and your concentration, reading a book that is not too difficult also provides relaxation. It helps you let go of the restless thoughts of the day. This will help you fall asleep faster! There are also people who find reading a book itself very tiring. All the more reason to do this before going to sleep, especially if you have trouble falling asleep!

Need advice or more information about sleeping?

In addition to the 5 tips that ensure that you fall asleep faster, purchasing a good and comfortable mattress can also have an effect if you want to fall asleep faster. Morningstar Sleeps has 2 mattresses that both support the body where necessary and are also very comfortable. Not sure whether a new mattress is the solution for you to fall asleep quickly? You can try the mattresses for free for 100 nights. If you don’t like it, we will collect the mattress from your home. The atmosphere in your room can also make a big difference to your peace of mind. Therefore, also look at the layout of your bedroom and whether it is to your liking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fall asleep faster?

There are several things you can try. First of all, don't look at screens right before you go to sleep and rest your brain. Use breathing exercises or other forms of meditation to encourage this. Or read a book. But what is especially good, make sure you have a regular sleep rhythm.

What's the fastest way to fall asleep?

A good tap with a frying pan. But we don't recommend that! We also disregard narcotics for the moment. What works fastest naturally can be different for everyone, but the best methods have one thing in common. They stimulate mental peace. So a good meditation or breathing exercise will be the quickest way for many.

How do you fall asleep in 5 minutes?

Create rhythm in your life. Go to bed at set times and get up at set times. Don't do things that require you to process a lot of information just before going to sleep and avoid screens.


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