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Help my bed creaks! What to do about a creaky bed?

Whether you have a positive or negative experience with a creaky bed is of course situation dependent. Hopefully you were performing well and the creacking was the result of the good effort you… put in. However, most experiences are negative. People who lie awake all night because their bed makes a noise with every movement, or because the neighbors also happen to like to make their bed performance audible. Through this article you will know why a bed creaks and what you can do to get rid of a creaky bed. And if you are looking for more solutions to help you sleep better, even with the noise of creaks. Read the following artical about the influence of a good mattress.

Why does a bed creak

If you want to get rid of a creaky bed, it is of course important to know why a bed creaks. Beds that creak and squeak often suffer from wear or deformation of the bed frame or there is simply a loose bolt or nut. At its core, moving parts against other parts means that sound can come from them.

Wooden bed that creaks

Do you have a wooden bed and it creaks? Then there is a good chance that this is because the wood has started to work. Every material shrinks and expands under the influence of humidity and/or temperature. Wood is one of the most extreme in that regard. This can cause the wood to split. The cracks that have formed may squeak with movement. In addition to cracks in the wood, it can also happen that the construction no longer connects well (mainly in the corners) due to deformation of the wood. The friction of the two different construction parts can then cause a bed to creak. What is important when choosing a wooden bed is that it is made of high quality dried wood and that it has been provided with a finishing layer or coating. If it meets these properties, the chance of squeaking and cracking is a lot smaller.

Metal bed that creaks

With a metal bed that creaks or squeaks, the cause is almost always in the connectors. Bolts or nuts can become looser over time due to movement of the bed, so that parts no longer connect properly. The play that arises in the construction is what causes it to squeak or creak. It can also be due to the properties of the construction or of the steel itself. Some steels are less strong than others, causing movement and play to occur more quickly. The squeaking or creaking sound of metal can be really annoying, so fixing it quickly is not a superfluous luxury.

Fix a creaky bed

There is almost nothing more annoying than being woken up by the creaking of your bed or that of the neighbours! That is why we have a number of handy tips that help against a creaky bed.

Method 1: Tighten bed screws firmly

The most obvious tip we can give when dealing with a creaky bed is to simply tighten the screws and bolts to make sure the corners of the bed frame fit together securely. So go through everything and tighten everything properly.

Method 2: Apply oil or Vaseline to the places where the bed creaks

Is tightening the screws not enough to fix the creaking of your bed? Then you will have to accept that there will be play/movement in the parts. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up. The next step you can take is to coat the areas that are cracking with petroleum jelly or lube oil. This changes the way the parts rub against each other. This may simply mean that the squeaking or creaking will go away completely!

Method 3: Thick piece of paper or cardboard between the joint

We now know that creaks and squeaks usually occur at the corner connections of the bed frame. It can therefore be a solution to put a piece of paper or cardboard between the two connections, so that they connect nicely again (without friction). Is your bed base cracking? This can also be caused by moving the bed base or legs over the floor. The so-called Anti-scratch felt or protective felt has been created for this, but a simple piece of paper or cardboard under the feet can also solve the problem here.

Which beds don’t creak?

The chance that a bed with a solid construction will creak is quite small. Usually really decent beds are a bit more expensive. However, the price difference often pays off. If you go for a wooden bed, which is of course very beautiful and natural, it is an absolute must that it is made of high-quality wood with a low moisture content. If you are going for a box spring, it is important that the inner construction is robust enough to prevent cracking. The disadvantage of a box spring in this case is that you can no longer reach the interior construction afterwards. Keep this in mind when purchasing. It is also important with a box spring that the frame is properly attached to the headboard and that there are sturdy legs underneath.

Need personal advice about a bed that doesn’t squeak?

Are you looking for a wooden bed with a sleek and robust appearance? Then you should definitely take a look at the beds from Morningstar sleeps. These are made of solid dried oak and robust construction steel. So you don’t have to worry about that. The beds are brought to your home and installed. Top it off with a comfortable mattress that perfectly supports the body. Also take a look at the Morningstar Stellar mattress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my bed creaking?

Often because the connecting pieces of the construction overlap and cause friction during movement. Or of course because a bolt or nut is not tightened properly. Finally, the bed may be constructed too lightly. So keep that in mind before you buy a bed.

How come my bed squeaks?

This is often a bolt or nut that is loose, but it can also be the friction between 2 separate construction parts.

How can I fix a creaky bed?

Tighten nuts and bolts well, apply lube oil or vaseline to the creaking parts, or place a piece of paper or cardboard between the creaking joints.


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