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Didn’t sleep well because your neighbor was having a party? Or did you just get out of bed on the wrong foot today? Some people wake up broken almost every day. Pain in hips, neck or back after sleeping is becoming more common and in many cases this is simply due to a bad mattress.

Sleep better with a good mattress

Tired of having trouble falling asleep because you don’t sleep well? And are you tired of waking up with all kinds of aches and pains because you slept in the wrong unnatural position? Your sleep quality is largely determined by the quality of your mattress. It is logical that you sleep better on a good mattress than on a bad mattress. But did you know that a bad mattress can also have very nasty consequences?

Influence of a bad mattress on your night’s sleep

The influence of a bad mattress can be much more than just bad sleep. Sleeping too long on a bad mattress can even cause vertebrae to grow crooked. Is your mattress too soft or too hard, or is your mattress already so worn that it is forming pits? Then your natural posture is no longer supported properly. It is therefore logical that some people wake up with pain complaints.

Consequences of sleeping on a bad mattress

It is now clear that a bad mattress can have serious consequences. Yet it is important to know exactly where the various complaints come from, to know what you can do about it. You have different pressure points of the body on the mattress in different sleeping positions. If these individually are not properly supported, you may suffer from the following complaints.

Back Pain

Most people suffer from back pain on a bad mattress. It is often the lower back that starts to hurt, because the hips sink too far into the mattress or because they don’t get any space at all on a mattress that is too hard. As a result, the spine no longer forms a natural straight line, which can cause pain. For more information, take a look at the best mattress for back pain.

Neck Pain

For the same reason as with back problems, you can suffer from your neck. Namely because the cervical vertebrae do not form a straight line with the rest of your vertebrae. This can be due to a bad mattress, but also due to the wrong pillow. People who sleep on their stomachs always lie with their vertebrae twisted, because you turn your head to be able to breathe. For that reason, stomach sleepers are more likely to experience neck pain.

Shoulder complaints

You have so many shoulders. It is a collection point for muscles and tendons from your neck, back, arms and chest. Do you suffer in any of those points? Chances are you feel the pain in your shoulder. It is therefore important, especially for people who sleep on their side, that the shoulders are given sufficient space in the mattress, without loss of support.

Hip complaints

– Actually applies to pain in your hip after sleeping, the same as for pain in your back after sleeping. The pain is caused by the fact that they sink too deeply into the mattress, which results in a crooked spine. If they receive too much counter pressure, such as with a mattress that is too hard, they will automatically correct. This will make you lie more towards your stomach, for example. It is therefore also important to prevent these complaints that the mattress receives the ideal support.

Headache after sleeping

It can prevent you from having a headache after sleeping. This can of course be caused by a hangover, but it can also be caused by a bad mattress. It often has to do with a wrong position of the neck that can pinch nerves. It can also be because you have a mattress that is too warm and you perspire a lot at night, causing you to suffer from dehydration. Dehydration also causes headaches.

Sleeping Problems

Do you have trouble falling asleep for a long time or do you have trouble staying asleep? That can have several consequences. So read our blog (sleeping problems and causes? Solve it with our tips against sleep problems!). Here you will also read about the positive contribution a good mattress makes to your night’s sleep.

What is a good mattress?

It is no higher math that your sleep quality is improved with a good mattress. A good mattress has different comfort zones, which support each pressure point of the body individually and in the right way. In addition, your sleep quality will improve if a mattress molds nicely to your body, without loss of support. In this way you prevent complaints in the neck, back or hips after sleeping. With the best mattress, your neck and vertebrae lie in a naturally straight line in every position. Unless you sleep on your stomach, this is almost impossible to support properly. A good mattress will also provide excellent ventilation, so that moisture and heat can be removed.

Need personal advice about purchasing a new mattress?

Are you looking for a new mattress to put an end to the nasty pains after sleeping? Morningstar Sleeps mattresses have the perfect comfort zones. As a result, every pressure point of the body is optimally supported and by using the latest techniques, the comfort layers ensure maximum relaxation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a bad mattress do to you?

A bad mattress, in many cases, causes pain in the neck, back and hips, among other things, because it does not support your body in the right way.

What complaints do you have with a bad mattress?

The most common complaints with a bad mattress are complaints in the neck, back or hips after sleeping.

How do you know if your mattress is still good?

Does your mattress have no brown or yellow circles yet and no pitting has occurred yet? If the mattress still provides the right support for your body type and sleeping position, you can assume that your mattress is still good.


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