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30 November 2022

How do you stay awake? 7 tips to stay awake, even after a bad night’s sleep!

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How do you stay awake? 7 tips to stay awake, even after a bad night’s sleep!

Everyone sleeps badly sometimes, and we all know how tired you are the day after. But how can you stay awake during that hard day? The best solution against that low concentration is to sleep well the night after, and therefore to keep your eyes open during the day. Three liters of espresso in it? Not really wise. With a combination of the 7 tips below, you will stay awake enough to fully recover the next night.

Stay awake when you are tired

How do you stay awake for a long time when you are tired? How long can you stay awake without it having unpleasant consequences? Your body naturally indicates that you are tired for a reason, but a night shift or party can ensure that you have to stay awake. Even after a bad night’s sleep, it is a bit difficult to keep your eyes open, while you wanted to close them the night before. In principle, you can go without sleep for 24 hours, and only after a few days do really crazy things start happening to you. Staying awake for a day after a night without sleep is sometimes fine.

How do you stay awake at night

It may also be desirable to stay up at night. A party is less likely to make you sleepy than a boring night shift, but a night without sleep can also be a good idea when traveling to a different time zone. Actually, you have to do the same for this as what you have to leave for a good night’s sleep. So, move a lot, drink coffee, have music around you and dance to make staying awake fun.

The seven ways to stay awake

There is of course a means to stay awake, but it undoubtedly has unpleasant side effects. The tips below are a lot safer and ensure that you can sleep well the next night. Because whatever your reason for staying awake for a long time, make it short-lived. Sleep is indispensable. Therefore, also read how much sleep you really need for a healthy life.

1. Drink a glass of cold water

A cold shower wakes your body up nicely. But drinking a cold glass of water is more feasible in many situations and has about the same effect. Maybe a little less long, but then you just take another one. Staying well hydrated is important anyway. And all that drinking makes you have to go to the toilet, also something that can keep you awake. So, win, win, win!

2. Turn on the lights

During the day we are awake and at night we sleep, because then it is dark. Daylight works wonders to stay awake, but don’t forget the effects of artificial light either. Many people have trouble falling asleep because they stare at a screen too much before sleeping. A bright lamp works wonders to keep you awake, but it is even more effective to go outside. You can move right there.

3. Chew gum with a strong flavor

Chewing keeps your brain active, making it difficult for it to fall asleep. The strong taste lingers for a long time and tricks your digestive system, making you less sleepy.

4. Listening to music to stay awake

Turn on your favorite, uplifting hits and go with the energy. Dance through the room or sing along loudly, of course taking others into account. Switch genres in time, so you don’t fall asleep.

5. Keep moving

When you move, you make energy. Your blood pumps around faster, your brain is fully activated, and you are nice and alert. When you are tired, fanatical sports may be a bit too much, but a walk is fine. With exercise you can easily combine a few tips. Nice outside in daylight, dancing to music, and afterwards quenching your thirst with cold water.

6. Coffee

Because of the caffeine in it, a cup of coffee wakes you up more than that cold glass of water. Too much coffee is also not good, you won’t sleep when you want to. So, stick to no more than two espressos (or another variety) and then continue with water.

7. Afternoon nap

A power nap can certainly help, if the other circumstances allow it, of course. Think of a wonderfully comfortable Morningstar mattress for a nap of less than half an hour and you will be completely refreshed afterwards. Did you know that after just 10 minutes of napping, your concentration already increases?

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How do you stay awake?

Staying awake during the day after a bad night's sleep is easier than it seems. Drink lots of cold water, keep moving and put on some nice music. Preferably go outside for a walk and if possible, an afternoon nap can also do wonders.

How do you stay awake at night?

You stay awake at night by doing what you normally shouldn't do if you want to sleep. Provide sound, movement and light. Feel free to drink a cup of coffee, but no more than two.

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