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Roughly half of the adults suffer from sleeping problems with the most diverse causes. Are you also tired during the day because you couldn’t get to sleep the night before? Many with you miss a deep sleep. The balance between getting tired and resting is so disturbed that you are so tired that you cannot sleep. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to deal with being tired but not being able to sleep. Read on to find out what kind of fatigue you suffer from, follow the tips and tired but not being able to sleep will soon be a thing of the past!

Are you so tired you can’t sleep?

Your body is always busy. You have to breathe, your heart has to pump your blood, your digestion converts your food into energy, all waste products in your body are cleaned up. And all unconsciously. When you experience stress, your body is mainly engaged in fight or flight. A large part of those unconscious processes runs differently, with the result that your night’s sleep is no longer what it should be. Your sleep is divided into four phases, one of which is the deep sleep phase. Here you recover and your body creates new energy. And let it be of lousy quality if you are tired but can’t sleep.

The big difference between fatigue and sleepiness

Fatigue and sleepiness are two different things. Sleepiness is part of your day and night rhythm. Few stimuli come in, you relax and think less. It results in yawning and your eyes get heavier and you fall asleep. Fatigue has nothing to do with your biological rhythm, but is a lack of energy. You’re just getting too many stimuli. You can no longer relax and your head is working overtime. This makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. There are different types of fatigue, each with a specific approach.

Different types of fatigue

Physical fatigue

Anyone who makes a lot of physical effort uses more energy than the body releases at night. It’s okay to take part in a running race, but not without training. This ensures that your muscles build up enough energy to make a solid effort. When your muscles become sour, it is a sign of physical fatigue.

Mental fatigue

When you lie in bed at night and can’t get to sleep because you think about the day, you are mentally tired. This can become a dangerous habit that regularly interferes with your sleep. Your head is too stimulated with thoughts and it is difficult for you to let go, so that you do not relax and do not sleep well.

Emotional fatigue

Emotional fatigue occurs when we experience strong emotions throughout the day. Losing a loved one or being hired at your dream job, everything happens in your brain that causes your hormones to run wild. As a result, you always feel a lot and that wears you out. Once in bed it is difficult to distance yourself from this and before you know it you will be staring at the ceiling all night again.

You can do this yourself to prevent fatigue

  • Give your body the nutrients and rest it needs.
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule.
  • Prepare yourself for sleep by relaxing from stimuli an hour before bedtime.
  • Keep your bedroom tidy, just for sleeping and sex.
  • If necessary, use a weighted blanket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I tired but can't sleep?

Being tired and unable to sleep is because you are overstimulated. This can be physical, mental and emotional. The longer this overload lasts, the harder it is to fall asleep.

What can I do to prevent fatigue?

By removing the surplus of stimuli, you can prevent fatigue in the long term. Don't use your bedroom for other things and keep a regular sleep schedule. Go to sleep in a relaxed state, bet you won't have to count sheep anymore?


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