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Is it better to sleep with the window open or closed?

Sleeping with an open window is something many people like to do. Especially in the summer, when it can cool down nicely at night in the house. In the winter we keep the windows closed more often at night. But what is best for your night’s sleep, and does that apply to every season?

Does an open window help for a good night’s sleep?

The ideal temperature of your bedroom is 2 degrees lower than that of the living room. Although that is different for everyone, on average this amounts to a temperature of 18 degrees in the bedroom. That can be difficult with closed windows. Because although you can turn the heating on or off per room, warm air rises, with the result that the bedroom can be heated unintentionally. An open window in the bedroom can help lower the temperature there, so that you will sleep faster and sleep better. Do you often wake up at night? Then we also recommend that you read the following article. waking up at night? The causes and solutions!

Is sleeping with the window open healthy?

In order to retain the heat and not burn it unnecessarily, especially in winter, we often ventilate the bedroom poorly. A shame, because a well-ventilated sleeping environment is crucial for a healthy night’s sleep. A sleeping area that is well ventilated has fewer house dust mites and significantly reduces the risk of mold formation. And you lie there for about a third of your life. It is precisely because of that fresh air that the bedroom cools down a bit, so that you do not catch a cold or get sick more quickly. However, it is advisable to leave the window ajar, to prevent too much cold and a draft, and thus waking up with a stiff neck.

Sleeping with open windows in summer and winter

In the summer, especially with a heat wave, it is wonderful to sleep with an open window. Nice to cool down the house, but also because it is more difficult to fall asleep in a room that is too warm. So, we do sleep with the open window in the summer, but in the winter? When it’s around freezing outside, that can drop the temperature in your bedroom considerably, but there are very good reasons to leave that bedroom window ajar on a cold winter night.

The benefits of sleeping with the window open

When you sleep with the window open, even just a crack, you enjoy a lot of benefits that you don’t have with the closed window. This way, your night sweat is better drained through the ventilation. And you sweat one or two water glasses every night, so that’s a bonus. The oxygen content of your bedroom also increases due to the supply of fresh air, so that you wake up less often with a headache. In addition, it improves your resistance, and you feel fitter, there are fewer molds and house dust mites, and you sleep deeper, due to the lower amount of CO2, which promotes a rested feeling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of sleeping with an open window?

With a closed window, the bedroom will be more susceptible to mold and dust mites will feel a lot more comfortable in your bed. The supply of fresh air through an open window ensures a better balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide, so that you sleep deeper and get fewer headaches. An open window lowers the temperature slightly, which promotes falling asleep and improves your resistance.

Is it better to sleep with the window closed or the window open?

It is a lot healthier to sleep with the window open than to keep it closed during the night. The ventilation makes you more rested and fitter, lets you sleep faster and deeper and gives less chance of mold and dust mites. This applies to both summer and winter.


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