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Wake up at night? The causes and solution!

Waking up nauseous at night is of course not pleasant. Going to the toilet, maybe something to eat or drink, or put a pill in it. Just take it easy and it often goes away, you can go back to dreamland. It’s a different story when you wake up at night for no apparent reason. Getting back to sleep then seems an impossible task. While it is actually quite normal to wake up at night.

Problems staying asleep

Your sleep consists of a number of phases that together form a sleep cycle . Every night this cycle is reviewed four to five times. You doze off from an awake state. You sleep lightly at first and then deeply. Each cycle ends with REM sleep . This allows your body to recover well and process all the stimuli of the past day. And then you may be awake for a while. Nothing wrong with that if you do it right. If not, you have a problem sleeping through, where you can spend hours studying the unevenness of the ceiling.

This is why you suddenly wake up at night

So it is normal to wake up at night. In fact, before lamps were invented we just took two naps. To bed earlier, because it was dark outside anyway, take a nice nap and somewhere in the middle of the night we woke up. It was still dark so we caressed the one next to us, then doze off for the second sleep. No wonder that the families used to be a lot larger on average. One morning we woke up energetic. Now with all that artificial light it doesn’t really get dark outside anymore and we go to bed later. We want to stitch our first and second sleep together, but our brains do wake up between sleep cycles.

This is how you avoid waking up at night

Waking up at night is not such a problem, but not falling asleep is. If you notice that you are awake, it is best to just lie down comfortably, preferably with your eyes closed. Focus your attention on relaxation, on the warmth of your bed, the darkness around you and on your calm breathing. Possibly you put yourself a little more comfortable under your covers and before you know it you have left for dreamland again. Read more tips to get to sleep more easily here.

Waking up less often with a good mattress

Comfortable sleeping is important. When you are awake you can put your pillow under your head a little more comfortably, possibly change your position. You pull your duvet around your body a little more comfortably and feel the warmth of that pleasant environment. Your bed, mattress, pillow and bedding together make this a safe, familiar environment. Warm and comfortable, starting with a good quality mattress . This pleasant environment will make you wake up less often if your sleep is not yet finished.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I up at night?

It is very normal to wake up during the night. In the past, when our light came from the sun and candles, we even slept twice a night. Staying awake is of course less fun, you don't want to get up the next morning. By focusing on the fact that you can't sleep, you will indeed find the way back to dreamland a lot more difficult.

How do I avoid waking up often during the night?

Waking up at night is very normal, it is pre-programmed in our brains. It can be annoying during this time. By making your bed as comfortable as possible, you will wake up less often during the night, or you will be able to doze back immediately. A comfortable bed consists of a good bed with an excellent quality mattress and lovely warm blankets. If you feel safe and secure in your bed, you will sleep like a baby.


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