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Make your bed every day? Here are the pros and cons of doing this!

Making the bed when your alarm has just gone off… you probably prefer to skip this. There are reasons why you might even benefit from this. Yet this small act has more benefits than you think. Read on to discover how making your bed can potentially change your life.

Why you want to make your bed every day after getting up

In a beautiful speech, (American) Admiral William McRaven explains why he believes making your bed in the morning is of great value. The American quote: If you want to change the world, start your day by making your bed. By making your bed in the morning, you have completed the first task of the day. Completing this task will give you a sense of pride and encourage you to complete the next task(s) of the day. This makes you realize that the little things in life can potentially make a big difference. He adds that if you do have a bad day, at least you come home with a made bed.

There is certainly something to be said for his speech. While there are no studies that directly support his specific claims, related research suggests that small, positive habits like making your bed can contribute to better mental health and well-being. 

Benefits of a made bed

Making your bed may therefore have positive effects on your mental health. Whether or not this is proven, this small act has benefits regardless. We have listed them for you. The last “potential” benefit in this list is an interesting one, so read on.



The benefits from the aforementioned speech are mainly related to discipline. It is not without reason that it is spoken by a former Navy seal and American admiral. But discipline and structure yourself is an absolute advantage in getting the most out of your life. Starting by making your bed is a good start. If you set yourself too many tasks that you may not achieve, there is a chance that you will discourage yourself from continuing with your good intentions.


You sleep better in a made bed

When you come home from a long and hard day, you probably want to go to bed as quickly as possible. Seeing your made bed will undoubtedly give you a good feeling. This feeling could make you go to sleep in a good mood. A study by Sleepopolis even showed that people who make their beds sleep longer.


You have more sex

The same study we talked about above also claims that people who make their beds have more sex. This may be the incentive you needed to get started today. It would even be a turn-off for ⅓ of the people interviewed in this study if their bed partner did not make the bed.


Adverse effects

Making the bed appears to have more than just advantages. There are also several articles on the internet that write about the disadvantages of making your bed in the morning. It would not be hygienic and would even shorten the lifespan of your mattress .


Source of bacteria

It’s probably old news when we say that your mattress is a source of bacteria. It is a warm place where you sweat and move at night. By making your bed in the morning, these bacteria also remain under your warm blanket during the day. Bacteria like warm, moist places, so a sweaty bed is a paradise for them.


Greater chance of having bed bugs

It’s not just bacteria that thrive in warm, moist places. The bed bug or bed bug also likes to crawl around on a warm, moist bed. These little bloodsuckers are often taken along unnoticed in their travel suitcase from their holiday destination. Annoying when this happens. But even more annoying if they feel comfortable in your home.


Tips & tricks to make your bed nice and quickly

If you read the above disadvantages, you will hardly dare to crawl under the covers. Let alone make your bed. But of course this also has everything to do with how you make the bed. The most hygienic way to make your bed is to fold your duvet or blanket in half towards the end. This way your mattress and fitted sheets can air well during the day. This way you get all the benefits of making your bed, without the nasty disadvantages.


Make your bed beautiful with the right base

Not only making your bed correctly contributes to a hygienic sleeping environment. If you sleep on a mattress that ventilates well, the disadvantages are in any case a lot less serious. In addition to good ventilation and anti-allergenic treatment of the mattress cover, see what other advantages the Stellar mattress has.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it healthier to make your bed or not?

There is something to be said for both. Making the bed is especially good for your mental state. If you don't make the bed and leave the blankets at the end, your bed can air better during the day. Which is good for hygiene.

What are the benefits of making your bed in the morning?

Making your bed in the morning gives you a sense of satisfaction, which motivates you to complete more tasks. In addition, it is pleasant to the eye when you have visitors. If you open the duvet when making it, your mattress can also air well during the day.


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