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Recycle the mattress or throw it away? You can do this with your old mattress!

Today, many mattresses are conveniently delivered to your home in a box. They are vacuumed in the factory with large machines and then rolled up tightly into a small package. This makes them easy to transport and also simple to lift if, for example, the mattress has to go up a few floors. This also solves the problem of getting a mattress through a narrow stairwell to the attic. But often you order a new mattress to replace an old mattress and since you probably don’t have a huge roll-pack machine at home, disposing of the old mattress can still be quite a job. There is also the question of what to do with it. Are you going to take the old mattress to the landfill or have it picked up? And what actually happens to your old mattress? We’ve sorted it out for you.

What to do with your old mattress?

After all these years you have finally decided to replace the now yellow and saggy mattress from your student days with a brand new mattress. That’s a good decision, but where are you going to put that old mattress? You have many fond memories of it, so you can still use it as a guest bed. But perhaps the memories on the mattress are so good that you would rather not do that to your guests. You decide that the mattress belongs in the trash after all and drive it to the recycling center. While you stuff it in the back of your car, you get into a conversation with the neighbor who says that you can also have the old mattress collected by the municipality as bulky waste. You still have a lot to do that day, so you decide to call the municipality for an appointment. They say they will pick it up for free the day after tomorrow.

Recycle old mattress

You’ve probably heard that your old mattress is worth money. In a way it is, but not directly for you. The moment mattresses are brought to the Milieustraat or to organizations such as Retourmatras, the mattresses are recycled. To do this, the mattresses must be dry. The mattresses are first passed through a metal detector. The inside of Pocket and Bonellvering Mattresses can be separated with the scrap iron. The textile is then removed from the mattresses, which then goes through a separate recycling route. Finally, the foam of the mattresses is cut into pieces and compressed into large blocks. Mattresses made of Latex are often recycled to fill furniture and recycled Polyether is used for carpet underlay and insulation boards, among other things.

Return a mattress

You can hand in your old mattress at the aforementioned points. You can take them to the recycling center or hand them in to private organizations as a return mattress. Almost every municipality has a recycling center that has a separate collection point for mattresses. NB! Are you planning to get rid of your old mattress? Often a mattress does not fit in a normal passenger car and you therefore need a trailer or a van.

Throw away mattress

After purchasing a new mattress, disposing of the old mattress is a logical choice. But sometimes you can still make someone very happy with your old mattress. In addition, donating your mattress is also better for the environment. Of course, this also depends on the condition of the mattress. Donating mattresses makes a lot of people happy. That is why we have found a number of organizations that make good use of this.

Refugee work
Salvation Army
Local reception centers

Pick up old mattress

In addition to disposing of your old mattress independently, there are also possibilities to combine the purchase of your new mattress with this. So very efficient! For example, when you order a mattress from Morningstar Sleeps, there is the option to have the old mattress returned. These are then neatly disposed of and recycled. You can also have your mattress collected by the municipality in most places in the Netherlands.

Let municipality pick up the mattress

Do you want the municipality to pick up your mattress at home? Then you can often call them to make an appointment to collect the bulky waste. You schedule a day for them to come by and you put your mattress along the street on this day. This service is free in most municipalities. Make sure that you place the mattress visibly along the public road. If the mattress is on private property or behind cars, there is a good chance that the collection service will not take your old mattress with you. Also make sure that the mattress is only out on the day it is due to be picked up and not days before that. This is seen as polluting the street scene, to which even hefty fines can be linked.

Have it collected by a return service

Don’t feel like the hassle of throwing away the old mattress? Mattress manufacturers increasingly offer the option to take back the old mattress. In most cases, a small fee is charged, but it saves a lot of hassle, so for many this is an attractive option.

Replace old mattress with a new mattress

Are you planning to buy a new mattress soon? Then you would definitely do well to look at the Stellar mattress from Morningstar Sleeps. With 2 options in terms of firmness, 7 pressure zones and 2 unique comfort layers, this is THE perfect mattress for almost everyone and every sleeping position. Try it 100 nights free in the comfort of your own bedroom. The mattress is delivered compact in a stylish box and the option is also offered to take your old mattress back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with an old mattress?

You can take the old mattress to the recycling center, have it collected by the municipality or return it to the manufacturer when purchasing a new mattress.

Can you have the old mattress picked up?

In most places in the Netherlands, the municipality offers the option to have the old mattress collected with the bulky waste. There are also various manufacturers such as Morningstar Sleeps that take the old mattress back when purchasing a new mattress.

Can you recycle an old mattress?

Yes, of course! The old mattress can be separated into textile and foam. With pocket spring mattresses and Bonell spring mattresses, the steel springs can be recycled with the scrap iron.


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