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Sleeping naked? The 8 benefits of sleeping naked!

How do you prefer to sleep? In pajamas or nightgown, underpants with possibly a shirt, or in your birth costume? Whatever you choose, you are far from alone. Many fanatic pajama wearers have probably tried it on a sultry summer night: with your bare togus on the mattress, with or without a sheet over you. And that sleeping naked has a lot of advantages, so naked sleepers, keep it up! And for those who travel dressed to dreamland: maybe it’s worth a try? It also saves laundry.

Is sleeping naked healthy?

Sleeping naked is very healthy! Not only are you faster towards your best dreams, the quality of your sleep is also a lot higher. And a good night’s sleep is great for your health! Less risk of obesity, depression, anxiety disorders and all kinds of ailments to your organs. After a good nights sleep you also eat better, appropriate portions and less unhealthy food, which ultimately also produces more energy. Sleeping naked is therefore very good for you!

The eight benefits of sleeping naked

1. Sleeping naked helps you fall asleep faster

Towards evening your body temperature drops a little to stimulate the production of melatonin. We often sit on the couch in the evening staring at a screen. In a well-heated room, or under a blanket. Nice and warm, but also a reason that we fall asleep less quickly. To help your biological clock and the production of the sleep hormone, you can sleep in your bare bark. You cool down faster and fall asleep more easily.

2. Sleeping naked improves the quality of your sleep

If it’s too hot, you’ll be more vigilant. So falling asleep naked also gets you into the second half of the sleep cycle. That is the time when your body recovers and after which you can wake up really rested. You can cool your bedroom down to the ideal 18 degrees Celsius, but a cool, naked body is just better. Bonus: no fabric to twist or knots and elastics to get in the way. On a mattress that fits your body perfectly, this will simply be the best sleep ever!

3. Sleeping naked is good for your health

Less risk of all kinds of ailments because your sleep is of better quality, super healthy!

4. Sleeping in your adams or eva costume is good for your skin

Your skin can breathe well in your birth suit. Particularly areas that enjoy little fresh air (armpits, genitals, feet) suffer much less from skin disorders. The cooler air around men’s testicles is also great for sperm quality.

5. The more exposed, the better your relationship

Of course only if you lie in it together, but due to the increased amount of skin-to-skin contact you experience a deeper connection.

6. Sleeping naked reduces stress

The better you sleep, the less stress you experience. And you sleep better in your bare bark, so all those nights also have a stress-reducing effect.

7. You burn more calories in bed naked

You burn calories to keep your body warm. Naked, your body has to put in a little more effort than clothed, so sleeping naked fits into almost any diet.

8. Undressed makes you feel more attractive

Many people are insecure about their naked body because they don’t see it often. By going to bed naked, you see it longer than usual every day. This will make you appreciate yourself more and more and you will feel prettier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of sleeping naked?

Sleeping naked is good for your self-confidence, helps your skin against all kinds of nasty infections, lowers stress and you sleep more deeply. In addition, it also helps in the relationship with your bed partner.

Is sleeping naked healthy?

Sleeping naked is very healthy! You sleep faster and deeper, reducing the risk of all kinds of disorders. You burn more calories and experience less stress. Do you see another reason not to?


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