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20 June 2022

Sleep better? With these 6 sleeping tips you are guaranteed to fall asleep better!

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Sleep better? With these 6 sleeping tips you are guaranteed to fall asleep better!

Another ****** up night behind you? Then you are not alone! Many people have a hard time falling asleep and some lie awake all night. Falling asleep seems impossible. Everyone has had such a terrible night, so we don’t have to tell you how difficult the next day can be. You can concentrate less, are stimulated faster and perform worse in everything you can still commit yourself to. Do you often have such nights? It can also have major consequences for your health. Time to do something about that!

Improve sleep

Poor sleep has various causes. Fortunately, there are also several things you can do to sleep better. There is almost nothing more important than your night’s sleep. We have researched the best tips for better sleep and are sharing it with you here!

1. Sleep better in a cool and fresh bedroom

Make sure your bedroom always has clean air! It is important that you regularly ventilate your bedroom. If you don’t do this, viruses and bacteria will have a faster chance to spread and multiply. Open your window during the day to ventilate your bedroom well. Make sure that the air that enters your bedroom is clean air. If you live along a highway or in a polluted area, you might want to buy a fan and open the door to the hallway. In ideal conditions, the room temperature is 18 to 19 degrees. Is your room warmer? Then there is a chance that you perspire too much. A colder bedroom, on the other hand, makes your body have to work too hard to get to sleep.

2. Prepare for bedtime

Good preparation is half the job. That certainly applies to your night’s sleep. Make sure that you stop looking at screens well before going to bed. Devices such as a TV, laptop or telephone ensure that your brain remains active in processing information. In addition, screens are a source of light, but the body is fooled into associating this light with daylight. As a result, your body makes less melatonin, which suppresses the ability to fall asleep. So instead of looking at a screen, it’s better to do some relaxation exercises before going to sleep, for example. A short meditation to process the stimuli of the day can ensure that you sleep a lot faster! For example, try closing your eyes and concentrating on your breathing. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, then exhale for 6 seconds. Do this 10 times in a row and see what this does to your state of rest. If your thoughts are only with your breath for a while, your head will get more rest and it will be easier to fall asleep afterwards.

3. Fixed sleep schedule, go to bed on time

Calm, rhythm and regularity. An old-fashioned saying, but timeless in its effectiveness. It helps to program your brain to go to sleep at certain times. If you get up and go to bed at the same time every day, at some point your body will signal itself that it wants to go to sleep. In addition, you will also sleep more peacefully and follow a better sleep cycle. So you actually become a more efficient sleeper. You can compare this with a bodybuilder who has regularity in lifting weights or a runner who has regularity in walking a certain distance. Due to this regularity, the bodybuilder gets bigger and bigger muscles and the runner gets an increasingly better condition. And so you regularly get better sleep! The most important part of your sleep cycle is REM sleep. In which you can process important events of the day. We would like to invite you to read more about this in the blog, what is REM sleep?

4. As few distractions as possible while sleeping

It is of course possible that you fall asleep to the sound of your cat purring next to your head, but often pets also make noises that can disrupt your sleep rhythm. Especially at the beginning of your sleep cycle, it is important that you sleep well and that there are few distractions during your sleep. A human’s sleep cycle lasts about 1.5 hours, of which you need 3-6 per night. The first 3 are the most important to wake up really rested. So make sure that you have as few household noises as possible during your sleep that can disturb your sleep rhythm. For example, consider putting your phone on night mode and turning on the washing machine during the day.

5. Pay attention to drink and food

Most people often live a nice Burgundian lifestyle and there is of course nothing wrong with that. A nice glass of wine or beer with a decent steak or cheese board is also just a pleasant addition for many. But if you do this too soon before going to bed, it can greatly affect your sleep. Eating before going to sleep, and especially eating ‘fat’, ensures that your body has to process the food during your sleep. This is extra activity of the body at a time when it actually does not want to be active. For example, what you can eat before going to sleep are products with natural amino acids, such as milk and yogurt. These even promote sleep. Now there are also people who like to have a drink just before going to sleep (a nightcap). However, the knife cuts both ways. It often ensures that you fall asleep faster, but the chance that you sleep less deeply and / or wake up faster is also greater. We therefore advise against drinking alcohol before going to bed. A glass of water, on the other hand, works well. If your body is well hydrated, you will sleep better.

6.  Influence of a good bed on your night’s sleep

Of all the tips we can give, this is perhaps the most important. Make sure you have a good bed and a good mattress! A good mattress ensures that your body is well supported in the right places. This prevents the body from looking for comfort and lowers the chance that you will wake up for this reason. The aforementioned matters such as temperature and noise are also better guaranteed with a good mattress and bed. A solid bed and/or mattress makes little or no noise when you turn around and good mattresses have a temperature-regulating effect. In addition, moisture drainage, anti-allergenic effect and ventilation affect how well you can sleep. Not many mattresses have all of these features, but Morningstar’s Stellar mattress ticks them all off! In addition to the quality of your bed and mattress, the style can also influence your rest. This may sound crazy, but if you can set up a nice stylish and pleasant space where you can also relax, this will certainly have an effect on your sleep.

Need personal advice about sleeping?

Our advice is simple. Make sure you have the bedroom you like, with a solid bed that you can relax on. If you would like to receive tailor-made advice for this, you can easily contact us via the website and ask one of our employees for personal advice. Making an appointment by phone is no problem at all. Not sure if Morningstar Sleeps mattresses are right for you? You can try our mattresses at home for free and then you have 100 nights to decide if you are a match. All in the comfort of your own bedroom, without a salesperson breathing down your neck. If it’s nothing, we’ll pick it up from your home for free. However, we do not believe that this will be necessary. Click here to view our products!

Veelgestelde vragen

How can I sleep better?

You can easily improve sleep by having a routine when you wake up and go to bed. Fresh and cool air in the room is also important and proper nutrition and exercise should not be forgotten either. And most importantly, make sure you have a good mattress!

How do I sleep better?

Do not eat much and especially not fat right before going to sleep. Also do not drink alcohol before going to sleep and provide fresh cool air in the bedroom. Get plenty of exercise during the day and create a routine to train your body to fall asleep at the right times.

How do I fall asleep?

By bringing both body and mind into a state of rest and by ensuring that the production of melatonin is not suppressed. So don't look too much at screens before going to sleep, don't eat or drink unhealthy and do a short meditation to calm the mental part. Have a routine so that the body knows when it is bedtime and make sure that the environment in which you sleep is also designed for that.

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