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What types of mattresses are there? Here you can find the best type of mattress for you!

Do you want to sink into a memory foam mattress or are you looking for a resilient pocket spring mattress for your kids to jump on? The market is filled with brands all claiming to have the best mattress. So how do you figure out which kind of mattress is really right for you? Isn’t there just one mattress that really suits everyone? We’ve mapped out the types of mattresses to make it easier for you and help you make the right choice. 

Different types of mattresses

When looking for the best mattress, the filling is the most important consideration. The materials used determine the support and comfort of the mattress and therefore how rested you start your day. With the endless choice of cold foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses and pocket spring mattresses, it is important to know the pros and cons of these mattresses. If you’re looking to buy a new mattress, the following artical can also help you to make the right choise. Especially if you’re looking to buy a new mattress online.

Mattresses with a combination of different layers 

There are also mattresses where the filling is a combination of different types of foam that combine different properties into an overall product. A good example of this is the Morningstar Stellar mattress, in which the ideal ratio has been found. For example, it is desirable to have a good ventilating foam as a top layer, to improve the removal of heat and moisture. However, this layer should not be too thick because such a foam is only aimed at comfort, while support is also important. The support should therefore come from the underlying layers. Thus, it is desirable for a memory foam or a material with a similar effect to take the shape of your body. However, memory foam (and its derivatives) are also not made to provide support, which is why a large proportion of mattresses are instead made of cold foam or pocket springs. The pressure points of the body are well accommodated in cold foam mattresses with the proper incisions in foam. 

Cold foam mattress

Cold foam or HR foam exists in different hardnesses and densities. The advantages of cold foam are its resilience and resistance to deformation. Furthermore, it has an open cell structure and ventilates well. What the sleeper really likes about cold foam is that it molds well to the body without losing resilience or support. Cold foam is therefore often used as a base layer or foundation in a mattress. With incisions in the foam, different pressure points of the body are properly provided with sufficient support and comfort. Finally, cold foam mattresses tend to last a long time, but this also depends on the quality used. Often high density means high quality, so look for HR-30 or higher in this regard. And if it is not indicated, ask for it. It does make a difference! So are you looking for a good combination of support and comfort with a little resilience and sufficient ventilation? Then a cold foam mattress is a perfect option! A comfort layer on top of the cold foam (of memory foam for example) is something that can offer added value. 

Pocket spring mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are still widely available in today’s market. Above all, these mattresses are resilient and well ventilated. Logical, considering it is full of springs and has a lot of open air in it. With springs of different strengths, a pocket spring mattress can also be provided with different support zones, although it cannot quite match the leveling effect of cold foam. Pocket spring mattresses are less dependent on a flat surface than the old innerspring mattresses. One disadvantage of both mattresses is that they are not suitable for electrically adjustable slatted beds. In terms of comfort, they are also not for everyone. Finally, many are convinced that the spiral steel wires develop magnetic fields that are unhealthy for the sleeper. Although this is somewhat exaggerated, there is a grain of truth in it. To what extent your health is affected is still up for debate. Do you like a resilient and well ventilated mattress? And are you not too concerned about too much back pressure on the hips and shoulders? Then a pocket spring mattress could be a good option for you.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam, also called NASA foam, is an interesting material. It was originally developed for use in space travel, but it was not ultimately used there. Where it did get a lot of use? You guessed it… mattresses! It molds fantastically to the body and can feel very comfortable as a result. Still, it’s important that a mattress not be made entirely of memory foam. While it feels nice, it does not provide enough support. If memory foam becomes over-represented in a mattress you sink deeper and deeper into it over time and it can become a warm sweaty thing. This is reinforced by the warm effect that memory foam can have. However, there are now developments on traditional memory foam that remove the heat better with the help of integrated gel pearls (Serene foam). In conclusion, a good memory foam mattress is not 100% made of memory foam, but is only the comfort layer of the mattress. If you like a mattress that molds to your body and feels especially soft, then a memory foam mattress is something to consider. 

Latex mattress

Latex is a synthetic or natural rubber and an attractive choice for many people because of its flexible resilience. However, it has a closed cell structure which means it retains heat relatively quickly and is poor at wicking away moisture. Often latex mattresses are fitted with channels to overcome this problem, or nitrogen is used to crush the closed cells (Talalay Latex). However, a latex mattress does not really remove moisture and heat well. In addition, it does not last as long as, say, a cold foam mattress. Latex is not as resistant to salt and friction, so it can wear out quickly. Have you just moved in with your new bed partner? Then latex is not the most durable solution. Latex does have a natural anti-allergenic effect. So are you someone who values that? And do you like the supple resilience that latex has to offer? Then a latex mattress may be the ideal choice. But keep in mind that they are less durable and perform less well in removing moisture and heat.

Hyrid mattresses

Usually when people think of a hybrid mattress they think of using both pocket springs and comfort foam. And that’s right! However, there are also mattresses that use different types of foam that are put together in a certain order. This too is known as a hybrid mattress. In fact, in both cases, there is a corresponding purpose. To combine the good qualities of the different materials into a better overall product. Often in this, HR foam or pocket springs form the base and this base is finished off with a comfort layer. This is usually memory foam or a derivative thereof. A hybrid mattress can meet virtually any desired characteristics because of the combination of different material properties. If you are someone who is looking for a mattress that represents everything then a hybrid mattress is probably the best choice. Be aware, however, that some hybrid mattresses are very expensive while not every hybrid mattress comes with the added value mentioned. The Morningstar Stellar mattress is a perfect option for people who want everything represented without having to pay top dollar for it. 

Innerspring mattresses 

An innerspring mattress, is somewhat different from a pocket spring mattress. These mattresses are completely filled with spiral metal wires that determine the support and resiliency in the mattress. With innerspring mattresses, the steel wires are connected to each other. Depending on the thickness of the steel and the distance between the springs, the hardness of the mattress can be determined. There are two types of innerspring mattresses, bonell innerspring mattresses and LFK suspension mattresses. Bonell spring mattresses are found in RVs and caravans, among other places, because they are quite durable. LFK-spring mattresses are slightly more flexible, which also makes them (unlike bonell springs) suitable for adjustable slatted frames. Both types of innerspring mattresses are naturally resilient and good at ventilation because of the open space in and around the springs. In terms of comfort, it’s not for everyone. So if you are someone who is really looking for a resilient and ventilating mattress, then an innerspring mattress might be for you. 

Polyether mattress 

Polyether mattresses are cheap. And let’s not beat around the bush, they are not very good quality either. Polyether mattresses have a relatively short lifespan, offer little support and ventilate very poorly. If you are looking for something cheap and temporary, then a polyether mattress is an option. For the long term and physical health, it is better to choose another option.

Gel mattress 

The term gel is widely used in the mattress world. However, it does not always mean the same thing. There are types of mattresses that use a full layer of gel. This really does feel a bit like a gelatinous pudding. This is not for everyone in terms of lying comfort, but it does offer a cooling effect. It should be noted that the cooling effect is mostly temporary, once you have not been lying on it too long. The more common application of gel is when it is processed in the form of small particles (pearls) in another type of foam. So if you are looking for a cooling mattress, then a gel mattress might be the best option for you! However, our advice will be to opt for the gel beads instead of 100% gel.

If you value a mattress with cooling properties, a gel mattress may be the best option for you, 

Comfort foam mattress

Comfort foam is more of a generic term than it is a specific type of foam. This term is mainly used with the cheaper mattresses, so it doesn’t offer much insight into what kind of foam it actually is. It may sound luxurious, but it can mean anything. So this is not a term you should fall for when buying a new mattress. If you are looking for a comfort foam mattress, then it is wise to first find out what it means in that particular case.

Extra cool mattresses

The extent to which a mattress has a cooling effect depends on the materials used and to what extent they manage to extract heat. Materials such as gel are used specifically for this function because of the thermal conductivity of the material itself. However, it is true that over time this material becomes saturated and the cooling effect decreases by the minute. There are also materials (foams) with an open cell structure that allows the heat to be dissipated better. The ideal form, however, is a combination of both, in which gel beads are incorporated in a foam with an open cell structure for ventilation and release of heat. A perfect example of such a foam is the Serene foam that can also be found in the Morningstar Stellar mattress (the purple layer). So if you are specifically looking for a cooling mattress, then a gel mattress is probably the ideal choice.

Need personal advice on the best kind of mattress for you?

Have you been looking for a really good and solid mattress for a while. Then take a look at the Morningstar Stellar mattress. This mattress has everything an average person needs from a mattress. Support, comfort, good ventilation and an anti-allergenic effect. The top of the cover can be easily unzipped so that only the used part can be washed without having to take off the entire cover. Are you interested? Try the mattress for 100 nights. If you don’t like it, you get the full purchase price back. The mattress will be collected from your home free of charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What mattress types are there?

The best known types of mattresses are cold foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses and pocket spring mattresses. Furthermore, Latex mattresses are also common and many mattresses are a combination of the above materials. 

What kind of mattress is best?

The best mattress depends on personal preferences, but in general, a firm base (hybrid foam or cold foam) combined with a solid comfort layer (memory foam or its derivatives) is what most people like best. However, also make sure that there is a decent cover around the mattress. This is often skimped on by mattress manufacturers because the tests focus solely on ventilation. This is especially achievable with a thin cheap cover. 

What material is best for a mattress ?

As a base/foundation, a high-quality Hybrid Foam is often the best option, provided it has the proper incisions for the body's pressure points. A good mattress will also have a solid comfort layer with good ventilation. Ultimately, plant-based materials are a plus, but honestly, you'll sleep just as well if they aren't. 


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