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29 November 2022

Why are you yawning? This makes people yawn!

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Why are you yawning? This makes people yawn!

You probably know it. Your interlocutor yawns and not much later you also stand with your mouth open. Embarrassing, now the other person probably thinks he or she is boring you. And while tiredness and boredom are reasons to yawn, the cause of yawning is a bit more complicated and exciting.

Why do people yawn?

So you can yawn from fatigue or yawn from boredom. When you get out of bed feeling tired or sleepy, your body just wants to open your mouth wide to let warm air in. And it doesn’t matter if it’s almost bedtime or if the alarm just rang. Boredom also seems inextricably linked to yawning. Scientific research shows that we yawn more when we look at the uninteresting test image than when music videos are shown. But our body doesn’t yawn to tell the other person that they are boring or that we are tired. Yawning can also be an exciting invitation.

Is yawning the same as yawning?

Yawning is not the same as yawning, although the contraction and relaxation of the muscles of your face do look the same. You yawn to get cold air in, while you yawn to send more heat through your blood. Two quite different actions!

Yawning has a cause

More air in your lungs

Yawning stretches your lungs to allow more air to enter. In addition, it also stimulates the production of surfactant, the substance that ensures that your alveoli remain open. Yawning ensures that your lungs get enough air. That is not the same as relatively more oxygen and less carbon dioxide in your body.

Cool your brain

Your brain is always busy, busy, busy. They also sometimes overheat. Check it out for yourself, you yawn less when you cool your head with ice packs or in a colder season. On the other hand, you also yawn much more when the outside temperature is higher than 37 degrees. So yawn to cool down your brain, because it is too precious to not function.

Neurological disorders

Neurological conditions such as MS or a brain hemorrhage or an altered cortisol level in your blood can also cause you to yawn a lot. If you yawn a lot without finding an explanation in the other causes, there may be something going on that requires you to see a doctor.

Yawning connects

In addition to a physical explanation, yawning is also a social phenomenon. The more emotionally connected you are with your interlocutor, the more contagious his yawns are. Do you feel a lot of empathy for someone? Bet you’ll take over a yawn even faster! Even three-quarters of the dogs yawn along with their owner.

Yawning is sensual

There are people who visit a sexologist because they yawn during ejaculation. Their partner finds this disturbing, because yawning represents boredom, right? Wrong! Or well, of course it is possible, but yawning is also the body language of erotic interest. Yawning is the sensual pick-up trick that unfortunately few people understand. Next time your partner yawns, ask them to make love with you on a comfortable Morningstar mattress. And if it turns out to be tired, it will certainly be good on that mattress. If it does become a noisy night, we also have a number of tips to get rid of a creaky bed .

Why yawning is contagious

Even while writing this blog, there are yawns. Just thinking about yawning makes you yawn. How often did your chin hang down while reading? Yawning is simply irresistible. Just think of its sensual function, you want to show that to your bed partner. And beyond that, it is also a wonderful way to show connection. Yawning has an important social role and that’s what makes it so contagious.

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Why are you yawning?

You can yawn for several reasons. Because you are tired or bored, but also to show social connection. Seeing yawn, makes yawn. Especially with a romantic partner or with good friends, yawning can strengthen the bond.

Why is yawning contagious?

Yawning is irresistible in the social bond between people. A sign of empathy, which everyone unconsciously likes to show, or a pure lust symbol. No matter how you look at it, if the other person yawns, you want it too, because it's good for your social life.

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