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Having trouble getting up? These 5 tips will help you wake up better!

Are you one of those people who prefer to stay in bed in the morning when the alarm rings, because you have no motivation to get up? Maybe you couldn’t get to sleep again last night and now your body is screaming that it needs more rest before you can get out of bed. There are an awful lot of people who have trouble waking up. The cause of this is not always the same. For some it is because of an irregular sleep pattern and for others because of a lot of stress and overthinking. A lack of motivation and certain daily habits can also cause you to have trouble getting up. Waking up rested is extremely important for your health and therefore we have 5 tips that will help you!

Why do I have trouble getting up? 

To be able to work on improvement it is important to know what causes your difficulties in waking up. Often you know yourself consciously or unconsciously what the cause is. We have done some research. To help you, we go deeper into a number of causes that cause you to have trouble getting up.

Not enough deep sleep

A lack of deep sleep is the main reason why you have trouble waking up in the morning. The sleep cycle of a human being lasts about 1.5 hours. This is a period in which you sleep deeply. In this, your muscles relax and you get slow breathing. In this deep sleep, your body and mind recover the most. During sleep, a person has about 3 to 6 of these cycles, of which the first 3 are essential for waking up sufficiently rested. If you do not go through enough of these cycles, or they are interrupted, you will have more trouble waking up.

Lack of routine

Many people who have difficulty waking up have a lack of routine in their lives. If you go to bed, or out of bed, at irregular times, your brain no longer knows when it is time to go to sleep. As a result, if you stay awake longer, or want to go to bed earlier, your brain tells your body to stay alert. Your thoughts speed up and this prevents you from falling asleep. It is also possible that your brain tells it to wake up while you are already asleep. As a result, you don’t get enough deep sleep and you have trouble waking up.

Lack of motivation 

A lack of motivation is a not to be underestimated cause of difficulty waking up and having trouble getting up. Your brain can become very tired as a result of stress or insecurity. Your brain needs more time to process impressions. The result is that you also have less energy physically, because your brain is full of thoughts. This will make it harder for you to get up. 

Not a morning person

It could be that you are not a morning person at all and that is why you have so much trouble waking up. Some people are genetically ‘not’ inclined to wake up early in the morning and live mostly in the evening. Often these people get creative processes or energy to do things just in the evening, so the brain is triggered with impressions until just before bedtime. As a result, the brain is busier processing your day in your sleep and you will also have more trouble getting up. 

Sleep problems 

For many people, sleep problems are the cause of difficulty waking up. Sleep problems alone, of course, is a broad term. There are many different sleep problems. The most common is insomnia. Insomnia can cause you to have trouble falling asleep or to wake up at night and not be able to continue sleeping. Read more about this at Not being able to sleep? read here what you can do about insomnia! Sleep apnea and other respiratory disorders can also disrupt your sleep rhythm, making waking up in the morning no fun because you haven’t had enough rest during the night.

Tips for waking up better

Fortunately, for most of the causes of difficulty waking up, there are tips and tricks to help you wake up better. What could be better than waking up well rested and energized to start your day? So let’s take a quick look at where to start. 

1. Stop snoozing!

Stop being a pussy and get out of bed! Snoozing will not make you wake up better. Your body gets disrupted if you continue sleeping after your alarm clock rings. If the alarm goes off during a sleep cycle, you often wake up groggy and tired. Still, it’s better to go right out. If you fall asleep again, your body starts a new sleep cycle recently the dopamine created upon waking. If the alarm clock then goes off again 5 or 10 minutes late, your body will resist this and you will have a harder time waking up.

2. Work on your morning routine

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Make sure you have to think as little as possible in the morning. Your brain will see fewer obstacles to getting out of bed because of this. For example, in the evening, get your clothes and supplies ready for the next day. Preparing your breakfast will also make it easier for you to get up. If you have the opportunity to exercise in the morning, do so! It will give you more energy to get through the day and make it easier to fall asleep at night. Do not exercise too much, because then your body has to recover and you will still have trouble getting up. Just make sure you get enough exercise and listen to your body.

3. Fresh air

Clean air in your bedroom is very important! In a well-ventilated bedroom, viruses and bacteria do not get a good chance to multiply. Opening your window can also ensure that you have a pleasant room temperature. The ideal temperature to fall asleep is 18 to 19 degrees. In a warmer room you lose more moisture at night and if your room is too cold, your body has to work too hard to stay warm. Make sure your room is nice and fresh, but not too fresh, to make sure you fall asleep well and can wake up well.

4. Stay hydrated!

Most people have had a hard time waking up because they were suffering from a hangover. Alcohol dehydrates, but the average person, even without alcohol, sweats out 300-500 ml of fluid per night. More than half of your body consists of fluid. This means that it also needs moisture to function. So drink plenty of water before you go to sleep to avoid waking up dehydrated and struggling.

5. Improve your sleeping comfort with a good mattress

Waking up sound asleep is of course the goal. Besides all the tips mentioned above for waking up better, a good mattress is perhaps the most important. If you lie comfortably and your body gets the necessary support. You can relax, without your body having to compensate for a wrong position. You will fall asleep easier and your body will really relax on a good mattress. Are you going for a new mattress? Make sure it has enough support, but that it conforms to the body. For extra comfort, a nice soft cover is also no luxury.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to wake up?

The best way to wake up is to get right out of bed and not keep snoozing. This is because you start a new sleep cycle when you continue sleeping after the alarm and you probably won't be able to finish it. You will have difficulty waking up as a result.

What is the best time to get up?

This depends on the individual. For some it is very early in the morning and for others it is later. However, make sure you have had enough deep sleep. If you have trouble getting up, read our 5 tips for waking up better.

How do you wake up well in the morning?

Establish a routine. Lay out your clothes for the next day and preferably all your food as well. The less you have to think in the morning, the fewer obstacles your brain sees, to get out of bed!


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