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Hard mattress or soft mattress? Help in choosing the hardness!

Woke up feeling like you slept on the street? Or did you wake up crooked this morning because your mattress is so soft that you can’t even turn around? A mattress that is too hard or a mattress that is too soft is by definition *** for your body, but with so many different choices you have not just found the best mattress. A visit to the bed shop around the corner is a nice trip, but after lying on something for 5 minutes, it is not enough to get a good idea of ​​which firmness suits you.

How do you choose the right mattress firmness?

Map yourself first. How much do you weigh and what is your favorite sleeping position? These are the most important questions to ask yourself when looking for a new mattress. The heavier you weigh, the deeper you sink into the mattress. Do you sleep on your side? Then you exert more pressure on certain parts of the mattress. It is therefore important to look at the resilience of the material. Remember that your vertebrae should always be in the straightest and most natural position possible. If you take this as a starting point, the choice between a hard and a soft mattress should be a little less difficult. In general, the rule applies that people under ±75 kg should lie a little more softly and people above that better a little harder. However, personal preference also continues to play a role in finding the best mattress, but realize that your personal preference is not necessarily the best for your body. Would you like to know more about the different materials that can determine the hardness of your mattress? Read here which mattresses are available and which is the best mattress for you.

Soft mattress

Do you like to sleep on a soft mattress? Then it is useful to know whether a soft mattress suits your body. Of course, a soft mattress is nice and comfortable, but the starting point should be that it is good for your body. This prevents physical complaints as a result of incorrect or insufficient support. But how do you know if a soft mattress is right for you? The first rule of thumb is that a soft mattress is more suitable for people with a lower body weight. So think of, for example, 60-70 kg. The second rule of thumb is that stomach and back sleepers need more firmness, while side sleepers need to sink more into the hip and shoulder zones. However, this does not necessarily mean that the mattress has to be extra soft, but rather that you need a mattress with different zones. Are you relatively lightweight and do you also sleep on your side? Then you are an excellent candidate for a softer mattress. Are you relatively heavy in weight and do you sleep on your back? Then you are better off with a slightly firmer mattress. Be careful though, because the market is filled with mattresses that go to the extreme and are really too soft or really too hard for the health of almost every body type.

Benefits of a soft mattress

As mentioned, a soft mattress often feels more comfortable than a hard mattress. Your body gets more space, so there is no excess pressure. Is your mattress too hard? This puts more pressure on your muscles and joints. With the right softness (i.e. not too soft) of the mattress, it forms with your body, without loss of support in the shoulder and hip zones. This prevents back pain, among other things.

Disadvantages soft mattress

Of course, there are also disadvantages to a soft mattress. Because you sink deeper into it, it also retains more body heat. Do you get hot quickly? A soft mattress certainly does not help. Turning over and getting out of bed is also more difficult on a soft mattress, but the main disadvantage is a lack of support. If you sink too deeply into the mattress, your body will assume a bent position, resulting in possible physical complaints.

Hard mattress

Do you like a nice firm mattress? Make sure that the mattress actually fits your body type and weight. A mattress that is too hard can also have negative consequences for the body. While soft mattresses are better suited for people who weigh less, medium and hard mattresses are better suited for people of average to heavy weight. Here too, of course, personal preference plays a role. There are plenty of people who weigh less and still like to choose a medium-hard or hard mattress. To help you choose the right mattress, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of a hard mattress below.

Advantages of a hard mattress

Many people like to sleep well and that is not so bad in itself. Especially not when you sleep on your stomach or back. Then the body with a hard mattress has a better chance to assume its natural position. It is important that the hip zone has sufficient space. Another advantage of sleeping on a hard mattress is that you can turn and get out of bed more easily. Everything should be in balance at the bottom. The right hardness in the right places. It is especially important for a side sleeper that a hard mattress also provides sufficient space in the hip and shoulder zones. So remember to choose a mattress with different pressure zones if you fall into this category. Another advantage of a hard mattress is that it retains heat less quickly, since you sink less far into it. So you will feel less stuffy on a hard mattress.

Disadvantages hard mattress

By sleeping on a mattress that is too hard, the body receives too much counter pressure on the pressure points and too little on the other parts of the body. For a back sleeper, this means, for example, that too little support is given to the hollow in the lower back. For a side sleeper, it can mean a crooked posture because of too much counter pressure on the hips and shoulders. Are you currently experiencing lower back pain after sleeping? Read our blog about this. It can have several causes.

Conclusion: Hard or soft mattress, which is best?

The conclusion is that the mattress must provide sufficient support without putting too much counter pressure on the pressure points of the body. So a good balance! However, this does not mean that everyone should go for a mattress of medium firmness, because this balance lies elsewhere for everyone. Heavier people need more counter pressure than lighter people and your sleeping position and personal preference are also important. It doesn’t hurt to have a mattress that is nice and soft and comfortable, but this should never be at the expense of support. For that reason, there are also mattresses that have a firm base layer, with one or more comfort layers on top. In this way both support and comfort can be guaranteed.

Need personal advice when choosing the right mattress firmness?

Then take a look at the mattresses from Morningstar Sleeps. Both the Stellar mattress and the Astro mattress have a firm and soft side, with the Steller having slightly milder differences than the Astro. Do you like to lie extra hard or extra soft? Then the Astro mattress is the best option. However, for more than 85%, the soft and firm side of the Stellar mattress (which are closer to the average) offers perfect hardness.

Do you want to make sure you choose the right option? In that case, do not hesitate to contact Morningstar Sleeps. You can call us or use the chat function on the website by email or whatsapp. With us you will always get in touch with an employee who will gladly provide you with non-binding and objective advice.

Do not wait any longer for sleeping comfort, because every person deserves to sleep well!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better a soft or hard mattress?

There is no better. As long as the right ratio of hard and soft gives your body space without lying comfortably, without loss of support. Do you have a good mattress?

Is my mattress too hard?

Your mattress is too hard if your shoulder and hip area do not have enough room to take on a natural shape. Your spine should take a nice straight shape when you sleep.

Do you sleep better on a soft or hard mattress?

That differs per person. In general, a slightly firmer mattress is better for your body in the long run. Provided it does give space to the hip and shoulder zone to sink into the mattress, so that your spine can form a natural straight line.


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