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Relaxed sleep? 3 relaxation exercises before going to sleep!

Doing relaxation exercises before going to sleep can help you get a good night’s sleep. A relaxed body simply sleeps better than a body full of stress and a head full of thoughts. To be able to fall asleep and sleep well through the night and wake up rested, you really have to try these relaxation exercises.

The effect of relaxation exercises before sleeping

There are countless reasons why you look at the ceiling all night. A bedroom that is too warm, too much light or noise from outside, a bad mattress, pain, stress, worrying and so on. With external factors you can often remove the cause. Internal jammers such as pain and stress are more difficult to deal with. A relaxed body and mind fall asleep faster and experience a deeper sleep. This allows you to recover better and get up rested and full of energy ( read what meditation can do for your sleep ). The other side is a bad night’s sleep, where you are lethargic the next day, you can hardly concentrate, and you are not very productive. As a result, you eat badly and sleep even worse. By doing relaxation exercises in time, you can get that relaxed sleep and turn the tide. It may take a little more time until you decide to close your eyes, but it will give you so much more quality sleep!

Three relaxation exercises before going to sleep

1. Fall asleep relaxed with Yoga Nidra

Funnily enough, Yoga Nidra is not meant to fall asleep, but Nidra does mean sleep, it improves sleep. For the best effect, you should try to stay awake. It is precisely because of this that a deep relaxation is consciously created, mentally, emotionally and physically. Yoga Nidra is not a simple relaxation exercise, but if you are interested in yoga and better sleep, it is certainly worth looking into this further.

2. Create your own relaxing sleep routine

You probably know that it is more difficult to sleep when you look at the light of your smartphone, tablet or other screens just before going to sleep. And yet we still do it en masse. There are apps you can use to sleep better . But avoid using a screen. All that flickering light and the sounds that come out of it keep our brains alert. It is better to do a relaxed evening routine one and a half to two hours before you want to sleep. Screens off, at most some soothing music. Take a hot shower, take a walk outside in the dark. Read a good book, but not one that makes you worry. Drink a cup of tea with chamomile or lavender, of course without caffeine, eat some walnuts and do relaxation exercises. This can be yoga or meditation, but also simple breathing exercises or writing in your journal to clear your head while you breathe consciously. Bet you sleep a lot better?

4. Old-fashioned (sheep) counting

You must have counted sheep in the past. No idea if it worked, but there’s a good chance you weren’t doing it optimally. With counting from 1 to more, you have no other goal than falling asleep, and that doesn’t work very well. After 10 sheep you can already get frustrated why you are not sleeping yet. Next time take a deep breath in and out for a few counts and then count the other way around. Visualize 1000 sheep in front of you jumping over a fence one by one and walking out of your head. You are going to count all 1000 sheep, until there is not one left in your head, before you go to sleep. 1000, 999, 998… you will never reach 0, but because you have a goal you will sleep better.

Fall asleep completely relaxed with a good mattress

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the effect of relaxation exercises on my sleep?

By doing relaxation exercises before you go to sleep, you fall asleep more easily and you sleep deeper. This better quality of sleep means that you wake up energized and rested. If you suffer from stress, falling asleep is difficult. Doing relaxation exercises can certainly help.

What relaxation exercises help you sleep?

To sleep better you can do Yoga Nidra, although you need some experience for this. A fixed and relaxed evening ritual also counts as one big relaxation exercise. In addition, it helps to count sheep in reverse order.


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