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These are the best (free) sleep apps to track your sleep!

The best way to learn more about the quality of your sleep is to spend a night in front of a sleep center monitor. There your brain activity, eye movement and breathing are measured by a number of sensors. Of course you can’t do that at home. Still, apps can give you valuable information and tips about your sleeping habits.

How do sleep apps work?

An app can’t measure what the sensors in a sleep center can do, but they can help you. On the one hand by mapping your sleep, on the other hand to sleep better. The apps measure sound and movement and determine whether you are sleeping, and if so, which of the four sleep phases you are in. In principle, you can also use the apps without a smartphone or wearable, but then you get less information. Sleeping with your smartwatch or another mobile gadget like a fitness tracker allows the app to use more data, such as your heart rate, for a more reliable result.

Sleep better with a sleep app

An app that tracks your sleep can track when you fall asleep, how deep you sleep, how long you sleep and how often you are awake during the night. Most can also help you fall asleep by playing meditative music, for example. Or, in conjunction with your smartwatch or fitness tracker, they link your daily activities to your sleep pattern. Many apps measure sounds and, when linked to something you wear on your body, movement and your heart rate. Which app works best can differ from person to person. Yet there are always toppers that are a great app for many.

Which sleep apps are the best to use?

Sleep Cycle

This app ensures that you wake up rested thanks to the smart alarm. You set the alarm, but the app chooses the best time for it based on your sleep. When you sleep the least deeply, you wake up most rested from the alarm. Of course, the app also provides a detailed picture of your sleep. The app also has sounds that help you fall asleep.


Pillow can be used with an Apple Watch, but can also be used with your iPhone next to your pillow. Once awake, the app asks how you feel, to find the sleep where you feel most comfortable. Pillow can also wake you up at the best time and record any snoring or talking in your sleep.


Blue light from screens is disastrous if you want to fall asleep. Twilight filters this based on the available daylight and lets you fall asleep faster. And most importantly, it’s free to use!

What are the best free sleep apps?


Twilight so, the blue light filter. Doesn’t track how long and deeply you sleep, but is great for sleeping better. And you don’t even have to set your bedtime yourself.


Another app that helps with falling asleep. Harmony helps you to become calmer through meditative hypnosis. In three different sessions, a voice talks you relaxed to sleep.

Sleep Better

From the makers of Runtastic, because they know that an active life also includes good sleeping habits. The app shows the cycle of your sleep and can put it next to your daily activities. Based on this, you will receive tips for a healthier life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a sleep app work?

A sleep app measures the sounds in the environment and bases it on whether you are sleeping. If you connect the app to a smartwatch or fitness tracker, it can also measure movements and your heart rate, giving you information about your sleep pattern.

What are the best sleep apps?

Apps that help with falling asleep such as Twilight and Harmony are ideal. Sleep Cycle and Pillow also help you wake up at the ideal time and provide insight into your sleep cycle. Sleep Better links your cycle with your daily activities for the optimal balance.


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