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Best mattress for back pain

Back pain is unfortunately common to many people and the pain can sometimes have a major impact on daily life. Although the onset of back pain can have multiple causes, just a small change during your night’s sleep can go a long way. A natural and upright posture is important for the preservation and recovery of the back. Almost every person spends about 30 percent of their life on a mattress. So what better start to a prosperous recovery than a good mattress for back pain. 

Mattress against back pain 

When searching for the best mattress for back pain, it is helpful to know what to look for. This is because it is important that your body adopts the most natural position possible during sleep to reduce back pain. This means that your neck and back need the right support to form a straight line. Because your shoulder and hip area exert more pressure on the mattress, it is important that they are given more space without losing support. A good mattress makes this possible by creating different comfort zones in the mattress. This is especially helpful for people with lower back pain. 

Causes of back pain after sleeping

If you wake up in the morning with back pain, chances are it’s because of the wrong mattress. As explained above, it is important that you sleep in the right position, where neck and back form a straight line. To create this position, a good pillow is also important. For example, a back sleeper benefits more from a thin pillow (often in a firm shape) and a side sleeper is better off with a slightly thicker and softer pillow. Well it does not have to mean that a good sleeping position will solve your problem. Many back problems are also caused by stress and strain. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at this as well. 

  • back strain
  • wrong sleeping position
  • stress
  • mattress is worn out

Overloading of the back

Let’s hope you don’t have to experience it, but back strain due to, for example, heavy lifting or making a wrong move is unfortunately common. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may be wise to visit a physiotherapist or chiropractor. Serious back pain often cannot be solved with a good mattress alone. A good mattress can of course contribute, but in many cases the recovery must be supported with the right exercises or treatments. Especially with acute back pain, a visit to a professional can be the right step in the right direction.

Incorrect sleeping position

By now we know that the ideal sleeping position creates a straight line between the neck and back and that the best mattress for this has different zones to individually support the body’s pressure points. A stomach sleeper is actually excluded from this by definition. Because the neck lies in a twisted position and the lower back receives the wrong pressure, it can be the cause of pain in the lower back. It has not been proven that belly sleeping is unhealthy, but in this position it is virtually impossible to assume an upright posture.


Stress, like many other physical and mental complaints, can be the cause of pain in the neck and lower back. When you experience stress you often assume a tense posture and that is not surprising. It is proven that emotions belong to certain body parts. In addition to the fact that tension can cause bad posture, stress can also cause fatigue. This can lead to a slumped posture. If we make the connection with a good mattress, then a good mattress during your sleep should ensure that you have to search less for a comfortable posture because it is offered immediately. So you will sleep less restless. Don’t forget that a rested person experiences less stress and can process stimuli more easily.

Mattress is worn out

This actually equates to a wrong sleeping position. If your mattress is worn out, it often no longer provides the necessary support. The chance that you sink into your mattress incorrectly and therefore adopt the wrong sleeping position is great with a worn mattress. Therefore, pay attention to when your mattress needs to be replaced. If you have neck or back pain, replacing your old mattress may be the solution. Check beforehand which mattress best suits your symptoms. Not every mattress is suitable for people with these complaints. 

Choosing mattress firmness for back pain

How hard the mattress should be depends on the weight and personal preference of the person sleeping on the mattress. In general, a very soft mattress or a very hard mattress is not good. For neck and back pain, a medium mattress is usually preferred. There is also a distinction to be made between whether you sleep on your back or on your side. In any case, a good mattress for neck and back pain has different comfort zones to properly support the shoulder and hip zone. Whether your mattress is made of Latex or memory foam, or whether you have a mattress with many different layers. It is important that a sleeping position can be adopted in which the vertebrae lie straight. Of course, this is not possible if the support is the same all over the body. The best mattress for back pain therefore moulds well to the natural posture of the body and also provides the right support to maintain it.

The right material for a mattress against back problems

By now, it is clear that the best mattress for back pain has several zones, with the shoulder and hip zones given enough room to allow for an ergonomic posture. These zones can be created with pocket springs in different hardnesses, or by the right incisions in a cold foam or Hybrid foam. In addition, a good comfort layer is also important. A memory foam or Serene Foam both mold fantastically to the body and are therefore distinct materials to serve as comfort layers on a good mattress. 

Need personal advice on the best mattress for back pain?

If you are looking for the best mattress for back pain, contact us via the whatsapp function on our site. You will be helped quickly with good advice. Now that you’re on the site anyway, take some time to read what the Stellar mattress can do for you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What hardness mattress for back pain?

Someone with back problems will benefit from a mattress that is not too firm, but not too soft either. The ideal firmness of a mattress depends on the weight and personal preference of the person sleeping on it. But a medium mattress like the Morningstar Stellar mattress works very well for many. 

Which mattress is best for your back?

The best mattress for back pain has several support zones. These should provide enough room at the shoulder and hip zone to keep the neck and back in a straight line. In addition, the mattress should not be soft or hard, but more in the direction of average firmness. Body build and personal preferences can also be of influence here.

Which sleeping position is best for your back?

The most ideal sleeping position is sleeping on your back. In this position, your back and neck lie in the most straight line. Do make sure that the mattress gives enough room to the shoulder and hip zones so that you can assume a natural posture. 


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