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What is a cold foam mattress? This is what you want to know about HR cold foam!

In your search for a new mattress, you’ve probably come across it before. But a cold foam mattress, what is that really? And the perfect mattress for your body, is it one with cold foam? What are the advantages, are there any disadvantages? We would like to help you find the answers to these questions.

What is a cold foam mattress?

Cold foam doesn’t exactly give you the idea of a nice warm bed. Yet it is an incredibly popular filling for mattresses in Dutch bedrooms. This is because the name cold foam comes from the production process, in which the foam is poured into an unheated mold. The official name is high resilience foam or HR foam. The cells of the foam are open and partly due to their resilience, extremely comfortable.

Why choose a cold foam mattress?

A cold foam mattress lasts a long time and is actually suitable for everyone. They are therefore widely used in hospitals; almost everyone can lie on it comfortably. Even if you sweat a lot at night and/or are a bit heavier, a cold foam mattress is a good choice, provided you pay attention to quality. Also curious about other mattress cores? Read what types of mattresses there are.

Benefits of cold foam in a mattress


High resilience mattresses are, as the name suggests, super resilient. This is because the foam is very compact and provides counter pressure without reducing comfort. As a result, permanent pitting almost or at least not easily occurs.

Moisture regulation

The open-cell structure of these mattresses promotes air circulation. This means that (perspiration) moisture can also be discharged well.


Also thanks to its cell structure: excellent breathability and ventilation. Fresh, hygienic and much less bothered by house dust mites.


All the benefits above naturally lead to only one conclusion: these mattresses are wonderfully comfortable!


On average, a mattress only lasts about eight years. However, one with cold foam as filling can last at least ten to twelve years, which is super long!


The conformity or adaptability of these mattresses is high. This means that the mattress molds itself to your body. Your spine maintains its natural S-curve while sleeping, as your body is evenly supported.


Firmness, resilience and comfort combine to provide ideal support for your body. Even if you are heavier than 100 kilos, something that can be quite a challenge with mattresses. Read more about this on beds for heavy people and what to look out for.


Cold foam is used in the medical world for a reason. No dust mites want to breed in it. Ideal if you are allergic to them!

Disadvantages of cold foam

A mattress cannot have only advantages. For instance, cold foam is relatively heavy, and, because of its good ventilating ability, cold foam also stays cool in winter. People who like to be nice and warm may then better choose to have memory foam in the mattress as well. Furthermore, cold foam mattresses are also a bit more expensive than most polyether foam mattresses, but more economical than advanced mattresses. Then again, cold foam mattresses do last longer, so at the bottom line, this foam then often wins anyway.

Toppers made of cold foam.

HR foam is also often used in top mattresses. All the benefits of a thick mattress, but thinner. Ideal also to put over a mattress that is too soft.

Choosing the best cold foam mattress

The Stellar mattress is a combination mattress that not only boasts all the benefits of cold foam. Combining it with two comfort layers of Serene Foam and Hyper Soft Foam, this mattress has the perfect ratio of support and comfort. In addition, the core of the mattress features 7 zones that provide the body’s pressure points with the necessary support and relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cold foam mattress?

A mattress with cold foam filling consists of cold molded foam and is considered very comfortable. With good quality, the price is excellent, and the lifespan is relatively long.

What are the benefits of a cold foam mattress?

A high resilience or HR foam mattress is resilient, breathable, anti-allergic, moisture regulating, long-lasting and also very suitable for the slightly heavier person. They are favorites in hospitals for a reason.


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